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  Section 3:  Ogden through  Yellowstone National Park

149. Ogden, Peter S. TRAITS OF AMERICAN-INDIAN LIFE AND CHARACTER. BY A FUR TRADER. London, Smith, Elder and Company, 1853. ix,[2],218,[2],1-16pp. Original blind-stamped cloth, gilt stamped spine, a few small chips at top of spine, piece of front endpaper clipped, lacking rear endpaper, piece of half title clipped no text affected. Sketches of life in Oregon, mainly concerned with Indians, but including notes on the fur trade. This work is scarce, accorded a "b" by Howes. "[The author] rescued the Whitman massacre captives and tells us most of what we know about Jedidiah Smith's 1828 Oregon journey" - Streeter. At one time this work was attributed to Duncan Finlayson, as in Howes, but it is now generally agreed that the noted English fur trader, Peter Skene Ogden, was the author. However, the story of the massacre of Jedediah Smith's party on the Umpqua River in 1828 seems to be told in Smith's own words, and it is possible that Ogden had some direct manuscript source. HOWES F139, "b." FIELD 1562. TPL 2218. WAGNER-CAMP 232. GRAFF 3076. STREETER SALE 3717. $2500.00

150. [OKLAHOMA]. Rock, Marion T. ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF OKLAHOMA... Topeka, Ks., Hamilton, 18. [12],278pp. Illus., 99 plates and portraits. Original gold stamped cloth, some speckling on rear cover and gold stamped spines. First edition. Howes R390: "Most of the edition burned..." Not in Streeter Sale. Eberstadt 115:535 (1940) "Issued within the year of the Territory's opening to settlement, the book is esteemed as the prime authority on the early days of the region. Contains a wealth of material on Indian Treaties, the settlement of Guthrie and Oklahoma City... the Cherokee Commission, etc." Rader 2910. Graff 3536 $850.00

151. [OREGON]. Twiss, Travers. THE OREGON QUESTION EXAMINED, IN RESPECT TO FACTS AND THE LAW OF NATIONS. London, Longman, 1846. [11], 391,[1 errata], [32 adv.]pp.(leaves uncut); Illus., 2 large folding maps. Original cloth, with gold stamping on spine. First edition. One of the most important works on the subject, arguing in favor of the British claims, in an attempt to refute Greenhow's argument as stated in his 1840 "Memoir... on the Northwest Coast of America." In regard to lucidity and competent referral to authorities. Twiss is cited by some as the most adequate of the two works, though not necessarily the best historical account. Twiss includes some account of the voyages of Drake, Vancouver, Gray, Broughton, et al. The two maps aid the British view of the Oregon question. A large one of north America shows a boundary including all of Oregon, although the more detailed map rather belies the argument by being based on a U.S. survey, evidently by Hood. Howes T442 (aa). Cowan p.234. Wheat Transmississippi 530, 531. Sabin 97544. $1250.00


153. Palmer, William Jackson. WILLIAM JACKSON PALMER, PATHFINDER AND BUILDER. A COMPILATION OF ADDRESSES AT PRESENTATION OF BRONZE BAS RELIEFS AND EQUESTRIAN STATUE COMMEMORATING HIS LIFE AND WORK. Saratoga Springs, N.Y., [Privately printed by George Foster Peabody, 1931]. "[6],78pp. Illus., 10 ports and plates. Original gold stamped small 4to cl. First edition. There is much on his adventures in the Rockies with railroads and on the trail. Inscribed presentation copy to Miss Hinchman "with pleasing recollections of her father Charles Hinchman, important association with "The General George Foster Peabody. Saratoga Springs, January, 1932 $150.00

154. [PALOU, FR. FRANCISCO]. Bolton, Herbert E. PALOU AND HIS WRITINGS. [Berkeley, 1926]. 74pp. Illus. Original printed wrappers. Reprinted from the introduction to Palou's "New California..." $75.00

155. Parker, James. THE OLD ARMY MEMORIES, 1872-1918. Phila., Dorrance, 1929. 454pp. Illus. Original cloth.(spine a little faded).Inscribed presentation copy "With the compliments of the author, James Parker) on front flyleaf.. First edition. Adams Guns 1680: "Horse thieves and outlaws, the author deals with the outlaws Babe Mahardy and Jim and John Anderson." The author concludes his experiences in the Ute campaign, the Geronimo outbreak and campaign, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine insurrection, etc. A scarce and sought after work. Graff 3186: "Very interesting account of frontier Indian warfare and life at the forts in the southwest..." $175.00

156. [PENNSYLVANIA]. Clark, James A. WYOMING VALLEY: UPPER WATERS OF THE SUSQUEHANNA, AND THE LACKAWANNA COAL REGION, INCLUDING VIEWS OF THE NATURAL SCENERY OF NORTHERN PENNSYLVANIA... Scranton, Clark, 1875. [8],236pp. Illus., 26 original mounted photos by William H. Schurch, etc. 4to modern cloth. First edition. Howes C436. Hayden: Bibliography of Wyoming Valley, p.10: "This volume is largely a compilation from the histories of Chapman, Miner, Pearce Hollister, etc. with a few original biographical sketches. It was first published by subscription, to be issued in 15 parts. But only about 10 parts were issued, when the work ceased, and about 100 copies were bound...." There is also material on the Pennamite Wars, Delaware and Hudson Canal, coal mines, railroads, Indians, biographical sketches, etc. $1000.00

157. Phelps, William D. FORE AND AFT: OR, LEAVES FROM THE LIFE OF AN OLD SAILOR. Boston, 1871. 359pp. Original cloth(some wear to edges and front joint; a few nicks at corners and at top of spine). First edition. Howes P.290: "Only a few copies had been issued when fire destroyed the plates." Cowan p.482: "The author, William D. Phelps, came to California in 1840, as master of the Boston ship 'Alert.' He was actively engaged in the 'Commodore Jones war,' as he calls it, and his various narratives are of much importance, although occasionally presenting minor inaccuracies. His chapter on 'The Hudson's Bay Company' is one of the few sources of information regarding the operations of this great corporation in California." Graff 3271. It is interesting to note that Phelps' vessel, the Alert, was the ship aboard which Dana, on a previous voyage, had served part of his "two years before the mast." Among the more important episodes dealt with are the Bear Flag Revolution, the Fremont-Castro clash, the conquest of California, etc. $350.00

158. [Pike, Mrs. Mary Hayden]. CASTE: A STORY OF REPUBLICAN EQUALITY. BY SYDNEY A. STORY, JR. Boston, Phillips, Sampson & Co, N.Y., Derby, 1856. 540pp. Original small 8vo cloth. Wright Vol. 2: 1904: "Anti-slavery." Mrs. Pike was a Maine author. No copies on the Internet $150.00

159. Pike, Zebulon A. AN ACCOUNT OF EXPEDITIONS TO THE SOURCES OF THE MISSISSIPPI, AND THROUGH THE WESTERN PARTS OF LOUISIANA, TO THE SOURCES OF THE ARKANSAW, KANS, LA PLATTE, AND PIERRE JAUN RIVERS... DURING THE YEARS 1805, 1806, AND 1807. AND A TOUR THROUGH THE INTERIOR PARTS OF NEW SPAIN... Phila, Conrad, 1810. [8],105;[11],[107]-277,[3],65,[1],53,[1],87pp. Illus., 6 maps, five folding several mended; portrait frontis, 3 folding charts. Full 20th century leather, decorated covers and spine, with gold stamping on upper spine., five old library stamps at beginning of text, including title page and frontis. First edition. Wagner-Camp-Becker 9:1. Graff 3290: "First government exploration of the Southwest..." Howes P373. Sabin 62836. Shaw 21089. Streeter Texas 1047. Field 1217. Jones 743. Sabin 62936. Streeter Sale 3125. Wheat, Transmississippi West 297, 298. Streeter Texas 1047E:"... the description of Texas is excellent..." Reese Cat 257:247: " The report of the first United States government expedition to the southwest and one of the most important of all American travel narratives including an account of Pike's travels to explore the headwaters of the Arkansas and Red Rivers, his earlier journey to explore the sources of the Mississippi River, and his visit to the Spanish settlements in New Mexico. Pike's narrative stands, with those of Long and of Lewis and Clarke as the most important early book on western exploration and as a cornerstone of Western Americana. The maps were the first to exhibit a geographic knowledge of the southwest based on first hand exploration and are considered milestones in the mapping of the American west." $12500.00

160. Pope, Thomas. A TREATISE ON BRIDGE ARCHITECTURE; IN WHICH THE SUPERIOR ADVANTAGES OF THE FLYING PENDENT LEVER BRIDGE ARE FULLY PROVED. WITH AN HISTORICAL ACCOUNT AND DESCRIPTION OF DIFFERENT BRIDGES ERECTED IN VARIOUS PARTS OF THE WORLD, FROM AN EARLY PERIOD, DOWN TO THE PRESENT TIME. New York., 1811. 288pp. Illus., 18 plates, most show some foxing. Modern marbled boards with cloth spine, printed paper label on upper spine. First edition Divided into four parts: Part I: Historical account of the sundry bridges erected in different parts of the world. Part II: Mathematical description of the flying pendent lever bridge as invented by the author. Part III: General remarks on the nature and strength of timber. Part VI: A description of the author's patentt chain bar arc for buildings. Shaw 232721. Sabin 64123. Rink. 2658. Condit: Amerian Building Art pp.86-87. Hitchcock 946. A rare American work on bridge building, which describes Pope's plan for a great "flying pendent lever bridge" over the Hudson River. This is only the second American book on the subject of bridge building, the first being AN ESSAY ON BUILDING WOODEN BRIDGES (1797), by Charles W. Peale. Pope surveys the world's great bridges and includes handsome engravings of the Hampton Court Bridge, Wearmouth-Bridge, the Bridge of the Louvre over the Seine, as well as his proposed bridge over the Hudson. In addition to his architectural pursuits, Pope was an accomplished gardener and shipbuilder. Pope's patented design, although apparently not appreciated in his day, became the basis for the cantilever bridge. $600.00

161. Puckett, James L. and Ellen. HISTORY OF OKLAHOMA AND INDIAN TERRITORY AND HOMESEEKERS' GUIDE. Vinta, Ok., Chieftain Pub. Co., 1906. 151pp. Illus. Modern cloth with gold stamping on spine. Signed "from J.L. Puckett". First edition. Adams Herd 1844: "Scarce." Some experiences of an old cowboy in the Indian Territory." Foreman p. 53. Howes P645. Graff 3399. Streeter Sale 607: "The author, for 25 years a resident (marrying 3 Indian girls) includes his cowboy experiences, an autobiography of O. A. Woodman (who, as a white captive, was raised by the Comanches and later became a famous scout and marshall), and much similar material. Beginning on p.30 there is a long extract from a captivity among the Apaches written by Herman Lehmann under the title "Indianology", printed by Johnson Brothers Printing Company, San Antonio, 1899. From p.118 to end is Puckett's own story of his life in Oklahoma from 1881 when as a boy of eighteen he went to Cherokee City." Adams Guns 1775. Gilcrease-Hargrett p.303. $300.00

162. Rameau, [E.]. NOTES HISTORIQUES SUR LA COLONIE CANADIENNE DE DETROIT... Montreal, Rolland, 1861. 68pp. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Howes R23. Streeter Mi 5911. A rare work on the Canadian enclave in Detroit in the 18th and 19th centuries. There is genealogical as well as historical material included. $450.00

163. Rankin, M. Wilson. REMINISCENCES OF FRONTIER DAYS. Denver, photo litographed by Smith-Brooks, 1935. 40pp. Illus., frontis. Original brown fabrikoid, title in gilt on front cover. First edition. Adams Guns 1798. Adams Herd 1862. Wilcox p.93. Wynar 371. This work also includes his recollections of the gold discovery and the first mining at Hahn's Peak, Jim Bridger and Jim Baker and the Meeker Massacre. An important frontier narrative issued in a very small edition. Streeter Sale 2260. $300.00

164. Rodenbough, Theodore F. and William L. Haskin. THE ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES: HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF STAFF AND LINE WITH PORTRAITS OF GENERALS-IN-CHIEF. N.Y., Maynard, Merrill and Co, 1896. 12],741pp. Illus., 17 finely engraved ports. Original small 4to cloth, bookplate of Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S., Commandery of Ill, small paper label on lower spine, a little speckled on spine, very light war to top of spine. A book of great rarity. It was reprinted in 1965 in an edition of 750 copies and virtually sold out the first year of issuance. It contains much valuable information on the west, the south, and all the wars of American participation. There are many references to Custer and the massacre. Nicholson p.712. Not in Howes. Larned 2602: "The history of each staff corps and regiment of the line is told by its chosen historian, the regimental sketches, varying in length from two to twenty pages..." $950.00

165. Rouhaud, Hippolyte. LES REGIONS NOUVELLES: HISTOIRE DU COMMERCE ET DE LA CIVILISATION AU NORD DE O'CEAN PACIFIQUE. Paris, Denton, 1868. [6],404pp. Modern cloth with original wrappers bound in. First edition. Howes R470: "Embraces accounts of Oregon, California, and Texas." Cowan p.544. Not in Monaghan, Graff, Soliday, Decker or Eberstadt catalogs. Also contains material on the Sandwich Islands, Mexico and Central America. Very scarce. $650.00

166. Rousiers, Paul De. AMERICAN LIFE... N.Y., 1892. 437pp. Original cloth.(small discoloration at bottom of spine where a library label was removed, a little edgewear, and 2 rubber library stamps. First American edition. Translated from the French by A. J. Herbertson. Adams Herd 1959: "The author, a Frenchman, visited the United States in 1890. He analyzes American civilization and gives his impression of the people and customs encountered on the western ranches and in the western towns and cities." Monaghan 1264. $150.00

167. Sandoz, Mari. THE CATTLEMEN FROM THE RIO GRANDE ACROSS THE FAR MARIAS. N.Y. , Hastings, [1958]. 14],527pp. Illus., Original cloth, pictorial d.j. by Nick Eggenhoffer. Inscribed presentation copy : "For Gene M. Gressley because he has so much of the old country history in his capable and organized hands. Sincerely, Mari Sandoz." Adams Herd 2004. Original small illustration at end. The dust jacket states: 'This the story of cattle in America and of the men whose ranches reached from the Rio Grande up into the far regions. of Montana..." $150.00

168. Settle, Raymond W. THE MARCH OF THE MOUNTED RIFLEMEN: FIRST UNITED STATES MILITARY EXPEDITION TO TRAVEL THE FULL LENGTH OF THE OREGON TRAIL FROM FORT LEAVENWORTH TO FORT VANCOUVER, MAY TO OCTOBER, 1839 AS RECORDED IN THE JOURNAL OF MAJOR OSBOURNE CROSS AND GEORGE GIBBS, AND THE OFFICIAL REPORT OF COLONEL LORING. Glendale, Clark, 1940. 350pp. Illus., ports and 20 plates from contemporary drawings and a large folding map of the route traversed. Original cloth. First edition. One of 750 copies. By far the largest, and perhaps the most important expedition to traverse the Oregon Trail in 1849. The regiment had been authorized to establish military posts along the Oregon Trail, and in 1849, with emigrants in large numbers, their march was performed. Original prospectus laid in. $150.00

169. [STEAMBOATS]. Whiting, William B. A NEW STEAMBOAT. [N.p., n.d., ca. 1871]. 7pages, stapled, last leaf mostly manuscript additions in Whiting's hand. Illus., 5 plates, one in manuscript, one very large, three are folded. First edition ?. The design was called the Centipede Steamboat, and featured a sweep of paddles nearly the entire length of the boat. It has two rudders. Pp.1 & 6 have manuscript notations from Whiting. There is a 1 1/2 page ALS 9after the last leaf of text. Also included is a boxed tintype of Whiting, who served off the coast of Africa, drew plans for the defense of Vera Cruz, coast survey (1852 - 56). He was a navy surveyor his whole career. He was attached to the U. S. Naval Observatory until 1871, when he was made a Commodore. This copy looks like it was used as a sample for publication, which apparently never came, as did his "New Steamboat." $850.00

170. Steele, James. COLORADO OUTINGS. BY WAY OF THE BURLINGTON ROUTE (cover title). Chicago, Poole Bros, 1898. (48)pp. Folding map. Half-tone plates and illustrations in text. Original printed wrappers. First edition. An attractive brochure, issued by the passenger department of the Burlington Route, covering every tourist attraction, including hunting and fishing $200.00

171. Sternberg, Martha L. GEORGE MILLER STERNBERG: A BIOGRAPHY. Chicago, American Medical Assoc., 1920. [9],331pp. Illus. Original decorated small 4to cloth, small dent on rear cover. First edition. A very scarce work. Sternberg served in the War Between the States, Fort Barranacasin Florida (Pensacola), in the Dept of the Columbia, the Nez Perce Campaign of 1877, yellow fever, medical purveyor at San Francisco, Spanish American War, scientific achievements, etc. Not in Howes, Decker, Eberstadt, Soliday, Smith or Graff. . $250.00

172. Stewart, William George Drummond. ALTOWAN; OR, INCIDENTS OF LIFE AND ADVENTURE IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. BY AN AMATEUR TRAVELER. EDITED BY J. WATSON WEBB. N.Y., Harper, 1846. 2 vols.: [30],[25]-255; 240pp. Original cloth with gold stamping on front cover and spine, expertly repaired. First edition. Field 1632: "An English officer, who subsequently became a Lord, fell, on his arrival in this country, into the hands of that eminent tuft-hunter James Watson Webb. The Scotsman, an ardent sportsman, spent five years, from 1832 to 1837, in the wilds between the Mississippi and the Pacific. The journal of his adventures among, and residence with the Indians, was, together with his verbal narrations, edited by his American friend, and these two volumes are the product. Indian life, character, and legends form the staple of their composition." Graff 3986. Howes S991. Wagner-Camp-Becker 125. Sabin 91392. $2500.00

173. Stuart, Robert. THE DISCOVERY OF THE OREGON TRAIL. ROBERT STUART'S NARRATIVES OF HIS OVERLAND TRIP EASTWARD FROM ASTORIA IN 1812-13... TO WHICH IS ADDED AN ACCOUNT OF THE TONQUIN'S VOYAGE... AND WILSON PRICE HUNT'S DIARY OF HIS OVERLAND TRIP WESTWARD TO ASTORIA IN 1811-12. EDITED BY PHILIP ASHTON ROLLINS. N.Y., Eberstadt, [1935]. cxxxvii,391pp. Illus. Original cloth,. First edition. Howes S 103: ""First English publication of this diary of a trip from Astoria to St. Louis, 1812-13, on which South Pass was discovered and the Oregon Trail established..." $175.00

174. [TARDIVEAU, BARTHELEMI]. Rice, Howard C. BARTHELEMI TARDIVEAU: A FRENCH TRADER IN THE WEST. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH, INCLUDING LETTERS FROM B. TARDIVEAU TO ST. JOHN DE CREVECOEUR -[1788-1789]. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins, 1938. 90pp. Illus., folding map. Original boards. $50.00

175. [TEXAS]. Corner, William. SAN ANTONIO DE BEXAR: A GUIDE AND HISTORY. San Antonio, Bainbridge and Corner, 1890-. [3],166,[27]ads. pp. Illus, (16 plates, one map pasted to inside rear cover, "Menger Hotel" plate pasted to inside front cover. Original gold stamped cloth, very nice copy. First edition. "To James D. Taylor, Esq. with compliments of J. E. C Pedded (?), San Antonio, Texas, March 27th, 1893." on front flyleaf. Howes C818: Includes an historical sketch written by Sydney Lanier, extracts from Mrs. M. A Maverick's memoirs and interviews with old settlers." Raines p.55. $200.00

176. [TEXAS]. FEST-AUSGABE ZUM SO-JAEHRIGEN JUBILAEM DER GRUENDUNG DER STADT FRIEDRICHBURG... EDITED BY ROBERT G. PENNIGER. Fredericksburg, Tx.,, Penniger, [1896]. 210pp. (9pp of ads)pp. Ilus., 16 plates and a folding chart. Original printed boards with red cloth spine. First edition. Chapters on John D. Meusbach, first expedition to Fredericksburg, Comanche Indians, Gillespie County, Mormons, etc. Not in Howes, Eberstadt, Graff, Streeter Sale, Flake, Raines, etc. (no copies found on line). $750.00

177. [TEXAS]. Hammond, Jabez C. LETTER TO THE HON. JOHN C. CALHOUN, ON THE ANNEXATION OF TEXAS. Cooperstown, N.Y., Phinney, 1844. 34pp. Original brown wrappers bound in twentieth century boards with cloth spine with a printed paper label. First edition. Howes H143. Streeter Texas 1503: "... Here in a document written after Polk's election, he learnedly refutes various arguments for annexation such as one advanced... that annexation would slowly cause the end of slavery. The Lamar letter... shows that annexation will perpetuate slavery...." Shaw 44-2901, locates 5. $300.00

178. [TEXAS]. Kendall, George W. NARRATIVE OF THE TEXAN SANTA FE EXPEDITION, COMPRISING A DESCRIPTION OF A TOUR THROUGH TEXAS AND ACROSS THE GREAT SOUTHWESTERN PRAIRIES. N.Y., Harper and Brothers, 1844. 2 vols. Illus., 5 plates(a few are foxed), folded map(small piece missing from an empty area at center top, some repair, slight crinkling). Original cloth(a mismatched set,volume one having wear at lower spine and edges, volume 2 has some rubbing on the covers). First edition. First issue with the 1844 date at the bottom of each spine. Jenkins Basic Texas Books 116: "Not only is this the best account of the Santa Fe expedition, it is one of the best campaign narratives ever written." Howes K75. Streeter Texas 1515. Wagner-Camp 110. Raines p.131. Field 818. Rittenhouse 347. Graff 2304. $750.00

#6 Dallas, Tx 1884. 51pp. Original printed wrappers. $100.00
#19/20. Belton, Tx., 1898. 27pp. Original pirnted wrappers. $ 75.00 The Two:

180. [TEXAS]. PROCEEDINGS OF A CONVENTION OF DELEGATES... AND ASSEMBLED AT FANEUIL HALL, IN THE CITY OF BOSTON, ... TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE PROPOSED ANNEXATION OF TEXAS TO THE UNITED STATES. Boston, Eastburn, 1845. 18pp., some outer margin foxing. Original printed green wrappers. First edition. Streeter Texas 1565. This convention had assembled to draft an address to the people of the United States (p (4)-(18), charging that the Massachusetts House of Representatives has violated the constitution and promote slavery... $300.00

181. [TEXAS]. Santangelo, Orazio de Attellis. PROTEST AGAINST THE CONVENTION OF APRIL 11, 1839, BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE REPUBLIC OF MEXICO, AND AGAINST BOTH SAID GOVERNMENTS, AND OTHER DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THE CLAIMS... Wash., 1842. 65pp. Original blue printed wrappers. First edition. Sabin 76830. Not in Howes or Streeter, although several similar items are noted. Santagelo was a prolific and outspoken journalist, twice banished from Mexico for his stand in defending the Texas colonists. On at least one occasion his publication was "silenced by the bayonet." $750.00

182. [TEXAS]. Tyler, John. MESSAGE FROM ... TO THE TWO HOUSES OF CONGRESS, AT THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE FIRST SESSION OF THE TWENTY EIGHTH CONGRESS ... Wash., SD1, 1843. 703pp. Illus., 3 maps, 1 plan, 4 tables, 5 plates, mostly folded. Dbd. First edition. Streeter Texas 1465: "... pages 25-48 ... give correspondence with Mexico relating to Mexican protests to the proposed annexation of Texas and the decree of Santa Anna closing the customs house at Taos, Paso del Norte and Presidio del Norte." Streeter Texas #1465 $200.00

183. [U.S. CONGRESS. ACTS]. ACTS PASSED AT THE FIRST SESSION OF THE SEVENTH CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES, JANUARY - MAY, 1802. [Wash.,, Duane, 1803]. 191,[5]pp. Orig. blue wrapps, spines show wear. First edition. First edition. This was during the Jefferson/Burr administration and contains material on the Upper Canada Boundary, propagating the gospel among the heathen, trading with the Indian tribes, northwest territory, John Cleves Symons and lands northwest of the Ohio, etc. $250.00

184. [U.S. CONGRESS. ACTS]. ACTS PASSED AT THE SECOND SESSION OF THE SEVENTH CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES, JANUARY - MARCH, 1803. [Wash.,, 1804}. [Wash., 1804]. pp. 195-316,[4];[85],[20]pp. Original plain wrappers, spine worn. First edition. Contains material on Ohio, Indian trading houses, militia, ships and vessels, D. C., Northwest territory, light-houses, Lake Ontario, Kentucky, Nova Scotia, judiciary systems, etc. [85]pp. appendix is entitled "Convention between the French Republic and the United States of America" (1-47), also includes proclamations from Jefferson on treaties with the Indian tribes, and the convention between the U. S. and Great Britain (48-52). $300.00

185. [U.S. LAWS]. ACTS PASSED AT THE FIRST THRU THE THIRD SESSION OF THE ELEVENTH CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES. Washington City, Dept of State, 1811. 241,[4],[249]-407,[5],[40]pp.Two volumes. Original blue wrappers, spines worn with a few stains. First edition. Contains a mine of important acts and information dealing with: Indiana Territory, Barbary Powers, Maryland, Ohio, Nova Scotia, Navy, Mississippi Territory, torpedoes, census, post roads [33pp.], Kaskaskia, Indian Treaties, treaty with 5 different tribes [19pp.], American seamen, Anthony Wayne, Tripolitan War, Louisiana and Orleans, Indian tribes, treaty between U. S. and the Great and Little Osage Indians, etc. Shaw 24030. $300.00


187. [VERMONT]. Dean, James. ALPHABETICAL ATLAS, OR, GAZETTEER OF VERMONT; AFFORDING A SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF THE STATE, ITS COUNTIES, TOWNS, AND RIVERS, CALCULATED TO SUPPLY, IN SOME MEASURE, THE PLACE OF A MAP; AND DESIGNED FOR THE USE OF OFFICES, TRAVELERS, MEN OF BUSINESS, ETC. Montpelier, Goss, 1808. 43pp., plus errata page. Old boards, loose, but present. First edition. Gilman P70. McCorrison 984. Howes D167. Sabin 19023. Shaw 14840. The initial leaves contain a geographical description of Vermont. There are detailed tables listing every towns in the state, the county for which it is located, its population, neighboring towns, geographical coordinates, etc. $375.00

188. Wallace,Watson C. PIONEER HISTORY OF THE CHAMPLAIN VALLEY; BEING AN ACCOUNT OF THE SETTLEMENT OF THE TOWN OF WILLSBOROUGH BY WILLIAM GILLILAND, TOGETHER WITH HIS JOURNAL AND OTHER PAPERS, AND A MEMOIR, AND HISTORICAL AND ILLUSTRATIVE NOTES. Albany, Munsell, 1863. 231pp. New small quarto red cloth. First edition. Bibliothecea Munselliana p.127. Howes W175: "227 copies printed..." Much on Albany, General Arnold, George Belton, Canada, Cross Point, Gen.Gates, Lake Champlain, New York, Robert McAuley, Ticonderoga, John Watson, Willsboro, etc. $300.00

189. [WASHINGTON]. Dodge, J. W. WONDERFUL CITY, LEADING ALL OTHERS IN WASHINGTON, OREGON, MONTANA, IDAHO AND BRITISH COLUMBIA: SEATTLE, ITS PAST HISTORY, RECENT PROGRESS, AND PRESENT ADVANCED POSITION. Seattle, Lowman & Hanford Stationery and Printing Company, 1890. 48pp. Illus., frontispiece and fourteen illustrations including 3 maps, a dozen engravings and a few photographs. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Smith 2494. An interesting and scarce pamphlet published by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, in the year just after the great Seattle fire of 1889. With information on the founding of the city, its resources (timber, minerals, maritime, etc), manufacturing and financial institutions, as well as a brief section on the 'great fire'. $450.00

190. Wells, Rolla. EPISODES OF MY LIFE. St. Louis, 1933. 510pp. Illus. Original boards with blue leather spine. First edition. Inscribed presentation copy from the author. Adams Herd 2463: "Has a chapter on cattle ranching on the Cheyenne-Arapahoe Reservation in the Indian Territory in which the author tells of driving cattle up the Chisum [sic] Trail and of life in Caldwell and Dodge City, Kansas." Howes W254. $100.00

191. Werner, Herman. ON THE... WESTERN FRONTIER WITH THE UNITED STATES CAVALRY...FIFTY YEARS AGO. N.p., [1934]. 98pp. Illus. First edition. Howes W 259: "The Modoc War, Montana operations, etc. " Graff 4592. A valuable source of western history,full of information, incidents,frontier experiences,etc. $50.00

192. THE WESTERN MISCELLANY. [Dayton, Oh., edited by B. F. Ells]. Vol. 1 # 1 - 12, July 1848 - July 1849. Modern 4to cloth. First edition. Complete file of all published. Not in Mott. Lomazo 538: "A creatively designed monthly miscellany, well-illustrated with woodcuts, which contains articles on the history of Shakers, the exploration of Oregon and other Americana." Kribbs 893. Articles on the capture of Major Andre, Eddystone lighthouse, Captain Franklin's journey, Mount Vernon, Gen. Putnam, whale fishery, steam power, Timothy Dexter, return of Captain Ross, female education, polar bears, history of Shakerism in the west, history of Oregon [with material on Lewis and Clarke], western hunter, Bell-Rock Lighthouse, Indian tradition, great Kentucky revival, Hernando De Soto, the beaver, Seminole Indians, salmon of the Columbia River, North American Indians, esquimaux, Pochahantas, Lafayette, etc. Rare. Howes E127. $850.00

193. Wheat, Carl I. MAPPING THE TRANSMISSISSIPPI WEST, 1540-1861. San Francisco, Institute of Historical Cartography, 1957 - 1963. Five volumes bound in six; folio; profusely illustrated with over 300 facsimile maps many are folding and some in color. Original folio tan boards over green spine with gilt lettering. Limited to 1000 sets. First edition. Twenty-five years of scholarly research went into the production of this work. A reference work on the history of cartography from the first Spanish Explorations through the Government surveys. The importance of the maps and their historical context are discussed. The definitive reference in the field. Streeter 4416. $2500.00

194. [WHITE MOUNTAINS]. Ball, Dr. Benjamin Lincoln. THREE DAYS ON THE WHITE MOUNTAINS; BEING THE PERILOUS ADVENTURE OF DR. B. L. BALL, ON MOUNT WASHINGTON, DURING OCTOBER 25, 26, 27 , 1856, WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. Boston, Noyes, 1856. 72pp. Original gold stamped sm 8vo brown cloth. Sabin 2933. Hammond p.20. Very scarce and interesting account of the White Mountains in the fall. He spent hours on Mt. Washington without food, shelter, or fire, with snow and ice only for drink. His sole protection was an umbrella. The front flyleaf: "N.R. Preston, Boston, July 1, 1857.." $850.00

195. [WYOMING]. CONSTITUTION OF THE PROPOSED STATE OF WYOMING, ADOPTED IN CONVENTION AT CHEYENNE, WYOMING, SEPT. 30, 1889. Cheyenne, Cheyenne Leader Printing Company, 1889. 60pp. Original printed wrappers, printed on fragile paper, stapled as issued., in half morocco slipcase. First edition, first issue. An address to the people, pp.58-60, urges ratification of the constitution, which the framers regarded as "conservative and also progressive" proclaiming it to be "the first constitution adopted by man which gives to each citizen the same rights guaranteed to every other citizen." The reference is to Article No. VI: Suffrage ... "both male and female citizens of this state shall equally enjoy all civil, political and religious rights and privileges." McMurtrie 152. $1500.00

196. [WYOMING]. Jones, William A. REPORT UPON THE RECONNAISSANCE OF NORTHWESTERN WYOMING INCLUDING YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. MADE IN THE SUMMER OF 1873. Wash.,, GPO, 1875. [6],331pp. Illus., 49 sheets of folding plans,6 plates, folding map. Contemporary hjlf morocco,, with gold stamped spine. . Second edition. Howes J245, Second and best edition with the title page adding "Including Yellowstone National Park." Not in Graff, Decker or Soliday. Much on Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone Bib. p.50: "Includes a general report of the reconnaissance and separate geological, botanical, entomological, and astronomical reports by members of the expedition..." $450.00

197. [WYOMING]. JOURNAL AND DEBATES OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION OF THE STATE OF WYOMING. BEGUN AT THE CITY OF CHEYENNE ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1889, AND CONCLUDED SEPTEMBER 30, 1889. PRINTED BY AUTHORITY. Cheyenne, Daily Sun, 1893. 874,60,15,[errata]pp. Contemporary full brown calf with red and black gold stamped labels on spine. First edition. The Constitutional Convention is contained on pp.1-568. The constitution on the following 60 pages, and that is followed by a 15 page index to the Journal and Debates, and an index of the members. Also included is material on Chinese labor, livestock, female suffrage, mines and mining, pipelines, railroads and telegraphs, etc. $475.00

198. [WYOMING]. Le Roux, Hugues. LE WYOMING: AU PIEDES MONTAGNES ROCHEUSES. -LES RICHESSES D'UN PAYS NEUF - L'ELEVAGE - LE PETROLE AUX ETATS UNIS - SON ROLE DANS L'ANENIR - LA STANDARD OIL CY. Paris, [1904]. 322pp. Illus., frontis., plates, large folded map. Original pictorial printed wrappers. First edition. Monaghan 963. Not in Adams Herd or Guns. While there is much on Wyoming and its cowboys, most of the book is devoted to oil and the oil business. Not in Swanson, Neff and Larson. $275.00

199. [WYOMING]. LeFors, Joe. WYOMING PEACE OFFICER: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Laramie, Wy., [1953]. 200pp. Illus. Original cloth, dust jacket, a few clear tape mends. First edition. Adams 150: "Published by the author's wife after his death. This book reveals some heretofore unwritten history about the Johnson County War and Tom Horn and other outlaws of the west. " The author was the officer who trapped Horn into a confession. There is also some information of flat-nose George Curry and the wild bunch." Adams Guns 1815. Adams Herd 1323. $175.00

200. [WYOMING]. Mokler, Alfred James. FORT CASPAR [PLATTE BRIDGE STATION]... COMPRISING A DESCRIPTION OF THE KILLING OF LIEUTENANT CASPAR W. COLLINS AND THE MASSACRE OF SERGEANT AMOS J. CUSTARD AND TWENTY-FOUR OF THEIR COMRADES, JULY 26, 1865. Casper, Wy., Prairie Publishing, 1939. 74,[1]pp. Illus. Original pictorial printed wrappers. Much on early western fortifications, the Pacific Telegraph, Frontier Cavalry service, soldiering in the Indian Country, etc. First edition. . $200.00

201. [WYOMING]. SESSION LAWS OF WYOMING PASSED AT THE FIFTH LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. CONVENED AT CHEYENNE, NOV. 7, 1877. PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY. Cheyenne, Wy, Glascke, 1878. [16],149pp. Contemporary half calf over plain boards. First edition. Acts and laws relating to bonds, compensation, marriage, real estate, schools, stock, timber, wagon roads, etc. Stopka 1878.4 (Formerly Wyoming Imprints Inventory # 36) $300.00

202. [WYOMING]. Spring, Agnes W. THE CHEYENNE AND BLACK HILLS STAGE AND EXPRESS ROUTES. Glendale, Clark, 1949. 418pp. Illus., ports, plates, folding map of the stage route. Original cloth. First edition. Adams Guns 2084: "One of the best books written about the Black Hills and the outlaws of the region, revealing much scholarly research by an able historian." $250.00

203. [WYOMING]. Spring, Agnes Wright. SEVENTY YEARS: A PANORAMIC HISTORY OF THE WYOMING STOCK GROWERS ASSOCIATION INTERWOVEN WITH DATA RELATIVE TO THE CATTLE INDUSTRY IN WYOMING. Cheyenne, 1942. 273pp. Illus. Original pictorial wrappers. First edition. Adams Herd 2141. Reese Six Score 101: "Excellent history of the cattle industry in Wyoming..." Howes S850. $200.00

204. [WYOMING]. Strahorn, Robert E. THE HAND-BOOK OF WYOMING AND GUIDE TO THE BLACK HILLS AND BIG HORN REGIONS FOR CITIZEN, EMIGRANT, AND TOURIST. Cheyenne, 1877. 249pp. (22 pp. of ads ). Illus. Original purple cloth, spotting on covers, spine a little faded with a nick at the top of the rear joint. First edition. Surely one of the most rapidly composed pieces of prose written on the road in America. As the author points out in the preface, scarcely sixty days elapsed between the proposal to write this work and its publication. The period also encompassed his honeymoon, and his wife tells of the trip during which the work was written in her book, FIFTEEN THOUSAND MILES BY STAGE. Strahorn wrote while travelling, and by the time he arrived back in Chicago, where the book was actually printed, he had composed the entire text. One of the most thorough western promotional works. ADAMS HERD 2181. HOWES S1055. JENNEWEIN 91. STREETER SALE 2248. SIX SCORE 104 (note). GRAFF 4000. $1000.00

205. [YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK]. YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. MR. McRAE, FROM THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC LANDS, SUBMITTED THE FOLLOWING REPORT... Wash., , HR1956, 1892. [15],295,[8]pp. dbd. First edition. Deals with the circumstances under which certain leases for parcels of ground in the park. Also there is material on the lease granted to S. S. Huntley. $125.00







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