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1. Adams, John Calvin. GENERAL TAYLOR AND THE WILMOT PROVISO. [Boston, 1848]. 31pp., double columns. Original plain wrappers, in a cloth box. First edition. An anti-Taylor diatribe. The compiler did not want slavery extended into the territories. Extracts from papers, politicos, etc. are included judiciously to illustrate his contention. $200.00

2. [ARIZONA]. Hamilton, Patrick. THE RESOURCES OF ARIZONA: ITS MINERAL, FARMING, AND GRAZING LANDS, TOWNS, AND MINING CAMPS; ITS RIVERS, MOUNTAINS, PLAINS, AND MESAS, WITH A BRIEF SUMMARY OF ITS INDIAN TRIBES, EARLY HISTORY, ANCIENT RUINS, CLIMATE, ETC. A MANUAL OF RELIABLE INFORMATION CONCERNING THE TERRITORY... Prescott, 1881. 120pp. Original green wrappers, chipped. One of the most popular of the state-sponsored promotionals which saw continuous revision and expansion over the next several years, published by the legislature. Arizona Imprints Inv., 60, locates 4. Howes H133. Adams Herd 983. $200.00

3. Bartlett, John R. PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF EXPLORATIONS AND INCIDENTS IN TEXAS, NEW MEXICO, CALIFORNIA, SONORA, AND CHIHUAHUA, CONNECTED WITH THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICAN BOUNDARY COMMISSION DURING THE YEARS 1850, '51, '52, AND '53. N.Y., Appleton, 1856. 2 vols. Illus.,( 16 lithographs, 94 illustrations, large folding map). Newish cloth. (lacks the title page to vol.2) Cowan p.36. Dobie p.86. Graff 198. Howes B201. Larned 2019. Powell 9. Rader 287. Raines p.22. Sabin 3746. Wagner-Camp-Becker 234.56. Jenkins Basic Texas Books 12: "Bartlett's narrative is the most scholarly and scientific description of Southwest Texas of its era. Thomas W. Streeter called it 'the first thoroughly scholarly description of the southwest' and F. S. Dellenbaugh labeled it 'a valuable addition to the literature of the Southwest.' " Clark, III:272. $350.00

4. Beltrami, J. C. A PILGRIMAGE IN EUROPE AND AMERICA, LEADING TO THE DISCOVERY OF THE SOURCES OF THE MISSISSIPPI AND BLOODY RIVER: WITH A DESCRIPTION OF THE WHOLE COURSE OF THE FORMER, AND OF THE OHIO. London, 1828. 2 vols.: lxxvi,472;[525]pp. Illus., plates, folding map and plans, portrait. Modern gold stamped calf spines over boards. The English edition, enlarged, of the author's La Decouverte des Sources du Mississippi et de la Riviere Sanglante.. published in 1824. Volume I is a narrative of Beltrami's travels through Italy, France, Germany and England. Volume II translates his adventures in American from the original French work, including the months or moons of the Sioux and Chippewa. Wagner-Camp-Becker 26a:2:"He found his way to the upper reaches of the Mississippi River, where he joined an expedition led by Maj. Stephen Long. The latter wrote of him: 'An Italian whom we met at Fort St. Anthony, attached himself to the expedition and accompanied us to Pembina.' Beltrami subsequently traveled down the Mississippi to New Orleans." The folding map illustrates the route travelled in America and the plates depict Indian ornaments, while the folding plans are of Karlsruhe and the gardens at Schwetzingen. Field 111. Howes B 338 ("aa"). Clark II|82. Monaghan 178B. Pilling 340. Sabin 4605. $750.00

5. Benton, Thomas Hart. LETTER FROM COL. BENTON TO THE PEOPLE OF MISSOURI CENTRAL NATIONAL HIGHWAY FROM THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER TO THE PACIFIC. [St. Louis, 1853]. 24pp. Sewn as issued, in a cloth box. Pasted on the first leave is a small square signed by C. Sumner. First edition. Graff 270. Sabin 4186. Howes B368A. Wagner-Camp-Becker 221: "Benton refers to Fremont's winter trip of 1849 and reprints Fremont's letter to the Phila. Railroad Convention, April, 1850..." $375.00

6. Brackenridge, Henry M. VIEWS OF LOUISIANA, TOGETHER WITH A JOURNAL OF A VOYAGE UP THE MISSOURI RIVER, IN 1811. Pittsburgh, 1814. 304p. Full contemporary calf with gold stamped red label on spine. First edition. Bradford 496. Clark, Travels in the Old South l36. Howes B688. Hubach p.43. Jones 767. Matthews p.217. Raines p.30. Wagner-Camp 12. Graff 379. These "Views of Louisiana" are a series of essays on the country included in the Louisiana Purchase. These essays are of interest but the book is especially desirable for its "Journal of a Voyage Up the Missouri River in 1811." The "Journal" gives Brackenridge's account of his accompanying Manuel Lisa on his 1811 expedition up the Missouri to the fort of the Missouri Fur Company located just above the Mandan villages. The "Views" preceding the "Journal" though mostly descriptive, do gives a first hand account of Manual Lisa's operations in the fur trade on the upper Missouri from 1807 through 1810. Rader 443. Shaw 30979. $2000.00

7. [BURR, AARON]. Robertson, David. REPORTS OF THE TRIALS OF COLONEL AARON BURR (LATE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE U. S.) FOR TREASON, AND FOR A MISDEMEANOR IN PREPARING THE MEANS OF A MILITARY EXPEDITION AGAINST MEXICO ... TO WHICH IS ADDED ... THE ARGUMENTS AND EVIDENCE ... TO COMMIT A. BURR, H. BLANNERHASSETT, AND I. SMITH ... FOR TREASON ... Phila., Hopkins and Earle, 1808. 2 vols. Original boards with paper label on spine. Vol. 1 has joints mended and in a cloth box. Mismatched set. Howes B1013. Tompkins 87. The complete testimony of one of the most infamous incidents in American history. Burr was tried for attempting to invade Spanish territory with an expeditionary force. His plans of conquest are recorded in great detail, along with all the other documents, pleas, arguments, etc., and the decisions of John Marshall. Sets in original boards, in any condition, are virtually unobtainable. $600.00

8. Burton, Richard F. THE CITY OF SAINTS, AND ACROSS THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS TO CALIFORNIA. N.Y., Harper, 1862. [12],[1],[1],574,[2]pp. Illus.,(folding map, some tears at fold,; plan, frontis, and more in the pagination). Original black cl., light edge wear, chipped lightly at bottom of spine. First American edition. Howes B1033. Graff 512. Adams 167. Cowan p.87. Sabin 9497. Wagner-Camp-Becker 370:2: "Sir Richard departed from Saint Joseph on August 7, 1860, and arrived at Salt Lake City on August 25. After a stay of about one month in Utah, he continued on to California, stopping briefly at Carson City and Virginia City on the way. Burton was very interested in the Mormons...The appendix contains a number of Mormon documents and a Mormon chronology, and the footnotes, pp.250-263, include an extensive Mormon bibliography." Flake 1029. $500.00

9. [CALIFORNIA]. Ball, Nicholas. VOYAGES OF NICHOLAS BALL, FROM 1838 TO 1853. IN TABULATED FORM WITH NOTES. TOGETHER WITH A SUMMARY OF A TRIP TO EUROPE IN 1888. Boston, Barta, 1895. 38,[2]pp. Illus., finely eng. port., illus. in text. Original cloth, gold stamped on front cover. Inscribed presentation copy from Ball. First edition. Howes B68. Cowan p.30. Wheat Gold Rush 9: "Reminiscences of a pioneer who had previously edited an account of the 1890 excursion to California of the California Pioneers of New England." His itemized mining record for 1850 and 1851 is one of the most accurate presentations of the actual cost and profit of placer mining in the California gold region. Kurutz 32. $375.00

10. [CALIFORNIA]. Brown, John Henry. REMINISCENCES AND INCIDENTS "THE EARLY DAYS" SAN FRANCISCO... ACTUAL EXPERIENCE OF AN EYEWITNESS, FROM 1845 TO 1850. San F., [1886]. 53 leaves. Illus., fold. plan as frontis. Original gold stamped red cloth with private embossed library stamp on title page, in a cloth box, very nice copy. First edition. Howes B853 [b]. Cowan 77. Graff 429: "... the final 8 pages contain description of forty-eight parcels of land located on the folding plan..." Blumann & Thomas 2901. Rocq 8429. Wheat, Gold Rush 23. Zamorano 80:10: "John Henry Brown as a fur trader, bartender, citizen-soldier, hotel builder, capitalist, man of affairs, and author. A prominent figure in San Francisco in the early days, 1846-1850, Brown observed and was told of many happenings there. He met many men, both the great and the near great. His reminiscences fill in many of the gaps in the early history of San Francisco. - R.J. W." Eberstadt 135:127. Streeter Sale 2999. Kurutz 88A: "...Despite the flaws, his text gives wonderful detail on people and events..." $4000.00

11. [CALIFORNIA]. EXPLOITS OF THE ATTONEY-GENERAL IN CALIFORNIA. BY AN EARLY CALIFORNIAN. N.Y., the author, 1860. 30pp. Original printed wrappers, edge wear. First edition. Streeter copy with his bookplate on inside front cover. Streeter 2849: "This severely criticizes the policy of J. S. Black, Attorney-General of the United States, in attacking California land titles, especially his policy towards the New Almaden Quicksilver Mines. The pamphlet, which is signed and dated at the end, An early Californian, New York, August 10th, 1860" makes out a strong case." Eberstadt Cat 115 #201. Cowan p.200. Not in Howes or Graff. $500.00

12. [CALIFORNIA]. Field, Stephen. PERSONAL REMINISCENCES OF EARLY DAYS IN CALIFORNIA, WITH OTHER SKETCHES... TO WHICH IS ADDED THE STORY OF HIS ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION BY A FORMER ASSOCIATE ON THE SUPREME BENCH OF THE STATE BY HON. GEORGE C. GORHAM. [Wash.,, 1893]. 6,472pp. Original cloth. First edition. Howes F117: "Another edition, with Gorham's account of Terry's attempted assassination of Field..." Graff 1316. Cowan p.209. "Printed for a few friends. Not published." $300.00

13. [CALIFORNIA]. Field, Stephen J. PERSONAL REMINISCENCES OF EARLY DAYS IN CALIFORNIA WITH OTHER SKETCHES. San Francisco, not published, printed for a few friends, [1880]. 248pp. Modern half morocco. First edition. Howes F117. Rocq 9357. Cowan p.209. Graff 208. Eberstadt 125:115. Wheat Gold Rush 76. Kurutz 237A: "The future first chief justice of the Callifornia Supreme Court, booked passage aboard the 'Cresent City' on November 13, 1849, in New York, and headed for California via the Isthmus of Panama...He left January 12, 1850, for Sacramento and points beyond arriving at Nye's ranch, where he bought 65 lots in a new town called Yubaville (Marysville). Two weeks later, Field was sworn in as the first Alcade of the booming town. Included in his recollections is an interesting description of Sutter. From them on, his legal career blossomed, resulting in his appointment to the U. S. Supreme Court in 1863..." $750.00

14. [CALIFORNIA]. Johnson, Theodore T. SIGHTS IN THE GOLD REGION, AND SCENES BY THE WAY. N.Y., Baker & Scribner, 1849. [13],278pp. Original cloth. First edition. One of the earliest published accounts of the gold fields, reprinted numerous times in subsequent years. "Johnson arrived at San Francisco by steamer on April 1, 1849 and left there by steamer for Panama May 1. The month on April was spent in a trip to Sacramento and the mining camps." - Streeter 2575. Cowan p.315. Howes J154. Mintz 260. Wagner-Camp-Becker 167g2. Kurutz 363A One of the earliest published accounts of the gold fields. Graff 2223. Wheat Gold Rush 163. Sabin 16328. Rocq 15884. $650.00

15. [CALIFORNIA]. Letts, John M. PICTORIAL VIEW OF CALIFORNIA; INCLUDING A DESCRIPTION OF THE PANAMA AND NICARAGUA ROUTES, WITH INFORMATION AND ADVICE, INTERESTING TO ALL, PARTICULARLY THOSE WHO INTEND TO VISIT THE GOLDEN REGION. BY A RETURNED CALIFORNIAN. N.Y., Bill, 1853. 224,1 page agents wanted leaf at end. Illus., 45 plates most with tissue guards, some foxing. Modern half morocco. The Deering copy with his leather bookplate on inside front cover. Howes L300 (another edition). Sabin 40723. Rocq 15917. Graff only cites an 1852 edition. Cowan p.140. Eberstadt Cat 114: 150. Kurutz 398C: ",,, drawing on his personal experience, Letts produced one of the best accounts of gambling, violence, and life in the mines... In his notes to the readers he wrote: "'A season's residence in the mineral regions enabled me to obtain a correct insider view of live in California.' Letts added to his narrative the text of the new California Constitution. George V. Cooper ,,, drew the illustrations than embellish this work. The contents of the 1853 second edition are identical..." $750.00

16. [CALIFORNIA]. Robinson, Fayette. CALIFORNIA AND ITS GOLD REGIONS, WITH A GEOGRAPHICAL AND TOPOGRAPHICAL VIEW OF THAT COUNTRY. ITS MINERAL AND AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES, PREPARED FROM OFFICIAL AND OTHER AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS... N.Y.,, Stringer, 1849. 136, (6 ads)pp. Illus., map has small expert repair. Full gold tooled leather, raised bands with gold stamped leather labels on spine. First edition. The Deering copy with his leather bookplate on inside of front cover. Howes R #366. Streeter Sale 2592. Cowan p.537. Sabin 72070. Wheat 70. Graff 3527.. One of the best of the earliest books on California printed for sale to intending gold seekers. Contains a map of the United States and California, showing the routes of the U. S. mail, steam packets to California; also, the various overland routes. $5000.00

17. [CALIFORNIA]. Stanly, Edward. ARGUMENTS OF THE HON. EDWARD STANLY... AND T. W. PARK, ESQ... WITH THE CHARGE OF THE COURT, AT THE TRIAL OF ALFRED A. COHEN ON A CHARGE OF EMBEZZLEMENT, IN THE CASE OF ADAMS & CO., BY H. M .NAGLEE, RECEIVER, VERSUS ALFRED A. COHEN, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, HON. JOHN S. HAGER PRESIDENT, MARCH, 1856. San F., Whitten Towne & Co, 1856. 38pp. Gold stamped calf spine over modern boards. First edition. Cowan p.133. Greenwood 769. Not in Streeter Sale, Graff, Howes or Eberstadt. $300.00

18. [CALIFORNIA]. Tyson, Philip T. GEOLOGY AND INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES OF CALIFORNIA. Baltimore, 1851. (34),127,37pp., plus three large folding maps and nine folding plates. Original cloth The second and best edition, following the governemnt document edition of the previous year. An important discussion of the geology of gold in California, based on a four-months stay, including a fine map of the Sacramento Valley, a smaller one of the author's travel routes, and one of his path through the Sierra Nevada. Howes T455. Wheat, Gold Regions 179.,149,182. Wheat Goldl Rush 212. Sabin 97652 Kurutz 643a. Not in Graff. Cowan p.648. $1250.00

19. [CALIFORNIA]. Venegas, Miquel. NATURAL AND CIVIL HISTORY OF CALIFORNIA. London, Rivington and Fletcher, 1759. 2 vols: [20],455; [8],387pp. Illus., folding map and 4 plates. Full contemporary calf with volume number on spine and gold borders on covers, small hole in front endpaper of volume 1. Bookplate of Thomas Weld. In half morocco slipcase. First English edition. Howes V69: "First attempt at a history of California, based, by the anonymous editor, Father Andres Marcos Burriel on Venegas's 1739 manuscript, but incorporating information from other sources..." Barrett 2536. Cowan p.658. Field 1600: "...the work of Father Venegas is undoubtedly the most faithful narration we possess, regarding the original condition of the Indians of any part of North America, connected with the history of their gradual progress toward civilization and Christianity." Jones 499. Sabin 98845. Wagner Spanish Southwest 137A. Zamorano 80 #78 (note). Streeter Sale 2435: "...as Mr. Wagner says 'Contains more on lower California than almost any other book that had been published in one and fifty years'." $4500.00

20. [CALIFORNIA]. Whitney, J. P. FRESH WATER TIDE LANDS OF CALIFORNIA. Cambridge, Ma, Riverside, 1873. 38pp. Illus., colored map of the fresh water tide lands of California in 1873 as frontis. Original 4to gold stamped full leather, privately printed in a small edition. First edition. Cowan p.681. Whitney extols the virtues of California's agricultural and land utilization future, mostly in San Francisco, Sacramento, Roberts Island, and the Bay area. $350.00


22. Clark, William (Captain). THE FIELD NOTE OF CAPTAIN W. CLARK, 1803-1805. EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY ERNEST STAPLES OSGOOD. New Haven and London, Yale, 1964. [35[,[1],335pp. Illus.( in text and facsimiles, p.189-326). Orig. lg 4to cl., with dust jacket chipped lightly at top. First edition. Contains the Dubois Journal, Dec. 13, 1803-May 14, 1804 ,and the River Journal May 14, 1804-April 3, 1805. The field notes are reproduced in both facsimile and transcript, with maps and other illustrations. $150.00

23. Clarke, Asa Bement. TRAVELS IN MEXICO AND CALIFORNIA; COMPRISING A JOURNAL OF A TOUR FROM BRAZOS SANTIAGO, THROUGH CENTRAL MEXICO, BY WAY OF MONTEREY, CHIHUAHUA, THE COUNTRY OF THE APACHES, AND THE RIVER GILA, TO THE MINING DISTRICTS OF CALIFORNIA. Boston, Wright & Hasty, 1852. 138pp. Original printed wrappers, half inch separation at top and lower front joint; in a half morocco slipcase. Deering copy with his leather bookplate. First edition. Cowan p.128. Graff 746. Wagner-Camp 210. Howes C451. Clarke was the secretary of this company which for the most part came from around Springfield, Ma. The route he travelled had not been previously described. The party reached Los Angeles July 9, 1849. Clarke spent the winter of 1850--51 at Sacramento and Marysville and along the Yuba River. Wheat 41. Kurutz 1380. Sabin 13393. Streeter Sale 2144. $2000.00

24. Coke, Henry J. RIDE OVER THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS TO OREGON AND CALIFORNIA. WITH A GLANCE AT SOME OF THE TOPICAL ISLANDS INCLUDING THE WEST INDIES AND THE SANDWICH ISLES. London, Bentley, 1852. x,388,[2]pp. plus ads. Frontispiece portrait. Original decorated cloth, slight wear at lower spine and rear joint. First edition. The author crossed by the Platte route in 1850, making much of the journey in the winter under harrowing circumstances. MINTZ 100. COWAN, p.134. WAGNER-CAMP 211. HOWES C548. KURUTZ 144. BEINECKE LESSER ANTILLES COLLECTION 909. GRAFF 796. FORBES HAWAII 1852.. Sabin 14240. Flake 2449. Streeter Sale 3060 $650.00

25. Collins, John S. ACROSS THE PLAINS IN '64. INCIDENTS OF EARLY DAYS WEST OF THE MISSOURI RIVER - TWO THOUSAND MILES IN AN OPEN BOAT FROM FORT BENTON TO OMAHA - REMINISCENCES OF THE PIONEER PERIOD OF GALENA, GENERAL GRANT'S OLD HOME. Omaha, N.B., 1904. 151pp. Illus.,11 plates. Original pictorial gold stamped small 8vo cloth. First edition. Howes C594:"For ten years Collins was post trader at Ft. Laramie. He incorporates much unwritten history of the early trans-Missouri region." Graff 809. $375.00

26. [COLORADO]. Jocknick, Sidney. EARLY DAYS ON THE WESTERN SLOPE OF COLORADO AND CAMPFIRE CHATS WITH OTTO MEARS THE PATHFINDER FROM 1870 TO 1873... Denver, Carson-Harper, 1913. 384pp. Illus., 25 plates. Original gold stamped cloth, front joint and lower spine show some wear; hinges beginning to crack. First edition. Adams Guns 572. Adams Herd 1173. Howes J115. Wilcox p.65. Eberstadt Cat 135:261: "Territorial days; treaties and troubles with the Ute, the Meeker Massacre, cattle thieves, highwaymen, and other criminals such as the infamous Alfred Packer who murdered his four companions in the mountains and then subsisted on their corpses... trappers, gold seekers, etc. $400.00

27. [COLORADO]. Marsh, Barton W. THE UNCOMPAHGRE VALLEY AND THE GUNNISON TUNNEL. A DESCRIPTION OF SCENERY, NATURAL RESOURCES, PRODUCTS, INDUSTRIES, EXPLORATION... Montrose, Co, 1905. 152,[6]pp. Illus., many fine plates. Original pictorial cloth. First edition. $150.00

28. [COLORADO]. PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF THE STATE OF COLORADO: CONTAINING PORTRAITS AND BIOGRAPHIES OF MANY WELL KNOWN CITIZENS OF THE PAST AND PRESENT. Chicago, Chapman, 1899. 1492pp. Illus., many steel engraved ports. Full quarto gold stamped leather., x-library. First edition. A mine of important information on Colorado luminaries. Not in Wynar, Graff, Eberstadt, Decker, etc. $350.00

29. [COLORADO]. THE WESTWARD MARCH OF EMIGRATION IN THE UNITED STATES, CONSIDERED IN ITS BEARING UPON THE NEAR FUTURE OF COLORADO AND NEW MEXICO. Lancaster, Pa, 1874. 53pp. Modern quartered calf over marbled boards. First edition. Account of the regions and what railroad development can do for this section of the country. Howes C614. $200.00

30. [COLORADO]. Whitney, Joel P. SILVER MINING REGIONS OF COLORADO. SOME ACCOUNT OF THE DIFFERENT PROCESSES NOW BEING INTRODUCED FOR WORKING THE GOLD ORES OF THAT TERRITORY. [N.Y., 1865]. 111pp.Disbound. dbd. Former owner's embossed stamp on title page. First edition, another issue. Howes W388. Wagner-Camp-Becker 427:1. Graff 4645. The appendix contains copies of the mining laws of a few of the principal mining districts. Written "for the primary purpose of attracting the attention of capitalists to the inviting silver fields of the Cordillera Ranges..."10217 $750.00

31. [COUES, ELLIOTT, ED]. Larpenteur, Charles. FORTY YEARS A FUR TRADER ON THE UPPER MISSOURI: THE PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF ... 1833-1872. EDITED, WITH MANY CRITICAL NOTES, BY ELLIOTT COUES. N.Y., Harper, 1898. 2 vols.: [28],236;[10],237-473pp. Illus., 18 maps and plates. Original cloth, gold stamped on spine. First edition. Howes C800. Hubach p.77. Rader 2204. Smith 5700. Graff 2404. Limited to 950 sets. $400.00

32. Coxe, William. ACCOUNT OF THE RUSSIAN DISCOVERIES BETWEEN ASIA AND AMERICA... London, Cadell and Davies, 1803. [24],500pp. Illus., 1 plate, 4 maps. Modern marbled boards with calf spine, and gold stamped red label, three library rubber stamps on title page and a library stamp on page 500. Fourth edition, considerably enlarged. Howes C834: "... this account, devoted to the exploration after Behring and Tschirikoff, in 1741, forms a valuable supplement to Gerhardt Mullers "Nachrichten (q.r.) who concluded his work with those earlier navigators. Sabin 17309. Hill p.71. Pilling 912. Wickersham 5882. Lada-Mocarski 29. Forbes Hawaii # 134: "...the third edition is the first to contain the supplement, which compares the discoveries of Cook and Clerke with thye earlier Russian explorers. It is an important and early commentary on Northern Pacifc exploration." $1000.00

33. Coyner, David H. LOST TRAPPERS; A COLLECTION OF INTERESTING SCENES AND EVENTS IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS, TOGETHER WITH A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF CALIFORNIA. ALSO, SOME ACCOUNT OF THE FUR TRADE, ESPECIALLY AS CARRIED ON ABOUT THE SOURCES OF MISSOURI, YELLOWSTONE, AND ON THE WATERS OF THE COLUMBIA, IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Cincinnati, James, 1847. 255, [7 ads.],pp. Original cloth rebacked with gold stamping on spine. First edition. Field 380: "The lost trappers were a portion of Lewis and Clark's party." Graff 897: "Howes and Wagner-Camp suggest doubt about the veracity of the author... some statements in the work demonstrable untrue, but there are sections which may be proven authentic." Howes C836: "Thrilling narrative, but not of unquestioned veracity." Rittenhouse 142. Sabin 17319. Street er Sale 2098. Wagner-Camp-Becker 130:1: "The hero of this sometime fictitious account of the beginnings of American fur trade is Ezekiel Williams, whose 'old, musty, mutilated journal, forms the basis for Coynor's story of exploration and adventure in the Rockies, 1809-13, and an overland journey to California in 1809-10 by two of Williams's companions: James Workman and Samuel Spencer..." Cowan p. 149. $300.00

34. Coyner, David H. LOST TRAPPERS; A COLLECTION OF INTERESTING SCENES AND EVENTS IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS, TOGETHER WITH A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF CALIFORNIA. ALSO, SOME ACCOUNT OF THE FUR TRADE, ESPECIALLY AS CARRIED ON ABOUT THE SOURCES OF MISSOURI, YELLOWSTONE, AND ON THE WATERS OF THE COLUMBIA, IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Cincinnati, Truman, 1850. 255pp. Original cloth, wear to front joint and edges, lightly chipped at top and bottom of spine, gold stamped on spine . Field 380: "The lost trappers were a portion of Lewis and Clark's party." Graff 897: "Howes and Wagner-Camp suggest doubt about the veracity of the author... some statements in the work demonstrable untrue, but there are sections which may be proven authentic." Howes C836: "Thrilling narrative, but not of unquestioned veracity." Rittenhouse 142. Sabin 17319. Street er Sale 2098. Wagner-Camp-Becker 130:2: "The hero of this sometime fictitious account of the beginnings of American fur trade is Ezekiel Williams, whose 'old, musty, mutilated journal, forms the basis for Coynor's story of exploration and adventure in the Rockies, 1809-13, and an overland journey to California in 1809-10 by two of Williams's companions: James Workman and Samuel Spencer..." Cowan p. 149. $200.00

35. [DAKOTA]. Holt, O. H. DAKOTA. "BEHOLD, I SHOW YOU A DELIGHTSOME LAND." Chicago, Rand McNally, 1885. 90,[6ads]pp. Illus., large folding map as frontis, plates. Original printed wrappers in cloth box. First edition. Streeter Sale 2082: "This is a good account of the territory and its counties and towns, with many specific articles. The map shows the differed land districts with boxes above and below giving statements by the registers of the various districts regarding settlements in their districts... Except for the local mining railroad at Deadwood, the Northern Pacific is still the only railroad west of the Missouri ..." Not in Graff or Howes. Eberstadt Cat 107#111. Decker Cat 35 # 689. Adams Herd 1057. $1000.00

36. [DAKOTA]. McClure, R. F., compiler. 1887. RESOURCES OF DAKOTA. AN OFFICIAL PUBLICATION COMPILED BY THE COMMISSIONER OF IMMIGRATION... CONTAINING... INFORMATION RELATING TO THE SOIL, CLIMATE... PRODUCTIONS, ADVANTAGES AND DEVELOPMENT... THE VACANT PUBLIC LANDS AND HOW TO OBTAIN THEM... Sioux Falls, Da., Argus, 1887. 498pp. Illus. 12 maps and plates. Original printed wrappers, front wrapper chipped, rear wrapper chipped and crudely mended., in cloth box. First edition. Dakota Imprints 497. Parker p. 192. Manufacturing, commercial, minerals, geography, topography, products, progress, etc. Adams Herd 2119. $300.00

37. [DAKOTA]. Rosen, Peter. PA-HA-SA-PAH; OR, THE BLACK HILLS OF SOUTH DAKOTA. A COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE GOLD AND WONDER-LAND OF THE DAKOTAS... BY... SEVEN YEARS A MISSIONARY IN THE BLACK HILLS. St. Louis, Nixon-Jones, 1895. [13],647pp. Illus., 27 plates. Original pictorial cloth, chipped at top of spine, spine faded. First edition. Streeter Sale 2087: "One of the best pioneer histories of the Black Hills." Howes R446A.: "By a missionary in that region, from 1882 to 1889." Graff 3705. Adams 3864. Jennewein 125. Eberstadt 133: 239: "The author... had unusual opportunities for collecting and preserving the memoirs of the pioneers with whom he came in contact, as well as recording those stirring events which came within his own observations. The results is a work of lasting importance..." $300.00

38. Edwards, Col. Philip L. CALIFORNIA IN 1837. DIARY OF COL. PHILIP L. EDWARDS CONTAINING AN ACCOUNT OF A TRIP TO THE PACIFIC COAST... Sacramento, Johnston, 1890. 47pp. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Howes E66. Adams Herd 747. Cowan p.192. Six Score 36. Streeter Sale 3008. Graff 1216. The narrative of the fist recorded cattle drive in California. Edward's diary was originally published serially in Themis Magazine in the 1860's. Aside from its cattle interest, which recounts bringing some 630 head of cattle from California to Oregon, the book is also a California and fur item. Wagner-Camp-Becker 48, notes. $650.00

39. Emory, William H. REPORT OF THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICAN BOUNDARY SURVEY MADE UNDER THE DIRECTIONS OF THE SECRETARY OF THE INDIANS. Wash., Wendell, 1857 - (1859). 3 parts bound in two volumes. Full 4to leather with gold stamping on sine and gold stamped on each front cover. "Lewis Cass" . inscribed presentation copy on front flyleaf "with the respects of J. M..." Illus., folding map, fol. profile, fold. chart, map of Mexico, hundreds of plates, of which 10 are colored. {16],158,[3],174,[6],270,78pp. LACKS part 4. Many of the leaves and plates show old staining at lower inside margin area. First edition. Wagner-Cam-Becker 241. Howes E146. Wheat, Transmississippi West 3/ chapter XXX. Complete sets in good condition sell for about $2500.00. $500.00

40. Emory, William H. [Lt. Col.]. NOTES OF A MILITARY RECONNAISSANCE, FROM FORT LEAVENWORTH, IN MISSOURI, TO SAN DIEGO, IN CALIFORNIA, INCLUDING PART OF THE ARKANSAS, DEL NORTE, AND GILA RIVERS. Wash.,, HD41, 1848. 614pp. Illus., two folding maps in text, large folding map , 67 plates. Original cloth, front joint worn, printed paper label on spine has a few small pieces missing, some old staining to the top of some plates and pages. First edition. Howes E145. Wagner-Camp-Becker 148:5. Cowan p.195. Graff 1249. Rittenhouse 188. Sabin 22536. Wheat, Transmississippi West 3: map 505. As an explorer, observer, and reporter of virtually unknown, newly-won territory of the southwest, he performed an outstanding service for his country. His report was a major contribution to the geographical knowledge of North America. His map was the first accurate depiction of the vast area known as the American southwest, and is still regarded as a landmark of American cartography. $500.00

41. Fitch, Michael H. RANCH LIFE AND OTHER SKETCHES. Pueblo, 1914. 306pp. Original gold stamped cloth, some light wear to front joint, paper label removed from spine and bookplate removed. First edition. One of 150 copies printed. Howes F157. Adams Herd 807. A very scarce and sought after early history of ranching in southern Colorado, where the author moved in 1870. Also included are chapters on Negro citizens, Chinese, woman suffrage, Old Santa Fe Trail, pioneers, pueblo, etc. Inscribed presentation copy "Florence Robertson with the love of her father M. H. Fitch." $600.00

42. Fremont, Jesse Benton. FOUR PAGE AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED. Los Angeles, March 25, 1898. To: William B. Owen, Esq., State Auditor, Cheyenne, Wyoming, with envelope and postage stamp. Reads in part... Gen.. Fremont believed truth to be one of the forces of nature... my youngest son has unusual force of mind.. .tenacity of purpose and his father's name at heart... together we have made a condensed resume of his father's work... it is ready, typed, not yet published... Your admirable map illustrates so fully the episode of the Peak... My daughter is my right hand and heart... I am weak but I am seventy five... my eldest son... is in the Navy and just nor commanding the U. S. Torpedo Boat Porter, 'the Swallow of the Sea's'... between Key West and the Tartogas... home never failed the General... my poor Basil La Jeunesse was killed... Basil had been with all three of the expeditions..." $450.00

43. Fremont, John C. REPORT OF THE EXPLORING EXPEDITION TO THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS IN THE YEAR 1842, AND TO OREGON AND NORTH CALIFORNIA IN THE YEARS 1843-44. Wash., Gales and Seaton, 1845. 693pp., plus 22 plates and 5 maps, 3 folding, 1 in rear pocket. (Preuss map at rear lacks number 1 & 2 of seven parts). Original small quarto cloth, rebacked with original gold stamped spine laid down, joints mended. The Senate issue of the Fremont report. Certainly one of the most important single pieces of Western Americana. In various editions, this report was more widely read than any other account of the West before the gold rush, and the text and map had a seminal effect on the routes frequented in the great period of emigration. The Pruess map is entitled "Map of ... Oregon & Northern California in the Years 1843-44." Wheat, Transmississippi 497. Wheat, Gold Regions 3266. Cowan p.223. Howes F370. Sabin 25845. Wagner-Camp-Becker 115:2. Graff 1437. $750.00

44. Fremont, John Charles. GEOGRAPHICAL MEMOIR UPON UPPER CALIFORNIA. Wash., SMD148, 1848. 67pp. Original printed wrappers, expertly rebacked. First edition. Howes F366: "Map by Preuss, not issued in all copies, if in any, but intended to accompany the pamphlet... his third expedition..." Wagner-Camp-Becker 150: 1. Cowan p. 223. Graff 1429. Sabin 25837. $200.00

45. [FUR TRADE]. Dale, Harrison C. THE ASHLEY-SMITH EXPLORATIONS AND THE DISCOVERY OF A CENTRAL ROUTE TO THE PACIFIC, 1822-1829, WITH THE ORIGINAL JOURNALS ... Glendale, Clark, 1941. 360pp. Illus., folding map is frontis, maps, plates, etc. .Original cloth. Revised ediiton. Howes D21. Contains a wealth of material on the fur trade. $175.00

46. [FUR TRADE]. Vandiveer, Clarence A. THE FUR TRADE AND EARLY WESTERN EXPLORATION. Cleveland, Clark, 1929. 316pp. Illus. Original cloth, nice copy. First edition. Perhaps one of the finest books ever done on the North American fur trade. $200.00

47. Gilliam, Albert M. TRAVELS OVER THE TABLE LANDS IN CORDILLERAS OF MEXICO. DURING THE YEARS 1834 AND 44; INCLUDING A DESCRIPTION OF CALIFORNIA, THE PRINCIPAL CITIES AND MINING DISTRICTS OF THAT REPUBLIC; AND THE BIOGRAPHIES OF ITURBIDE AND SANTA ANNA. Phila, Moore; London, Wiley and Putnam, , 1846. 455, 8 adv.pp. Illus., 3 folding maps, 10 plates. Original cloth gold stamped on spine, joints mended. First edition. Howes G179. Sabin 27412. Wagner-Camp-Becker 120C:1 "... of particular interest in his book are the parts dealing with Oregon, California and the Texan revolution and subsequent annexation by the United States." Graff 1554. $500.00

48. Greene, Max. THE KANZAS REGION: FOREST, PRAIRIE, DESERT, MOUNTAIN, VALE AND RIVER. DESCRIPTIONS OF SCENERY, CLIMATE, WILD PRODUCTIONS, CAPABILITIES OF SOIL, AND COMMERCIAL RESOURCES; INTERSPERSED WITH INCIDENTS OF TRAVEL... N.Y., Fowler and Wells, 1856. 192,[12]pp. Illus., map. Original small 8vo cloth. First edition. Howes G383. Graff 1650. Wagner-Camp-Becker 276: "This well written book contains a good account of the prairie and mountain region with many incidents in the author's own experiences from 1850 to 1855, as well as a history of the Santa Fe trade and descriptions of the Santa Fe Trail." Sabin 28607. Streeter Sale III: 1821 $950.00

49. Hafen, LeRoy R. and Francis Marion Young. FORT LARAMIE AND THE PAGEANT OF THE WEST, 1834-1890. Glendale, Clark, 1938. 429pp. Illus. Original cloth, spine lightly faded. On front flyleaf "For Paul H. Gantt, fellow student of western history. Cordially L. R. Hafen." First edition. Howes H11. Contains important material on the fur trade, first emigrants, missionaries, rival forts, pony express, Utah expedition, Black Hills, Wyoming, Harney massacres, etc. Adams Guns 888. $250.00

50. Halkett, John. HISTORICAL NOTES RESPECTING THE INDIANS OF NORTH AMERICA: WITH REMARKS ON THE ATTEMPTS MADE TO CONVERT AND CIVILIZE THEM. London, Constable, 1825. 408pp. Half morocco, raised bands, gold stamping on spine. First edition. Howes H43. Field 633. Sabin 29709. Halkett was the son-in-law of Lord Selkirk, founder of th Red River Settlement. He visited Canada in 1822, and Field calls his work: "A concise narration of the attempts to civilize and convert the Indians made by both Catholics and Protestants... He speaks in severe terms of the French policy towards the Indians... (and) calls the murderous forays of the New Englanders upon unoffending, and even friendly Indians... imprudent conduct." $500.00

51. Halkett, John. STATEMENT RESPECTING THE EARL OF SELKIRK'S SETTLEMENT; UPON THE RED RIVER, IN NORTH AMERICA; ITS DESTRUCTION IN 1815 AND 1816; AND THE MASSACRE OF GOVERNOR SEMPLE AND HIS PARTY... London, Murray, 1817. [8],194,[2],[100]pp. Illus., folding map captioned "Sketch of Part of the Hudson's Bay Company's Territory. " Contemporary boards, paper label on spine. First published edition, revised and enlarged from the privately circulated "Statement" of the same year. TPL 1093. Sabin 20704. Peel 42 (note). Lande 1206. The map is captioned "Sketch of part of the Hudson's Bay Company's Territory." Added to this edition is "Observations upon a recent publication..." Streeter Sale 3673. $850.00

Wash., HR1882, 1882. 11pp.
Marbled boards with leather gold stamped spine.
First edition. Not in Howes, Graff, Streeter Sale, or Eberstadt. Hollladay moved to California in 1852 where he was to operate 2760 miles of stage lines. In 1861, he won a postal contract for mail to Salt Lake City, and established the overland state route. For this and six other routes, Holladay received subsidies totaling nearly 6,000,000 over a four year period. He sold his stage routes to Wells Fargo Express in 1866 for $1500,000. The panic of 1873 caused him to lose his fortune in the stock market collapse. Here he is trying to get Congress to pay him for losses he sustained because of Indian depredations. He died in Portland, Oregon July 8, 1887. Henry Villard describes Holladay as "illiterate, coarse, boastful, false, and cunning." $500.00

53. Harmon, Daniel W. A JOURNAL OF VOYAGES AND TRAVELS IN THE INTERIOUR OF NORTH AMERICA, BETWEEN THE 47TH AND 58TH DEGREES OF NORTH LATITUDE, EXTENDING FROM MONTREAL NEARLY TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN, A DISTANCE OF ABOUT 5,000 MILES, INCLUDING AN ACCOUNT OF THE PRINCIPAL OCCURRENCES DURING A RESIDENCE OF NINETEEN YEARS, IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE COUNTRY... Andover, 1820. 432pp. Illus., folding map., portrait. Original full calf, some foxing in text. First edition. The first edition of this interesting work, edited for publication by Daniel Haskell, who surreptitiously inserted some religious maunderings not found in the author's manuscript. Harmon joined the North West Company in 1808 travelled to Lake Winnipeg and the Assinniboine, where he stayed some seven years. His later travels took him to Ft. William, New Caledonia, Ft. Vermillion, Ft. Chipewyan, etc. The map was engraved by Annin & Smith, Boston, and shows the northern United States and Canada to the Pacific Ocean in good detail. Wagner-Camp 17. Field 656. Graff 1786. Howes H205. Shaw 1518. Streeter Sale 3692. Peel 63. Lande 1216. TPL 1171. Pilling 1664. $1000.00

54. Hearne, Samuel. A JOURNEY FROM PRINCE OF WALES'S FORT IN HUDSON'S BAY, TO THE NORTHERN OCEAN. UNDERTAKEN BY ORDER OF THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY, FOR THE DISCOVERY OF COPPER MINES, A NORTH WEST PASSAGE, ETC. IN THE YEARS 1769, 1770, 1771, & 1772. London, Strahan and Cadell, 1795. [44],458,[2]pp. Illus. [4 plates, 2 folding; 5 folding maps, frontIs map shows small mend at bottom]. Full folio twentieth century leather, with 2 gold stamped red labels on spines. Untrimmed. First edition. Streeter Sale 3652: "This day-to-day record of three trips northwest by land from Hudson Bay was printed from Hearne's MS three years after his death; having been edited by John Douglas, Bishop of Salisbury." Lande 1120: "A classic of American travel, by the first white man to gaze on the Arctic or frozen ocean from the northern shores of the continent of America." Sabin 31181. Hill 791. TPL Cat. 445. Reese Cat. 257:133: "...As a result of Hearne's explorations, any theory of western exit was disproved, and much was learned and reported about the natural history and Indian tribes of the region..." Peel 42: "Hearne's manuscript journal was found by La Perouse when he captured Fort Albany. Later, one of his conditions of surrender was that it be published..." $8500.00

55. Henry, Alexander and David Thompson. NEW LIGHT ON THE EARLY HISTORY OF THE GREATER NORTHWEST. THE JOURNALS OF... N.Y., Edited by E. Coues, 1897. 3 vols: [28],446; [6],447-916; [6],917-1027pp. Illus., port., 4 maps. Original gree cloth, gld stamped on spine. First edition. One of 1100 copies. Howes H419. Not in Graff. Contains the manuscript journals of these two major northwest company figures. They explored among the Indians on the Red, Saskatchewan, Missouri and Columbia Rivers. A most important source work. Wagner-Camp- Becker 7,note. Smith 4350. Tweney 9. $950.00

56. Hewitt, Randall H. ACROSS THE PLAINS AND OVER THE DIVIDE: A MULE TRAIN JOURNEY FROM EAST TO WEST IN 1862, AND INCIDENCE CONNECTED THEREWITH. N.Y., Broadway, [1906]. [3],521,[12]pp. Illus.,59 plates which includes the plate facing page 320 which appears in only a few copies, folding map. Original pictorial cloth. Greatly enlarged edition . Howes H457. Smith 4394. Graff 1876: "One of the best of the Oregon trail narratives." Wagner-Camp-Becker 391 " Hewitt's journal was made, for the most part, over a hitherto unknown and dangerous route; from Dundee, Illinois to St. Joe, then up to Council Bluffs, overland to Laramie, Fort Hall, up to Coeur d'Alene, Spokane Falls, Portland and Olympia. He kept a careful diary, and this narrative is one of the few substantial accounts of an 1862 crossing." Streeter Sale 5:3211. $500.00

57. Hind, Henry Y. NARRATIVE OF THE CANADIAN RED RIVER EXPLORING EXPEDITION OF 1857 AND OF THE ASSINIBOINE AND SASKATCHEWAN EXPLORING EXPEDITION OF 1858... London, 1860. 2 vols. Illus., 20 tinted plates, 8 maps, 2 fold. and profiles. Contemporary green boards with gold stamped decorated spines, expertly laid down, all edges marbled. First edition. Graff 1892. TPL 3820. Wagner-Camp 361: "The plates were executed by Spottiswoode and by H. L. Hime." Peel 2221. Sabin 31934: "During this exploration, Mr. Hind lived almost constantly among the Crees and Chippeways, whose habits and peculiarities he was most eager to study, and prompt to record. Everything in their life had not only the charm of novelty to him, but as a man of science he was anxious to observe all the facts which may prove stepping stones in tracing their origin and history." Larner 3839. Streeter Sale 3730. $600.00

58. Hind, Henry Youle. NORTH-WEST TERRITORY. REPORTS OF PROGRESS; TOGETHER WITH A PRELIMINARY AND GENERAL REPORT ON THE ASSINIBOINE AND SASKATCHEWAN EXPLORING EXPEDITION, MADE UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE PROVINCIAL SECRETARY, CANADA... Toronto, 1859. 201pp. Illus., 8 folded maps, 2 plates. Contemporary quarter calf over boards, printed paper label on front cover. First edition. Graff 1893. Peel 211. Sabin 31937. Wagner-Camp 300:1. Streeter 3726: "The area explored, called 'Rupert's land,' covers 4000 miles between the 49th and 54th Parallels and 96 degrees and 107 degrees longitude. The report is an extremely thorough one." TPL 3912. Lande 1293. $500.00

59. Horn, Hosea B. HORN'S OVERLAND GUIDE, FROM THE U. S. INDIAN SUB-AGENCY, COUNCIL BLUFFS, ON THE MISSOURI RIVER, TO THE CITY OF SACRAMENTO, IN CALIFORNIA, CONTAINING A TABLE OF DISTANCES, AND SHOWING ALL THE RIVERS, CREEKS, LAKES, SPRINGS, MOUNTAINS, HILLS, CAMPING PLACES AND OTHER PROMINENT OBJECTS... AND THE DISTANCES FROM PLACE TO PLACE, AND FROM THE MISSOURI RIVER, ACCURATELY ASCERTAINED, WITH A COMPLETE AND ACCURATE MAP. N.Y., Colton, 1852. 83,[1]pp., [18 adv. pp.]. Illus., large folded map "To Illustrate Horn's Overland Guide to California and Oregon..." The map has some foxing is a little crinkled and has some small tears at a fold. Original 16mo cloth, gold stamped on front cover with the "N" of Horn faded, in half morocco slipcase. A rare work in any condition The is the second issue with the comments of the press on p.5 Cowan p.292. Graff 1952. Kurutz 343b. Sabin 33021. Wagner-Camp-Becker 214. Wheat Maps 221. Wheat Mapping the Transmississippi West 715. Howes H641: "Best hand-book for the central route available at the time..." Streeter Sale #3170: "This is one of the best of the guides, as it is one of the few where the distances were closely measured. It is also interesting for the advertisements of many of the ferries, hotels and the like along the Iowa part of the route. These, with running heading ,'Business Advertisements' are on pages [69] - 83. The routes to Salt Lake City, California and Oregon are marked on the map which extends from slightly east of the Mississippi to the Pacific." $7500.00

60. [HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY]. Rich, E. E. HISTORY OF THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY, 1670-1870. London, 1958-1959. 2 vols: [16],687,[9]; [11],974,[15]pp. Illus., colored frontis., maps, etc. Original blue cloth. Limited edition. First edition. The definitive work on the company and its fur trading enterprise. Hudson Bay Record Soc. Vols. 21-22. $250.00

61. [IDAHO]. French, Hiram T. HISTORY OF IDAHO: A NARRATIVE ACCOUNT OF ITS HISTORICAL PROGRESS, ITS PEOPLE AND ITS PRINCIPAL INTERESTS. Chicago and New York, Lewis, 1914. 3 vols.: [28],579; 585-904; [905]-1320pp. Illus., many ports., text illus. Orig. half mo., front cover of Vol. 1 stained. First edition. Flake 3460, contains several pages on the Mormons. Not in Howes, Graff or Eberstadt. $350.00

62. [INDIANA]. Jefferson, Thomas. MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, TRANSMITTING THE LAWS OF THE INDIANA TERRITORY OF THE UNITED STATES FROM JANUARY, 1801 TO FEBRUARY 1802. [Wash.,, 1803]. 32pp. dbd. First edition. Most of the laws listed were signed in type by William Henry Harrison and William Clarke. The territories were required by ordinance to report all laws adopted by the Governor and Judges to Congress. Shaw 33065. $500.00






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