Adams, John Calvin. GENERAL TAYLOR AND THE WILMOT PROVISO. [Boston: 1848]. 31pp., double columns. Original plain wrappers, in a cloth box. First edition. An anti-Taylor diatribe. The compiler did not want slavery extended into the territories. Extracts from papers, politicos, etc. are included judiciously to illustrate his contention.  (16020) $200.00


Adams, John Quincy. WRITINGS, 1779-1823. N.Y.: 1913-1917. 7 vols. Illus. Original cloth. First edition. The main source work for Adams. Edited by Worthington C. Ford.  (7) $350.00


Adams, John R. MEMORIAL AND LETTERS OF REV. JOHN R. ADAMS, D.D., CHAPLAIN OF THE FIFTH MAINE AND THE ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIRST NEW YORK REGIMENTS DURING THE WAR OF THE REBELLION, SERVING FROM THE BEGINNING TO ITS CLOSE. Cambridge, University Press: privately printed, 1890. Illus., mounted photo of Adams as frontis. original marbled boards, with a new gold stamped leather spine, library bookplate, gift of J. MacGregor Adams. (8),242pp. First edition. "This volume is printed for private distribution among our father's friends and acquaintances..." on flyleaf. Nicholson Cat p.11. Neving V. 1,p.49. Chaplain Adams's letters mainly deal with the military matters in the Army of the Potomac from the beginning of the Civil War until Lincoln's assassination. Dornbusch NY 502 & Maine 53. Probably printed in an edition of less than 100 copies.  (11355) $600.00


Adams. John et al. WARREN-ADAMS LETTERS: BEING CHIEFLY A CORRESPONDENCE AMONG JOHN ADAMS, SAMUEL ADAMS, AND JAMES WARREN. Boston. 2 vols. Illus. Original cloth, light wear to bottom of spineon vol. 2.. Vol. 1: 1743-1777; Vol. 2, 1778-1814. First edition. One of 500 sets printed. Mass. Hist. Soc. Colls. V. 72-73. No other single correspondence of the period offers such a picture of the hopes and fears of the patriot faction, or of the transactions in Continental Congress by leading participants. More than half the letters were written before the peace of 1783.  (5296) $150.00


[AERONAUTICS]. Wise, John. A SYSTEM OF AERONAUTICS, COMPREHENDING ITS EARLIEST INVESTIGATIONS, AND MODERN PRACTICE AND ART... IN THREE PARTS. CONTAINING AN ACCOUNT OF THE VARIOUS ATTEMPTS IN THE ART OF FLYING BY ARTIFICIAL MEANS FROM THE EARLIEST PERIOD DOWN TO THE DISCOVERY OF THE AERONAUTIC MACHINE BY THE MONTGOLFIERS, IN 1792, AND TO A LATER PERIOD. WITH A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE AUTHOR'S FIFTEEN YEARS EXPERIENCE IN AERIAL VOYAGES... Phla: 1850. 310pp., errata slip. Illus., portrait and 12 plates of balloons and flying machines. Original cloth.Lacks the front flleaf. Some foxing throughout. Very nice copy with a bright gold stamped spine. First edition. Randers-Pehrson 28: "John Wise was the most famous of all American aeronauts. He made his first ascension in 1835 and devoted the rest of his life to aeronautics, tireless in his efforts to find useful applications for the balloon." Brockett 12945.  (9842) $850.00


[ALASKA]. Badlam, Alexander. THE WONDERS OF ALASKA... San F: Bancroft, 1890. [7],152pp. Illus., 31 plates, 8 maps. Original pictorial 4to cloth. First edition. The plates are from photographs by Partridge of Portland, Oregon, and winter photo of Eugene, etc. Contains some early history, material on Portland, Seattle, Port Townsend, Victoria, Tacoma and Vancouver; the inland passage, the glaciers, native races, totems and Shamans, education, animal life, resources, phantom cities, Chinook jargon, etc. Wickersham 1964. Tourville 335.  (26223) $300.00


[ALASKA]. Johnson, Albin. SJUTTON AR I ALASKA: EN SKILDRING AV LIVET BLAND INDIANERNA I YAKUTAT. Chicago: Utgiven, 1924. 141,[2]pp. Illus. Original small 8vo cloth. First Edition. Swedish immigrants arriving in Sitka in 1890. Not in Wickersham or Tourville  (33409) $150.00


[ALASKA]. Radclyffe, C. R. E. (Capt.). BIG GAME SHOOTING IN ALASKA. London: Ward, 1904. (16), 292pp. Illus., large fold. map in pocket in inside rear cover, 45 plates. Original sm 4to cloth, gold stamped, light wear at edges and top of spine. First Edition. One of the first publications in England dealing with sport in Alaska. Chapters on the great bears, Behring Sea, Kenai Peninsula, sheep, moose, etc. A scarce and important personal narrative. Wickersham 3517. Tourville 3721. Ricks p.178.  (33684) $750.00


[ALASKA]. Watson, W. W. OUR ALASKAN TRIP... [Salina, Ks., : [ca. 1910]. 78pp. Illus., (19 plates of which most deal with Sitka, Ketchikan, Muir Glacier, etc) Original gold stamped cloth. First edition. "The few copies are for my relatives and friends." - preface. Tourville 4757. Not in Wickersham, Eberstadt, Decker, Soliday, etc. A rare first hand account of Alaska.  (33288) $375.00


[ALASKA]. Wickersham, James. A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ALASKAN LITERATURE, 1724 - 1924... ALL HISTORIES, TRAVELS, VOYAGES, NEWSPAPERS, PERIODICALS, PUBLIC DOCUMENTS... PUBLISHED IN RUSSIAN AMERICA ON ALASKA... Cordova, Alaska: Cordova Daily Times, 1927. [27],635pp. Original cloth, spine faded. First edition. Vol. 1, miscellaneous publications of the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines.  An exhaustive work including 10,380 entries covering a two hundred year period.  (31529) $100.00


[AMERICAN REVOLUTION]. Allen, Gardner Weld. MASSACHUSETTS PRIVATEERS OF THE REVOLUTION. Boston: 1927. 356pp. Illus. , 20 plates. Original cloth backed boards, ex-lib. First edition. Mass. Hist. Soc. Colls. V.77. An important contribution to the naval history of the American Revolution. One of 500 copies.  (2015) $175.00


[AMERICAN REVOLUTION]. Willard, Margaret Wheeler, ed. LETTERS ON THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1774-1776. Boston: 1925. [19],370pp. Illus., maps. Original boards, paper label on spine. a triffle soiled. Some light wear at head and foot of spine. First edition. One of 1040 copies printed. The writers of the letters included in this collection were colonists or Englishmen temporarily sojourning in America. The British letter writers were officers and soldiers stationed mostly in Boston. The period encompasses from the first Continental Congress to the taking of New York by the British.  (8118) $150.00


[Anaesthetic] Stanly, Edward and Alexander Evans. REPORT OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, VIBDICATING THE RIGHTS OF CHARLES T. JACKSON TO THE DISCOVERY OF THE ANAESTHETIC EFFECTS OF ETHER VAPOR, AND DISPROVING THE CLAIMS OF W.T.G.MORTON TO THAT DISCOVERY... Boston: Rand, Avery and Fry, 1852. 57pp. Original printed wrappers, some wear to spine. "With the compliments of C. S. Jackson" on front wrapper. First Edition. In 1832, Jackson started a private medical practice but abandoned medicine in 1836 to establish a laboratory for the teaching of analytic chemistry. One of his students was a young dental surgeon, William Thomas Green Morton, with whom Jackson worked on chemical methods for painless dentistry. In 1845 Morton learned from Horace Wells that ether could be applied externally as a local anaesthetic, and he began to undertake his own esperiments with ether. In September of 1846, Morton sought Jackson's advice about ether inhalation for surgical anesthesia. Jackson claimed credit for the triumph and denounced Morton as a swindler and a forger. Years of controversy and law suits resulted. Jackson was admitted to an asylum in 1873 for the mentally ill where he spent the remainder of his life  (33875) $750.00


Anderson, Rufus. A COLLECTION OF HIS WORKS AS FOLLOWS: Boston: Perkins and Crocker, 1839-1845. The following items are in the collection: 1. Address at the second anniversary of Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary. Boston, 1839. 24pp. Orig ptd. bds, ex lib. First edition. Shaw 53797. 2. The promised advent of the spirit for the world's conversion. Boston, 1841. 24pp. dbd. First edition. Shaw 41-237. 3. The work of the Missions...a Sermon. Boston, 1840.22,(1)pp. dbd. second edition. Shaw 40-209. 4. Same as number 3. Boston, 1840. 22,(1)pp.Dbd. First edition. Shaw 40-208  The Christian missionary desisting to be Christ. Boston, 1840. 22pp. dbd. First edition Shaw 40-207. 6. The Theory of mission to the heathen...Boston, 1845. 22pp. Orig. ptd. wrps. First edition. Shaw 45-235. 7. A cabinet photo of Rufus Anderson, from ca 1840, 3 3/4 x 2 1/4 inches. 8. A sermon on the promised advent of the spirit. Boston, 1841.20pp. orig. ptd. wrps. First edition. Inscribed to Leonard Bacon "with the respects of the author" on front wrapper. Shaw 41-239

  (33792) $350.00


Argyle, Harvey. AS I SAW IT. San F., Home Pub., [1902]. 263pp. Illus. Original decorated cloth. First edition. Incidents of the Civil War in Missouri [pp.9-72], Story of the Mines [pp.77-115], commercial traveler [pp.156-210], and a horse race for a wife in the days of slavery. [pp.221-263].  (13278) $125.00


[ANTI-MASONRY]. Brown, Henry. NARRATIVE OF THE ANTI-MASONICK EXCITEMENT IN THE WESTERN PART OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK DURING THE YEARS 1826, '7, '8 AND PART OF 1829. Batavia, N.Y.: Adams and McCleary, 1829. 244pp.Modern 12mo cloth with new endpapers. Howes B840. Shaw 37956. Contains chapters on the origin of free-masonry, William Morgan, trial of Richard Howard, David C. Miller's arrest, Morgan's abduction, Lewiston Convention, Salem witch craft, the Holland Co., proceedings of the N.Y. legislature, principles of anti-masonry, Thomas Hamilton, Timothy Monroe, etc. First edition.  (5536) $375.00


[]. [Arizona] Hughes, L. C. REPORT OF THE GOVERNOR OF ARIZONA...1895. Wash D.C.: GPO, 1895. 119pp. illus, 8 plates and 1 map. Original printed yellow wrappers, some chip at top of spine. First ed. First Edition. Discusses irrigation, mining and mines, Native Americans, education, lands, laws , etc. This is very detailed report, much larger than previous reports from this State. There is also a good deal on the cattle industry. Adams Herd 141  (33752) $150.00


[ARIZONA]. Hilzinger, John G. TREASURE LAND. A STORY. VOL. 1. Tucson: 1897. 160pp. Illus. Original printed pictorial wrappers(small nick at foot of spine) First edition. This was the first volume of a projected series, but the subsequent volumes never were issued. A very detailed history/promotional on Arizona, with a good chapter on the cattle trade, fauna and flora, business opportunities, etc. Adams Herd 1039. "Compliments of H. Currier Jones, Tucson, Ariz."  (1795) $175.00


[Australia] Pilorgerie, Jules de la. HISTOIRE DE BOTANY BAY, ETAT PRESENT DES COLONIES PENALES DE L'ANGLETERRE DANS L'AUSTRALIE, OU EXAMENS DES EGFFETS DE LA DEPORATATION. Paris: Paulin, 1836. (14), 394, (4)pp. folding table. Contemp. marbled boards with leather spine gold stamped with 5 panels of decoration. Ferguson 2165a. Important work on this penal colony with material on Norfolk Island, Van Diemen's Land, Sydney, Brisbane, Creoles, Bush Rangers, etc. First Edition.  (33829) $450.00


[AUSTRALIA]. Duncan, Sinclair Thomson. JOURNAL OF A VOYAGE TO AUSTRALIA BY THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, SIX MONTHS IN MELBOURNE, AND RETURN TO ENGLAND BY CAPE HORN, INCLUDING SCENES AND SAYINGS ON SEA AND LAND. Edinburgh, : the author, 1869. 172,[4]pp. Original gold stamped cloth. First edition. Ferguson 9300. Duncan lived in the colony of Victoria. Herein are hints to intending emigrants, passing events, distances run, etc. The [4]pp. appendix is entitled "Opinions of the Press."  (28768) $350.00


[AUSTRALIA]. Mann, William. SIX YEARS RESIDENCE IN THE AUSTRALIAN PROVINCES ENDING IN 1839; EXHIBITING THEIR CAPABILITIES OF COLONIZATION, AND CONTAINING THE HISTORY, TRADE, POPULATION, EXTENT, RESOURCES, ETC., ETC. OF NEW SOUTH WALES, VAN DIEMAN'S LAND, SOUTH AUSTRALIA AND FORT PHILIP, WITH AN ACCOUNT OF NEW ZEALAND. London: Smith, 1839. [6],360pp. Illus., folding map with some coloring, backed. Modern leather backed 12 mo cloth boards, spine gold stamped. First edition. Ferguson 2799. Mann's account of his Australian stay, written on the voyage home, includes details of official dealings with the last of the aboriginal Tasmanians in 1838. The final section on New Zealand is, according to Hocken "taken chiefly from Rev. W. Yate, whose proper dismissal from the New Zealand mission was, in the author's opinions, the result of the black conspiracy." Hocken p.73.  (23575) $350.00


Basterot, Florimond Jacques. DE QUEBEC A LIMA: JOURNAL D'UN VOYAGE DANS LES DEUX AMERIQUES EN 1858 ET EN 1859. Paris: Hachette, 1860. [8],338pp. Contemporary 12 mo 1/2 morocco, light wear on top raised band on spine. First edition. Howes B230: "Travelled west to Minnesota, attended a Lincoln - Douglas debate in Illinois and visited Missouri and Kansas."  (33090) $300.00


Baxter, James Phinney. EARLY VOYAGES TO AMERICA: A PAPER READ BEFORE THE RHODE ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Providence: 1889. 49pp. Illus. Original printed decorated wrappers bound in half morocco. First edition.  (12678) $100.00


Beaujour, Felix De. APERCU DES ETATS-UNIS, AU COMMENCEMENT DU XIX SIECLE, DEPUIS 1800 JUSQU'EN 1810... Paris: 1814. 274pp. Illus., map and 17 tables. Contemporary wrappers with paper label on spine. First edition. Howes B288. Clark, Travels II:78: "... his remarks on politics are shrewd... He used the writings of Volney, Morse, Michaux and others..." In 1803, he went to America as Commissioner General, with a mission to raise money for the French government, that had been delegated to Mexico, by Spanish subsidies. After a stint as consul general in Washington from 1804-1811, he returned to France.  (3423) $750.00


Beaumont, William. EXPERIMENTS AND OBSERVATIONS ON THE GASTRIC JUICE, AND THE PHYSIOLOGY OF DIGESTION. Edinburgh and London: Maclachan and Stewart; Simpkin and Marshall, 1838. (19), 319, (4), (8)pp. Modernish boards with cloth spine with printed label. First English edition. Streeter Sale vol 7: 4157. Howes B291. Grolier American 100: 38. Horblit 10. Osler 1972. Garrison-Morton 989. DAB: The greatest contribution ever made to the knowledge of gastric digestion." A work of monumental importance in the field of American medical research.  (33793) $750.00


Benjamin, Israel J. DREI JAHRE IN AMERIKA, 1859 - 1862. Hannover: 1862. 3 vols. bound in two . [16],384;[8],168;[12],70;[2],132pp. ( some old staining to upper leaves). Illus., port. Contemp. half. mo. First edition. Each part has an individual title page. Cowan p. 46. Graff 252. Howes B351. Sabin 4698. Flake 395. Wagner¨Camp-Becker 380: " A good part of Benjamin's three years was spent in the eastern United States, investigating the history and condition of Jews in North America. He came to San Francisco via Panama and then to the Pacific Northwest. He returned overland in 1861 by way of Salt Lake, arriving in Saint Louis on August 1, on a free pass from the Overland Mail Company. Benjamin's fascination with the Mormons is reflected in part II of volume 3, which is entitled, "Desert and Deseret oder wuste und Mormonen."  (12227) $1,500.00


Benton, Thomas Hart. LETTER FROM COL. BENTON TO THE PEOPLE OF MISSOURI CENTRAL NATIONAL HIGHWAY FROM THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER TO THE PACIFIC. [St. Louis: 1853]. 24pp. Sewn as issued, in a cloth box. Pasted on the first leave is a small square signed by C. Sumner. First edition. Graff 270. Sabin 4186. Howes B368A. Wagner-Camp-Becker 221: "Benton refers to Fremont's winter trip of 1849 and reprints Fremont's letter to the Phila. Railroad Convention, April, 1850..."  (9998) $375.00


Beste, Richard. THE WABASH; OR, ADVENTURE OF AN ENGLISH GENTLEMAN'S FAMILY IN THE INTERIOR OF AMERICA... London: 1855. 2 vols.: [12],329; [8],352pp. Illus., 2 plates, colored litho. frontispiece views. Contemp. half calf. First edition. Howes B401. Buck 489: "The adventures were in Indiana, rather than Illinois but the book is valuable for information about western life and customs." Clark III:274: "This is a singularly unique two volume travel account by the family of the wealthy English gentlemen, J. R. Beste..." Sabin 5056.  (11387) $750.00


Blair, Emma H. THE INDIAN TRIBES OF THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI VALLEY AND REGION OF THE GREAT LAKES, AS DESCRIBED BY NICOLAS PERROT, FRENCH COMMANDANT IN THE NORTHWEST; BACQUEVILLE DE LA POTHERIE, FRENCH ROYAL COMMISSIONER TO CANADA; MORRELL MARSTON, AMERICAN ARMY OFFICER; AND THOMAS FORSYTH, UNITED STATES AGENT AT FORT ARMSTRONG. Cleveland: Clark, 1911. 2 vols: 372,412pp. Illus., 15 plates. Original small quarto cloth.Light discoloration on lower rear back cover of vol. 2 First edition. Howes B498. Important translations of first hand accounts of the Indians of the region. Not in Graff.  (2903) $300.00


Bossu, Jean Bernard. NOUVEAUX VOYAGES AUX INDEX OCCIDENTALES: CONTENANT UNE RELATION DES DIFFERENS PEUPLES QUI HABITENT LES ENVIRONS DU GRAND LEUVE SAINT-LOUIS, APPELLE VULGAIREMENT LE MISSISSIPPI; LEUR RELIGION; LEUR GOUVERNEMENT; LEURS MOEURS; LEURS GUERRES & LEUR COMMERCE. Paris: Le Jay, 1768. Two volumes. . (xx),244; (4),264pp., plus 4 plates including frontispieces and the half titles. Contemp. calf expertly rebacked with gold stamping and labels on each volume. First edition. Bossu went to Louisiana in 1750 as a captain of the Marines. This narrative is comprised of a series of twenty-one letters to the Marquis de L'Estrade, describing his life and travels in the vast Louisiana country from 1751 to 1762. His ventures ranged from Fort Chartres, in present Illinois, to Mobile and along the Mississippi River. His visit to New Orleans took place only thirty years after its founding, and he was able to gather considerable information from the recollections of locals. Streeter Sale 1518:"Bossu wrote well and his letters not only give an interesting picture of life in the Mississippi Valley and the Mobile Country to the east at the beginning of the second half of the eighteenth century, but incorporated also are many sketches of events in preceding years." Howes B626 ("b"): For comments, too critical of the ministry, Bossu was imprisoned and his book banned for a while in France; this probably accounts for the scarcity of the first edition, of which Sabin found no record." Clark II:5. Meisel III:349. Sabin 6465.Reese: Best of the West 250:11: " This is the best personal account of a French traveller in the Mississippi Valley in the eighteenth century..."  (18009) $1,500.00




Bourke, John G. COMPILATION OF NOTES AND MEMORANDA BEARING UPON THE USE OF HUMAN ORDURE AND HUMAN URINE IN RITES OF A RELIGIOUS OR SEMI-RELIGIOUS CHARACTER AMONG VARIOUS NATIONS. Wash., 1888. 56pp. Original printed wrappers, a few chips on spine and front wrapper, no text affected.. First edition. Author's presentation slip tipped in. Interesting information on southwestern Indians as well as other societies around the world.Compiled from observations going as far back as 1869 while he was an aide-de-camp with General Crook during the Indian Wars in the Missouri country.  (9622) $400.00


Bowdoin, James. PHILOSOPHICAL DISCOURSE ADDRESSED TO THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, ASSEMBLED AT THE MEETING HOUSE NOV. 8, 1780, AFTER THE INAUGURATION OF THE PRESIDENT INTO OFFICE. Boston: Edes, 1780. 35pp. Old wrappers, stained. First Edition. Evans 16720. Bowdoin was the second Governor of Massachusetts, President of the State's Constitutional Convention, collaborated with Benjamin Franklin on research and electricity, founder and first President of the American Academy of Arts and Science, etc.  (33498) $350.00


[BOXING]. Edwards, William. ART OF BOXING AND SCIENCE OF SELF-DEFENSE, TOGETHER WITH A MANUAL OF TRAINING. N.Y., : Excelsior, [1888]. 111,[16]pp. Illus., 26 plates, from instantaneous photographs Original pictorial printed boards with cloth spine, title page and first leaf foxed, there is a line going fron top to bottom of front cover in its middle, as if someone folded the front cover at stom point, front coveer soiling, back cover has ads for other excelsior publications. First edition. Contains a short sketch of Billy Edwards and Arthur Chambers, breakfast diet, swinging clubs, dumb bell exercise, the ring, ducking, guards, countering, body-blows, upper cuts, American fair pay rules, definition of an amateur, etc. The illusrations show boxing mover and positioning.  (25468) $275.00


Brown, Samuel R. THE WESTERN GAZETTEER; OR EMIGRANT'S DIRECTORY, CONTAINING A GEOGRAPHICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE WESTERN STATES AND TERRITORIES... Auburn,N.Y.: Southwick, 1817. 1817. 360pp. Full contemporary mottled calf. another issue.  first Edition. The states or territories covered are Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, and Michigan, as well as western New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Howes B867. Buck 96. Clark II:186. Graff 433. Sabin 8558. Shaw & Shoemaker 40334. Thomson 129.One of the earliest American printed guides. Coleman 2028: '...Visited Kentucky and came to Lexington, where he made valuable observations on the slave stales, slavery, and manners and customs of the people..."  (23387) $600.00


Burlend, Rebecca. A TRUE PICTURE OF EMIGRATION; OR, FOURTEEN YEARS IN THE INTERIOR OF NORTH AMERICA... London: [1848]. 64pp. Original printed wrappers. Howes B992: "Account of an English family pioneering in Pike County, Illinois." Clark Vol. 3:19. Hubach p.70. Buck 235: "The greater part of the pamphlet is devoted to the trials and experiences of the first few years (in Pike Co., Ill.) and it is and excellent picture of frontier life." Graff 490.  (81) $250.00


[BURR CONSPIRACY]. Cheetham, James. VIEW OF THE POLITICAL CONDUCT OF AARON BURR, ESQ., VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. BY THE AUTHOR OF THE "NARRATIVE." New York, 1802. 120pp. dbd. First edition. Shaw 2024, locates 5 copies. Howes C340. New York: Denniston and Cheetham, 1802. 120pp. Disbound.Tompkins 22: "A scurrilous pamphlet in which the author claims that Burr endeavored to obtain the Presidency in 1801." Hardison# 173. " A libelous pamphlet assailing Burr, claiming that in 1801 he intrigued with the Federalist to defeat Jefferson and elevate himself to the Presidency." Wandell: Burr in Literature # 64. Howes C340 First edition.  (7244) $250.00


Busch, Moritz. WANDERUNGEN ZWISCHEN HUDSON UND MISSISSIPPI 1851 UND 1852. Stuttgart und Tubingen: Gottascher, 1854. 2 vols.:[2],390;[2],381pp. Original cloth( gold stamped on spine; devices on each cover; light wear to joints; some staining to outer edge of the front cover) First edition. Howes B1038: "Trenchant observations on the Middle West, etc." Decker Cat. 33:88: "Original edition. The author's travels include many adventures in the western states and Mississippi Valley especially in Cincinnati and the Ohio River towns. He gives some account of the backwoods of east Kentucky and of the American Negro..." Also, contains an interesting chapter on life among the Shakers. Sabin 9540. Clark III:283. Buck482. Flake 1041.  (2282) $650.00




[CALIFORNIA]. Coffin, Capt. George. PIONEER VOYAGE TO CALIFORNIA AND ROUND THE WORLD. 1849 TO 1852. SHIP ALHAMBRA. CAPTAIN GEORGE COFFIN. [Chicago: 1908]. [Chicago, 1908]. 235pp. Illus. Original cloth. First edition. Cowan p.133. Howes (1954 ed.) 2070. Graff 794. Privately printed by the captain's son, for use of family and friends only. Also contains chapters on the Sandwich Islands and crossing the plains.  (5633) $150.00


[CALIFORNIA]. Duhaut-Cilly, Auguste. VIAGGIO INTORNO AL GLOBO PRINCIPALMENTE ALLA CALIFORNIA ED ALLE ISOLE SANDWICH NEGLI ANNI 1826, 1827, 1828 A 1829... CON L'AGGIUNTA DELLE OSSERVZIONI SUGLI ABITANTI DI QUEI PAESI DI PAOLO EMILIO BOTTA. TRADUZIONE DAL FRANCESE NELL'ITALIANO DI CARLO BOTTA. Torino: Fontana, 1841. [16],296; 342pp. Illus., 4 plates. Contemporary marbled boards with calf spines, gold stamped. First Italian edition. Cowan p.186. Howes D549. Zamorano 80:31: "Duhaut-Cilly, a French trader, arrived at Yerba Buena from Mazatlan in January 1827, in command of the Heros. From then until August he traveled the coast of California, visiting virtually all of the missions, presidios, and pueblos, and many of the ranchos...  Duhaut-Cilly recorded his California observations interestingly, accurately and intelligently in some 300 pages of his voyage. He was the first outlander to become intimately acquainted with and describe, the then thriving Spanish California." Not in Graff or Streeter. .  (33492) $1,500.00


[CALIFORNIA]. Leeper, David. THE ARGONAUTS OF 'FORTY-NINE: SOME RECOLLECTIONS OF THE PLAINS AND THE DIGGINGS. South Bend, Indiana, 1894. 145,xvipp. Illus. Original cloth. First edition. Cowan p.388. Graff #2447. Howes L226. Huntington 507: "An important pioneer narrative covering the journey of over seven months on the overland route and several years in the diggings." Wheat 124.Contains the original prospectus and a 4to als, Nov. 2nd, 1895 in re the book.  (4164) $300.00


[CALIFORNIA]. Lobenstine, Wm. C. EXTRACTS FROM THE DAIRY OF WILLIAM C. LOBENSTINE DECEMBER 31, 1851-1858. Privately printed, 1920. 101pp. Illus. Original boards with cloth backstrip. Howes L410: "Describes his 1851 overland trip to California and life in the mines." Cowan p.394.  (4275) $100.00


[CALIFORNIA]. Madelene, Henry De La. LE COMTE GASTON DE RAOUSSET-BOULBON; SA VIEW ET SES AVENTURES... Alencon: Poulet-Malassis et de Broise, 1856. 162pp., half title,Modern 12mo half morocco with raised bands and a gold stamped label on spine. First edition. The biography of the French nobleman Raousset-Boulbon, the soldier-of-fortune and San Francisco pioneer who organized the celebrated filibustering expedition into Sonora. Howes M198: "The audacious dream of the conquest of Sonora and the mines of Arizona; extinguished only by two ill-starred expeditions and a final firing squad." Cowan p. 340. The first edition is very rare and seldom offered and the second edition or issue: "According to Madelene's statement, every copy (of the 1859) edition was bought up by the banker Jecker, to whom the Mexican government was deeply indebted... Jecker distributed the copies of 1859 edition, and its author claims that its influence was such that the scruples and hesitation of Napoleon were overcome, and the expedition against Mexico was undertaken. Bancroft, North Mexican States and Texas p.692.  (31326) $650.00


[CANADA]. RECUEIL DE PIECES SUR LA NEGOCIATION ENTRE LA NOUVELLE FRANCE ET LA NOUVELLE ANGLETERRE, ES ANNEES 1648 ET SUIVANTES. Nouvelle York: Cramoisy, 1866. 62,[1]pp. dbd., marginal staining. First edition. One of 100 copies printed at John G. Shea's Cramoisy Press. Sabin 68438. Not in TPL or Supps.  (5216) $125.00


[CANADA]. DREUILLETTE, LE R. PERE GABRIEL. NARRE DU VOYAGE FAICT POUR LA MISSION DES ABNAQUIOIS ET DES CONNAISSANCES TIREZ DE LA NOUVELLE ANGLETERRE... CONTRE LES IROQUOIS ES ANNES 1650& 1651. [Albany, N.Y.: James Lenox, 1885]. 33pp. dbd . First Edition. pp.25-35: Recounts the Father's experiences among "Les Sauvages." Staton & Tremaine 49. One hundred copies printed.  (33512) $150.00


[CANADA]. Talbot, Edward Allen. REISE IN CANADA UND EINEM THEILE DER VEREINIGTEN STAATEN VON NORD-AMERIKA, IM ZAHRE 1823... Wien, 1825. 140pp. Orig. rear wrapper only, spine mostly perished. First German edition of this important Canadian travel account. TPL 7138. Lande S2170. Sabin 94230. Talbot was one of upper Canada's most effective promoters of settlement and one of its best known personalities.  (12568) $175.00





[Carmichael, Mrs. J. C.]. SOUVENIR MEMORIAL. COL. JAMES C. CARMICHAEL, 157TH REGIMENT, N. Y. S. V. n. p.: [1891]. 101pp., illus.(port). Original gold stamped 16mo. cloth, front cover embossed in gold:Souvenir memorial. Col. Janes C. Carmichael, 157th Regiment, N.Y.S.V.The back cover has a backward crescent moon in blue. There is a small ink stain on rear joint. Dornbusch vol. 4: 384. Very scarce. Dornbusch never saw a copy of this item. He said he took it from a dealer's catalog. Not in Nicholson. Inscribed presentation copy: "Compliments of Mrs. J. C. Carmichael, September 19, 1891" on front flyleaf. first Edition.  (33841) $150.00


Cassin, John. ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BIRDS OF CALIFORNIA, TEXAS, OREGON, BRITISH AND RUSSIAN AMERICA. INTENDED TO CONTAIN DESCRIPTIONS AND FIGURES OF ALL NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS NOT GIVEN BY FORMER AMERICAN AUTHORS, AND A GENERAL SYNOPSIS OF NORTH AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGY. 1853-1856. Phila.,: Lippincott, 1856. viii,298pp.,50 colored lithographed plates. Royal 8vo, contemporary half morocco.(gold stamped on spine with raised bands and decorations) First edition. Nissen IVB 173; Anker 92. Lada-Mocarski 144. Sabin 11369. Wickersham 704. Sitwell, Fine Bird Books p.85. The work was issued in ten parts between 1853 and 1856; this is the first edition in book form, another two editions appearing in the 1860's. "The work was intended by Cassin as a general revision of the ornithology of the United States, and he expresses the hope that he may be able to issue two additional volumes or series; however, while a number of others are treated in the Synopsis of North American birds which is inserted in several places in the text. The book contains a number of data on the life of the birds in nature, based on observations made by different contributors..." (Anker). The plates were lithographed, printed and coloured by J. T. Bowen, best known for his work with Audubon's plates.. See Wagner-Camp-Becker 266a. This copy is not without association interest: On the base of the spine is lettered the name "John Krider", a Philadelphia naturalist mentioned by Cassin in his preface as assisting in the compilation of his work.  (33339) $3,750.00


Charlevoix, Rev. P. F. X.. de. HISTORY AND GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF NEW FRANCE. TRANSLATED, WITH NOTES, BY JOHN GILMARY SHEA. New York: 1900. 6 vols. Illus., 18 maps, 15 plates, and four facsimiles. Original red cloth.( vol 5. has some light staining on inside lower rear cover and a small stain on inside lower rear cover; two other vols have a light stain at lower front cover near edges)  Howes C307: "The principal work of this great Jesuit traveller and historian and the pre-eminent authority on the French period in the west..." Larned 3617. A work of great value to the scholar and historian. The pages in each volume are untrimmed. A hard set to find complete.  (12306) $1,500.00


Chauncy, Charles. SEASONABLE THOUGHTS ON THE STATE OF RELIGION IN NEW ENGLAND. A TREATISE IN FIVE PARTS...WITH A PREFACE GIVING AN ACCOUNT OF THE ANTINOMIANS, FAMILISTS AND LIBERTINES... Boston: Rogers and Fowls, 1743. (30), (18), 424pp. Old staining at bottom of leaves. Bound in recent full morocco. First Edition. Evans 5151. Sabin 12327. Vermont Bib. p.322. An attack on the Great Awakening and on Edwards and Whitefield.  (33581) $400.00


[CHIEF JOSEPH]. Howard, Oliver Otis. NEZ PERCE JOSEPH: AN ACCOUNT OF HIS ANCESTORS, HIS LANDS, HIS ENEMIES, HIS MURDERS, HIS WAR, HIS PURSUIT AND CAPTURE. Boston: 1881. [11],274pp. Illus., portraits of O. O. Howard,and chief Joseph, both signed in facsimile; folding map, woodcut map. New cloth with label on spine. Some ex-lib markings and some perforations to portraits). The front flyleaf has a half page als from O. O. Howard to Judge Tourgee in 1882. First edition. Howes H711. Jones 1611. Rader 1956. Smith 4700. Graff 1982. A uncommon book."...The Nez Perce War was the name given to the U. S. Army's pursuit of about 750 Nez Perce and a small allied band of the Palouse tribe who had fled toward freedom. The Crows refused them aid so they went trying to reach the Lakota band led by Sitting Bull, who had fled to Canada in 1876. For over three months, the Nez Perce outmaneuvered and battled their pursuers, travelling 1170 miles across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. General Howard, leading the opposing cavalry was impressed with the skill in which the Nez Perce fought, using advance and rear guards, skirmish lines, and field fortifications. Finally after a devastating five day battle during freezing weather conditions with no food or blankets, with major war leaders dead, Joseph formally surrendered to General Nelson A. Miles on October 5, 1877 in the Bear Paw Mountains of Montana Territory, less than 40 miles south of Canada in a place close to the present day Chinook, in Blaine County..." Wikipedia  (9855) $400.00






[CHEROKEE INDIANS]. CHEROKEE INDIANS. MEMORIAL OF THE HEIRS OF FAMILIES OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS, AND THE CHILDREN OF THEIR HEIRS AND REPRESENTATIVES, PRAYING REDRESS FOR THE WRONGS AND INJURIES THEY HAVE SUFFERED BY THE OFFICERS OF THE UNITED STATES IN RELATION TO CERTAIN RESERVATIONS AND PRE™EMPTIONS OF LANDS... Wash.: HMD8, 1848. 71pp. dbd. First edition. In relation to wrongs and injuries done to them by the agency of the Department of War, and the instrumentality of the commissioner of Indian affairs, in violation of the good faith of the United States.  (16081) $100.00


[CHEROKEE INDIANS]. [Cherokee Nation] Adair, John Lynch. COMPILED LAWS OF THE CHEROKEE NATION. Tahlequah, Indian Territory, [Oklahoma]: National Advocate Print, 1881. 370,v,[1]pp. New cloth with leather label on spine, new endpapers. Titloe page a little frayed at outer margin. Old faded library stamp on title page. First Edition. This complete compilation of the laws of the Cherokee Nation now in force was published by the Cherokee National Council. These laws-- the 1839 constitution of the Cherokee Nation and the basic laws passed under it--provided the framework for the government of the Cherokee Nation from 1839 until the early 1900s, when the Cherokees' independence was ended by the United States Congress. Within scarcely more than a generation, the Cherokees consciously transformed themselves from a society that lived under an age-old, unwritten set of norms and traditional cultural practices to one governed by a written constitution and code of statutes. This edition includes the 1839 Cherokee constitution along with amendments, one of which prohibits slavery, texts of the 1866 treaty between the Cherokee Nation and the United States, the 1838 Act of Union between the Eastern and Western Cherokees, numerous laws and acts covering a variety of subjects from the duties of the principal chief to the killing of game, agreements between the Cherokees and the Creeks and Osages, Delawares, and Shawnees and an appendix containing documents relating to the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation as defined by agreements with the United States are included in this book.  (32296) $1,000.00


[CHEROKEE INDIANS]. Polk, James K. MESSAGE OF...RELATIVE TO THE INTERNAL FEUDS AMONG THE CHEROKEES. Wash.: SD298, 1846. 224pp. Dbd. Important correspondence of S. C. Stambaugh, Amos Kendall, John Ross, Edwin Starr, etc.  (629) $75.00



Colt, Mrs. Miriam Davis. WENT TO KANSAS: BEING A THRILLING ACCOUNT OF AN ILL-FATED EXPEDITION TO THAT FAIRY LAND, AND ITS SAD RESULTS, TOGETHER WITH A SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF THE AUTHOR... Watertown: 1862. 294pp. Original cloth(nice copy with bright spine) First edition. Graff 827. Howes C616. Rader 875. Wagner-Camp 380A: "Day-by-day journal from northern New York state to southeastern Kansas in 1856. The last stage from Kansas City to the banks of the Neosho River being by covered wagon. Interesting for its portrayal of the border ruffians and turbulent conditions in 1856, and for its account of a communistic vegetarian colony. It contains a vivid and harrowing report of the hardships endured by frontier settlers..."  (209) $500.00


[Colt, Samuel]. ARMSMEAR: THE HOME, THE ARM, AND THE ARMORY OF SAMUEL COLT. A MEMORIAL. N.Y.,: 1866. 399pp. illus(maps and plates). Original gold stamped half morocco. First edition. This elaborate memorial volume is a tribute to the famous gun designer and manufacturer, Samuel Colt, prepared after his death by his widow. Besides describing the grounds of the Colt estate in Hartford, it contains a great deal of information relating to Colt's career, the development of his business and of his famous revolver, which played such a central role in shaping the West. This work was also issued in a simple cloth binding. HOWES C618, "b."  (31720) $2,000.00


Combier, Cyprien. VOYAGE AU GOLFE DE LA CALIFORNIE...NUITS DE LA ZONE TORRIDE.. Paris: Bertrand, (1864). (16), 544pp. illus.(folding map of Sonora). Contemp. quarter calf, with raised bands and gold stamped spine. Hill: Pacific Voyages 348: "...Combier set out to write and account of the voyages he had undertaken in the New World..he visited...Baja California. His observations of the people and terrain...were carefully noted and included in his account..." Sabin 14925. Monaghan 461. Barrett 555. Not in Cowan or Howes. First Edition.  (33791) $650.00


[CORTES, FERNANDO]. MacNutt, Francis A. FERNANDO CORTES: HIS FIVE LETTERS OF RELATION TO THE EMPEROR CHARLES V TRANSLATED AND EDITED, WITH A BIOGRAPHICAL INTRODUCTION AND NOTES COMPILED FROM ORIGINAL SOURCES. Cleveland: Arthur Clark. Cleveland, Clark, 1908. 2 vols: [11],354;[7],374pp. Illus. Original cloth. One of 750 sets published. Chapters on colonial life in Cuba, will of Cortes, his five letters [1519-1526], fragment of a letter from Bishop Zumarraga, etc. First Edition.  (14164) $300.00


Crawford, Medorem. LETTER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR, COMMUNICATING... A COPY OF THE REPORT AND JOURNAL OF CAPTAIN MEDOREM CRAWFORD, COMMANDING THE EMIGRANT ESCORT TO OREGON AND WASHINGTON TERRITORY IN THE YEAR 1862. Wash., SD17, 1863. 14pp. dbd. First edition. Howes C874. Graff 913. Wagner-Camp-Becker 386: "...the above is the only printed report by the military escort that we have been able to locate. The party of 1862 left Fort Stanton... on June 16, travelled by way of Fort Kearney, Fort Laramie, the Lander Cut off, to Grand Ronde and finally arrived at Walla Walla on October 14. Most of the emigrants were heading for the Salmon River mines and dropped off the march before its completion..."  (1767) $300.00


Cremony, John C. LIFE AMONG THE APACHES. San Francisco: 1868. 322pp. Original 12 mo cloth, gold stamped on spine, small discoloration at top of spine.First edition. Edwards p.45. Howes C879. Raines p.57: "Thrilling incidents and interesting facts." Graff 915. "A cavalry officer's adventures in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas told with dash and a fine sense of humor." Saunders 716. Munk p.58. Field 387: "The Apache was more closely approached and studied by him during his twenty years of border life, than by any other writer." Cremony's book is a dependable authority and remains one of the best on the Apache and his aboriginal neighbors. Cremony served as interpreter to Bartlett in the boundary survey.  (5271) $350.00


[CUSTER, GEORGE A.]. Walker, Judson E. CAMPAIGNS OF GENERAL CUSTER IN THE NORTH-WEST, AND THE FINAL SURRENDER OF SITTING BULL. N.Y.: Jenkins and Thomas, 1881. 139,[10]pp. Illus., 7 plates. Original printed wrappers( small piece missing from front lower wrapper corner and endpaper, no text affected). Half morocco slipcase. First edition. A rare and much sought after work. Howes W40 [aa]. Dustin 267. Rader 3552. Luther 138. Jones 1613. Graff 413. Much of interest concerning Custer, the Battle of the Little Big Horn. It should be noted that most of the ads in this rare item are from Bismarck, N.D., and, although the work was printed in New York, it may have been sold primarily around Bismarck, accounting for its scarcity.  (13566) $850.00


Davis, Henry T. SOLITARY PLACES MADE GLAD: BEING OBSERVATIONS AND EXPERIENCES FOR THIRTY-TWO YEARS IN NEBRASKA. Cincinnati: 1890. 422pp. Illus.( frontis and port) Original cloth. Howes D114. Graff 1018: "An interesting account of early Nebraska settlements. Contains an account of the author's trip across the plains in the spring of 1850 from South Bend, Indiana to Weaverville, California." Eberstadt Modern Overlands 119. Also includes life in the gold diggings in 1850, lynch law, vigilance committee, and his trip back from California by the way of the Isthmus. Cowan, volume 4 # 129: "Davis spent two years in California after crossing the plains to get there in 1850." Mintz: The Trail 116.  (7858) $150.00


Davis, Solomon. A PRAYER BOOK IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE SIX NATIONS OF INDIANS CONTAINING THE MORNING AND EVENING SERVICE, THE LITANY, CATECHISM, SOME OF THE COLLECTS, AND PRAYERS AND THANKSGIVINGS UPON SEVERAL OCCASION, IN THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER OF THE PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH: TOGETHER WITH FORMS OF FAMILY AND PRIVATE DEVOTION. N.Y., Swords: Stanford, 1837. 168pp, a few small spots on title page. Original gold stamped small 8vo, corners bumped. First edition. Said to be the revision of the former Indian Prayer Book, undertaken in 1815 by the Rev. E. Williams, then a catechist at Oneida Castle, N.Y., published for the first time in the present edition, where it appears as the compilation of S. Davis. Kruse Schoolcraft 92. Siebert Sale 499. Shaw 45443, locates 5. A rare and important work on the Oneida.  (22644) $1,250.00


Dawson, Simon James. RAPPORT SUR L'EXPLORATION DE LA CONTREE SITUEE ENTRE LE LAC SUPERIER ET LA COLONIE DE LA RIVIERES ASSINIBOINE ET SASKATCHEWAN. Toronto: Lovell, 1859. (40)pp.( old lib stamp on title page). illus.( 3 folding maps, one very large. A few folds show some tearing, but no text is affected). Original folio cloth with printed paper label on front cover, new endpapers and a new leather spine. Wagner-Camp-Becker 322:2: "This detailed examination of a portion of Rupert's Land...was carried out by direction of the Provisional Secretary of Canada...The Canadian effort began at Lake Superior and proceeded northwest to the Red River Settlements, continuing to the Rockies..." Henry Y. Hind was the Geologist and Dawson was the chief surveyor. Pee; 342. Whale 307. TPL Cat. 3885 First edition in French.  (33810) $500.00





[DENNISON MANUFACTURING COMPANY]. USES OF TISSUE PAPER. PLAIN DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND NUMEROUS FANCY ARTICLES. Boston, N.Y., Phila., Chicago, Cinci, and St. Louis: (ca 1886?). 24pp. Illus., 29 figures of tissue paper flowers, a lamp, perfumed sealing wax, seals, and various soap and Japanese boxes on rear wrapper. Original printed pictorial wrappers, ruffled. First edition. Not in Romaine.  (33326) $150.00


Dillon, John F. ANNA PRICE DILLON: MEMOIR AND MEMORIALS BEING CHIEFLY SELECTIONS FROM HER LETTERS WITH AN INTRODUCTORY AND CONNECTING NARRATIVE... New York: Privately printed, 1900. [19],489pp. Illus., 17 ports., facs., views, etc( with tissue guards) Original gold stamped cloth. First Edition. One of 300 numbered copies.Inscribed presentation copy from Dillon, to Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, with an a.l.s. of one page laid in. Also included is a chapter on her visit to the World's Fair, Alaska, California, and Colorado in 1893. Also contains her account of life in St. Louis, 1876 - 1879, life in New York 1879-82, 1883-89 and 1893-98.  (13920) $350.00


[DODGE, GRENVILLE M.]. Granger, J. T. BRIEF BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF MAJOR-GENERAL GRENVILLE M. DODGE, COMPILED FROM OFFICIAL RECORDS. N.Y.: Styles & Cash, 1893. 128pp. Illus., frontis., port, plates. Original printed tan boards. Printed for private distribution. First Edition. Howes G302. Eberstadt 111(1938)# 190. Important contribution to western history.  (33388) $350.00


Domenech, Emanuel H. D. SEVEN YEARS' RESIDENCE IN THE GREAT DESERTS OF NORTH AMERICA... London, Longman, 1860 2 vols.: [25],445; [12],[1]-46,[466]pp. Illus., large folding map of the Indian tribes of North America and 59 colored plates. Contmp full calf, all edges gilt, spines are fully decorated. The spines also contain gold stamped leather labels.(Boxed; bound by Sangorski and Sutcliffe) First edition. Howes D410. Raines p.70. Wagner-Camp-Becker 356:1. Graff 1121. Flake 2973. Wheat, Transmississippi 1008. An interesting narrative of travel with much material on the Indians of the region. Wheat, finds the map of interest for its markings of the Oregon Trail.  (6398) $750.00


Donaldson, Thomas C. REPORT ON INDIANS TAXED AND INDIANS NOT TAXED IN THE UNITED STATES [EXCEPT ALASKA] AT THE ELEVENTH CENSUS. 1890. Wash.: GPO, 1894. vii [1] 683 pp., 203 chromolithographed, engraved, and photographic plates (some folding, 20 colored, 25 uncolored, 158 photographic), 25 maps (some folding and/or colored), text illustrations. Original 4to cloth, spine faded. First edition. Graff 4396. Howes D418. McCracken, 101, p. 47: Prior to 1850 Indians were not included in the United States Census. By 1890 the census included Indians living both on and off of the reservations, as well as those who had abandoned their tribal relations and became citizens.' This beautifully illustrated volume enumerates the Indian population in every imaginable category [and] contains a wealth of the sort of statistical information that only the government can produce. This massive state-by-state survey includes a mine of detailed information and statistics on stock raising among Native American tribes. The chromolithographs are by Julian Scott, Gilbert W. Gaul, Peter Moran, Henry Rankin Poore, and Walter Shirlaw. Photographers include Muybridge, Cantwell, T. H. Sullivan, and W. H. Jackson. One of the most important and exhaustive treatments of the American Indian in the 19th century. As American Indians had not been treated in detail in previous censuses, it was decided under the administration of Superintendent Robert Porter to prepare this mammoth undertaking, which pays scrupulous, detailed attention to the present state of the American Indian of the times. Included are discussions of Indian populations by state, status reports concerning life on the reservations, disbursement of populations on and off reservations, progress in schooling and employment, etc. Virtually every aspect of the topic is at least considered in this work, if not investigated in depth. The highly prized lithograph color plates of Indian life by noted artists are the best such works undertaken in a government publication, and are of exceptional quality. Reese best of the west 250: 214  (30406) $950.00


Douglas, David. JOURNAL KEPT BY...DURING HIS TRAVELS IN NORTH AMERICA, 1823-1827... London: Wesley, 1914. 364pp. Illus. Original cloth. First edition. One of 500 copies. Howes D435. Graff 1133. Matthews p.248. TPL 1432. Wagner-Camp 60 note. Douglas explored the Oregon Country, named the Cascade Range, and first described the fir tree now known under his name. Streeter Sale Vol. 6:3398. First copy I have had since 1994. First Edition.  (326) $475.00





Duden, Gottfried. BERICHT UBER EINE REISE NACH DEN WESTLICHEN STAATEN NORDAMERIKA'S UND EINEN MEHRJAHRIGEN AUFENTHALT AM MISSOURI. Bonn, 1834. (58), 404pp.Ilus(fold map at rear showing the Arkansas Country, Illinois Country, Missouri Territory, etc.) Modern morocco spine and marbled boards.One of the most influential of German travels in the United States in the early 19th century. Duden was a government offical who felt concerned that the social ills of Germany stemmed from overpopulation. He thought emigration to America provided a solution, and decided to reside in and investigate the United States to see what conditions were. He arrived in Baltimore in 1824 and went west by way of the Ohio River, later returning by the same route in 1827. Most of the book is devoted to his life in Warren County, Missouri, and is an important account of early Missouri and the trans-Mississippi frontier. Howes 534: "Exerted great influence in attracting European emigration to the Middle West." Clark II, 19: "Its significance lies in the influence on German emigration to the United States. Duden recommended that Germans settle in the state of Missouri or north of the Ohio River...his rose- colored descriptions of life on the frontier are credited with attracting thousands of his fellow countrymen to Missouri and neighboring Illinois." Sabin 21073. 2nd and best edition. The only contemporary edition to have a map.  (12778) $1,500.00


English, Mary Katherine Jackson. PRAIRIE SKETCHES; OR, FUGITIVE RECOLLECTIONS OF AN ARMY GIRL OF 1899. [N.p., Wyoming: ca. 1900]. 76pp. Illus. Original printed wrappers. Fine copy. First edition. Childhood reminiscences, Fort Washakie, Lost soldier Ranch, the Great Divide, Lander, Rollins, her friend Oahtah, Otei, Chief Washakie, Flathead Squaws, Arapaho Camp, Shoshone Burial Cave, visit of the Sioux, Omaha dance, Shoshone Sun Dance, camping at Bull Lake, Owen Wister, etc. Eberstadt Cat 111:203. Huntington 292; "privately printed. An interesting narrative of life and adventures in the far west..."  (25247) $850.00


Evelyn, Capt. W. Glanville. MEMOIR AND LETTERS OF CAPTAIN W. GLANVILLE EVELYN, OF THE 4TH REGIMENT, [KING'S OWN] FROM NORTH AMERICA, 1774- 1776. EDITED AND ANNOTATED BY G. D. SCULL. - Oxford, : Parker, printed for private circulation, 1879. [11],140pp. Illus., 8 ports. Original cloth. One of 250 numbered copies, signed by G. D. Scull. Contains an English account of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, letters back home on the war, his will, extracts from the official records of the 4th Regiment, capture of Gen. Charles Lee, extracts from Gen. James Wilkinson, list of officers serving in 1776, etc.  (14869) $350.00


Farny, Henry F. THE LADY AND THE FLEA; A TALE OF A TALE. Honolulu, Pretoria, Hammerfest: Society for the dissemination of useless knowledge and the league for the propogation of the Castanea Vulgares, 1920. (29)pp. illus.(12 full page plates, and a pictorial title page). Original gold stamped cloth(spine neatly mended at top; some old fading on rear cover at top and bottom). Sewing occurs in the middle of the volume. First edition. Only 90 copies published for private circulation. There is a copy on the internet in poor condition for $450.  (33753) $300.00


Ferris, Warren A. LIFE IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS: A DIARY OF WANDERINGS ON THE SOURCES OF THE RIVERS MISSOURI, COLUMBIA, AND COLORADO, FROM FEBRUARY 1830 TO NOVEMBER, 1833... EDITED, AND WITH A LIFE OF FERRIS, AND A HISTORY OF EXPLORATIONS AND FUR TRADE BY PAUL C. PHILLIPS. Denver: Rosenstock, 1940. [98],365pp. Illus., large folding map by Ferris, 5 plates. Original cloth(d.j.) Old book plate. Very nice copy. First edition. Howes F100: " First full length description of the Yellowstone region." Not in Graff.  (18310) $300.00


Filley, William. LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF WILLIAM FILLEY, WHO WAS STOLEN FROM HIS HOME IN JACKSON, MICH. B THE INDIANS, AUGUST 3D, 1837, AND HIS SAFE RETURN FROM CAPTIVITY, OCTOBER 19, 1866. AFTER AN ABSENCE OF 29 YEARS. Chicago: Filley & Ballard, 1867. 112pp. Illus on yellow paper with tissue guards and some light foxing. Original green embossed cloth with title in gilt on front cover with price stamped in gilt $1.00. Second edition, not noted on title page, but on dedication page. Ayer 98. McMurtrie Chicago 1189 locates 5 copies. An interesting captivity, giving an account of the manner and customs of the various tribes among whom Filley lived: Sioux, Comanche, Osage, Walla, Arapahoe, etc., life in the Rock Mts in Oregon, hunting lion, grizzly bears, Rocky Mountain sheep, etc. Field doubted his story. Shea Sale 185: With much early material on the Indians of the Rockies and the Far West." Eberstadt Modern Overlands 162. Not in Phillips Sporting Books Howes F 128. Field 535. Graff 1322. Sabin 24328  (31341) $1,500.00



 First Edition. Signed on the title page by the Hon. H.A.S. Dearborn  (932) $100.00


[FLORIDA]. [Florida]. THE CONVENTION BETWEEN THE CROWNS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND SPAIN, CONCLUDED AT THE PARDO ON THE 14TH OF JANUARY, 1739, N. S. THE KING OF GREAT BRITAIN'S FULL POWER. THE KING OF SPAIN'S FULL POWER. THE TWO SEPARATE ARTICLES BELONGING TO THE CONVENTION. HIS CATHOLICK MAJESTY'S RATIFICATION OF THE CONVENTION ... London, Buckley, 1739. 28pp., double and triple columns. dbd. First edition. Sabin 16195. London: Buckley, 1739. 28pp double and triple columns. Dbd.(sewn) as issued.Title page mended at lower margin Sabin 16195. This Convention set the limits of Florida and of Carolina in the situation they are at present, without increasing the fortifications there, or taking any new posts. Also contains material on Puerto Rico, the West Indies, etc. First Edition.  (1666) $500.00


[FLORIDA]. [Florida]. TRATADO DEFINITIVO DE PAZ CONCLUIDO ENTRE EL REY NUESTRO SENOR Y EL REY DE LA GRAN BRETANA FIRMADO EN VERSAILLES A 3 DE SETIEMBRE DE 1783... Madrid, Imprenta Real, [1783]. Disbound as issued. Text in French, Spanish and Latin. 2,94pp.. Illus., engraved map. The Treaty of Versailles between Spain and Great Britain, one of the treaties ending the world war of which the American Revolution was a part. Spain gave Great Britain the Bahamas, and Great Britain gave Spain Minorca and East Florida, and acknowledged Spain's right to retain West Florida, which it had conquered in 1780-81. The transfer of the Floridas (including the southern portions of Alabama and Mississippi) was of the utmost importance to the future geo-political strategy and expansion of the United States. By this treaty it was also agreed that navigation of the Hondo and Belize Rivers in the Honduras would be open to both Spain and Great Britain; the map shows the area concerned. Palau 339315. Sabin 96558. Not in Howes. JCB III 2918.  (7669) $1,750.00


[FLORIDA]. Meade, Richard W. CASE OF RICHARD W. MEADE, ESQ., A CITIZEN OF PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A., SEIZED AND IMPRISONED, 2ND OF MAY, 1816, BY THE GOVERNMENT OF SPAIN, AND STILL DETAINED. Cadiz, (Wash., D. C. ?): November 27, 1817. 25pp. Sewn as issued, some wear and foxing. First Edition. Shaw 41390. Sabin 47235: "He was United States Counsel at Cadiz for many years." Eberstadt Cat 107:132: "Meade's own narrative of his great services to Spain... of the persecutions and injury to which he was subjected; of his appeal for justice and repayment... with the cession of Florida to the United States, diplomatic negotiations... and with the ultimate Meade claim that became a subject of controversy for a century or more."  (33497) $750.00


[FLORIDA]. Monroe, James. MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, TRANSMITTING...FURTHER INFORMATION IN RELATION TO OUR AFFAIRS WITH SPAIN...IS NOT INCONSISTENT WITH THE PUBLIC INTEREST TO DIVULGE. Wash ( HD65): De Krafft, 1819. 215pp. Dbd, sewn.  First Edition. Much on the Florida War and the Creeks. Contains 72 documents, many relating to General Jackson. There is much on Arbuthnot and Ambrister, both executed following a court's martial conducted under Andrew Jackson's authority. Shaw 49892.  (33649) $450.00




[FLORIDA]. Priestley, Herbert I. THE LUNA PAPERS: DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THE EXPEDITION OF DON TRISTAN DE LUNA Y ARELLANO FOR THE CONQUEST OF LA FLORIDA IN 1559-1561. Deland, Fl. Hist. Soc., 1928. 2 vols. Illus. Original cloth backed boards, printed paper labels on spines and front covers. First edition. One of 360 numbered sets. Howes P604. These documents are here published for the first time. They form the only considerable body of contemporary materials extent relating to the attempt by Tristan de Luna y Arellano to seize and hold the land of La Florida.  (348) $400.00


Freer, R. L. MEMOIR, EXTRACTS OF SPEECHES, DIARY OF A JOURNEY TO AMERICA... Hereford: England, 1866. 294pp. Illus., three original photos. Full gold stamped leather.  First edition. Howes F358. A very rare travel narrative. Freer left for America, August 16, 1862, arriving at Niagara Falls in September. He also visited Newfoundland. Probably printed in a small edition for family and friends.  (12212) $450.00


[FUR TRADE]. Jackson, Andrew. MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT... CONCERNING THE FUR TRADE, AND INLAND TRADE TO MEXICO. Wash.,: HD90, 1832. 86pp. Dbd. First edition. Wagner-Camp 46: "This contains a letter from William Clark; Joshua Pilcher's report... on the rise and present condition of the fur trade... an account of the Immell-Jones massacre, Alphonso Wetmore on the Santa Fe trade..., Schoolcraft's report..." Shaw 16084.  (1263) $300.00


[Geology] Marcou, Jules. REPLY TO THE CRITICISMS OF JAMES D. DANA...INCLUDING DANA'S TWO ARTICLES WITH A LETTER OF LOUIS AGASSIZ. Zurich: Zurcher and Furrer, 1859. 40pp. Some pages show a small cut not affecting the text. Original printed wrappers. A few small nicks lightly soiled. " Pro Charles M. Horsford from the author" at top of front wrapper. First Edition.  (33786) $150.00


[GEORGIA]. Jones, Charles C., Jr. HISTORICAL SKETCH OF TOMO-CHI-CHI, MICO OF THE YAMACRAWS. Albany: Munsell, 1868. 133pp. Contemp half mo., top of rear joint mended. First edition. Howes J198. Munsell Bib. p.154. Indians in Georgia colony. Next to Oglethorpe, Tomo-chi-chi was the truest friend and most potent protector of the colony of Georgia during its primal days. DeRenne Cat. p.704.  (7306) $250.00


Greene, Max. THE KANZAS REGION: FOREST, PRAIRIE, DESERT, MOUNTAIN, VALE AND RIVER. DESCRIPTIONS OF SCENERY, CLIMATE, WILD PRODUCTIONS, CAPABILITIES OF SOIL, AND COMMERCIAL RESOURCES; INTERSPERSED WITH INCIDENTS OF TRAVEL... N.Y.: Fowler and Wells, 1856. 192,[12]pp. Illus., map. Original small 8vo cloth. First edition. Howes G383. Graff 1650. Wagner-Camp-Becker 276: "This well written book contains a good account of the prairie and mountain region with many incidents in the author's own experiences from 1850 to 1855, as well as a history of the Santa Fe trade and descriptions of the Santa Fe Trail." Sabin 28607. Streeter Sale III: 1821. Reese best of the west 250: 140  (371) $950.00


Hackett, James. NARRATIVE OF THE EXPEDITION WHICH SAILED FROM ENGLAND IN 1817 TO JOIN THE SOUTH AMERICAN PATRIOTS. London: Murray, 1818. (2), (15), (1), 144pp.Modern quarter morocco spine over marbled boards. First Edition. Hackett and a number of other British officers were commissioned to assist the revolutionaries in Venezuela and Colombia. His insight into the motives of the leaders , Simon Bolivar in particular, is valuable and interesting. While going to and from the fray, he and his associates spent a considerable amount of time, in several separate visits, on the now famous resort island of St. Barts. His descriptions are among the best from St. Barts' glory days as a free port in the early part of the 19th century  (33845) $850.00


Hackley, Woodford B. THE LITTLE FORK RANGERS: A SKETCH OF COMPANY "D" FOURTH VIRGINIA CALVARY. Richmond: Dietz, 1927. 117pp. Illus. Original gold stamped cloth. First Edition. Dornbusch II:1210  (33562) $150.00


Halkett, John. STATEMENT RESPECTING THE EARL OF SELKIRK'S SETTLEMENT; UPON THE RED RIVER, IN NORTH AMERICA; ITS DESTRUCTION IN 1815 AND 1816; AND THE MASSACRE OF GOVERNOR SEMPLE AND HIS PARTY... London: Murray, 1817. [8],194,[2],[100]pp. Illus., folding map captioned "Sketch of Part of the Hudson's Bay Company's Territory. " Contemporary boards, paper label on spine. First published edition, revised and enlarged from the privately circulated "Statement" of the same year. There is a small stain on the upper corner of the front flyleaf and some light soiling at the very tops of a few early leaves.Also there is some light foxing to the ads at rear. TPL 1093. Sabin 20704. Peel 42 (note). Lande 1206. The map is captioned "Sketch of part of the Hudson's Bay Company's Territory." Added to this edition is "Observations upon a recent publication..." Streeter Sale 3673.  (28115) $850.00


Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. VIE MILITAIRE DANS UN REGIMENT NOIR. Paris: Societe Anonyma, 1884. 346,(2)pp., some foxing in text. Dornbusch vol. 2: 1772. A trench translation of his "Army Life in the Black Regiment". Contains chapters on his military service in the American Civil War. Also chapters on Chantes Negres, Camp Shaw, La Floride, Negro soldat, etc. French edition.  (33809) $175.00


Hind, Henry Y. RAPPORT SUR L'EXPLORATION DE LA CONTREE SITUEE ENTREE LE LAC SUPERIEUR ET LES ETABLISSEMENTS DE LA RIVIERE ROUGE. Toronto, Lovell, 1858. 460pp. Illus., 2 large folded maps. Modern black half cloth. Contains reports of Napier, Gladman, Simpson, Dawson, Loranger, etc. A variant of an edition cited in the note to Wagner-Camp 301. Graff 1894. One map shows the Red River Settlement, the other, the Red River north of the 49th parallel. Peel 195, English edition. TPL 3790.  (5738) $375.00


Hogg, Alexander. THE RAILROAD AS AN ELEMENT OF EDUCATION: AN ADDRESS BEFORE THE STATE'S TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF TEXAS... Louisville: Author, 1884. 22, (2)pp. Illus. in text. Original printed wrappers bound in 1/4 leather over marbled boards. First Edition.  (33645) $150.00


(Holbrook, Silas). SKETCHES BY A TRAVELLER. Boston: Carter and Hendee, 1830. 315pp. Original 12mo muslin boards with printed paper label on spine, light chipping at top and bottom of spine, old cover staining and light page staining. Boxed. First Edition. Howes H577(aa). Ricks p123. Tourville 2147. Shaw 1888. Eberstadt: Northwest Coast Cat: 119: "Another sojourner during the period... was the able writer Silas Holbrook. His narrative is a record of experiences at Unalaska, Sitka along the coast, with sketches of an Aleut hunting expedition and travels and observations in the Columbia River country." Not in Wickersham, Whale, Smith, Strathern, Graff, etc. No copies on the internet or at auction.  (33604) $750.00


Holroyd, John B., Earl of Sheffield. OBSERVATIONS ON THE COMMERCE OF THE AMERICAN STATES.... London: Debrett, 1784. [16],288pp. plus 11 tables, many folding. Contemporary half morocco, small paper label on spine, old library bookplate on inside front cover, rubber library stamp on top of title page and verso of title page, all edges marbled. Second and best edition.  Sabin 32633. Howes H616: "Pointed out superciliously the helpless position of American commerce, and thus influenced the shaping of England's trade policy from 1783 to 1789, so detrimental to American commerce and shipping interests, as to contribute greatly to the formation of a Federal Union, better able, than were the separate federated states, to retaliate against British maritime might."  (16203) $750.00


Hudson, David. HISTORY OF JEMIMA WILKINSON, A PREACHERESS OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY; CONTAINING AN AUTHENTIC NARRATIVE OF HER LIFE AND CHARACTER, AND OF THE RISE, PROGRESS, AND CONCLUSION OF HER MINISTRY. Geneva, Ontario Country, N.Y., : Hull, 1821. 208, [20]pp.,. Original printed small 8vo boards, New calf spine goldstamped, new endpapers. First edition. Howes H761: "This remarkable preacheress, born in R. I., 1760, was the first religious charlatan of her sex in America..." Sabin 33485. Jemima was also known as the "Universalist Friend" as she preached in New England, New York .Philadelphia, and Rhode Island. Shaw 5650.  She also established a colony for her group in Yates County, near Seneca lake in Western New York. The colony was called "Jerusalem." See DAB V. 20, pp.226/227. With the bookplate of William F. Mott on inside front board  (28295) $750.00


(Hume, John Ferguson). THE ART OF INVESTING BY A NEW YORK BROKER. N.Y.: Appleton, 1888. 198, (6)pp. Original 12 mo cloth, gold stamped on front cover. Old staining along lower leaves and covers. First Edition. Larson 1948: "Description and evaluation of various types of stocks and bonds (railroad, industrials, municipals, etc.) and consideration of pitfalls in buying securities. Typical warning to inexperienced investor to stay out of market, emphasizing manipulation, and other unfair practices."  (33584) $375.00


[ILLINOIS]. NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. PRESENTED BY HAWLEY AND GRANT.. INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AGENTS... Springfield, Il: [1870?]. 35pp., ads throughout. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Contains fourteen articles, with some supplemental material, the full page ads are part of the pagination.  (26014) $150.00


[INDIA]. Bartolomeo, Fra Paclino Da San. A VOYAGE TO THE EAST INDIES: CONTAINING AN ACCOUNT OF THE MANNERS, CUSTOM, ETC., OF THE NATIVES, WITH A GEOGRAPHICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE COUNTRY. COLLECTED FROM OBSERVATION MADE DURING A RESIDENCE OF 13 YEARS BETWEEN 1776 AND 1789, IN DISTRICTS LITTLE FREQUENTED BY EUROPEANS... London: Davis, 1800. (12),478pp. Modern half calf over marbled bds., spine decorated with fleurons and two gold stamped leather labels. At bottom of spine are four small white library numbers, and two unobtrusive library stamps.  First Edition in English. Contains notes by John Reinhold Forster translated from the German by William Johnston. His knowledge of the Indian languages enabled him to rectify orthography in regard to the names of counties, cities, mountains and rivers.  (33719) $450.00


[INDIANA]. Jefferson, Thomas. MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, TRANSMITTING THE LAWS OF THE INDIANA TERRITORY OF THE UNITED STATES FROM JANUARY, 1801 TO FEBRUARY 1802. [Wash.,: 1803]. 32pp. dbd. First edition. Most of the laws listed were signed in type by William Henry Harrison and William Clarke. The territories were required by ordinance to report all laws adopted by the Governor and Judges to Congress. Shaw 33065.  (33148) $500.00




[IOWA]. [Iowa] Nollen, John. DE HOLLANDERS IN JOWA. BRIEVEN UIT PELLA, VAN EEN GENDERSCHMAN. Arnhem: 1858. 189pp. Illus, folded tinted frontis., plate. Original printed boards, spine mended, small smudge on front board. First edition. A history of Dutch emigrations to Iowa, with an extraordinary folding colored frontis. of the town of Pella in 1858, and a smaller view of the town a decade earlier. Howes I171. Graff 1931. Streeter Sale 1916. Sabin 32520.  (10084) $600.00


[IOWA]. Thompson, S. D. (Lt.). RECOLLECTIONS WITH THE THIRD IOWA REGIMENT. Cincinnati: Author, 1864. 396pp, Original 12mo cloth. Small nicks at crown of spine. First Edition. Dornbusch Vol. 1: Iowa 92. Nicholson Cat. p.939. His personal observations of service at Shiloh, Corinth, surrender at Vicksburg and a chapter on activities in Kansas.  (33627) $500.00


Isham, James. JAMES ISHAM'S OBSERVATIONS ON HUDSON BAY, 1743 AND NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS ON A BOOK ENTITLED A VOYAGE TO HUDSON'S BAY IN THE DOBBS GALLEY, 1749 [BY HENRY ELLIS], EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY E. E. RICH, ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON... Toronto: Champlain Society, 1949. 4,xi-cv,352pp. Illus., plate. Original cloth. Limited edition of 550 copies. First edition. Publications of the Champlain Society, Hudson's Bay Company Series XII. Contains a reproduction of the original title page for his "Observations, "Isham's "Observations" are not primarily concerned with fur trade. Indeed as a serious guide to the practical merchants of the Hudson's Bay Company, they had grave defects, but they are a mine of interesting information to the historian, anthropologist and naturalist.  (20000) $200.00


[KANSAS]. McNamara, John J. IN PERILS BY MINE OWN COUNTRYMEN. THREE YEARS ON THE KANSAS BORDER BY A CLERGYMAN. N.Y., 1856. 240pp. Original cloth. First edition. Howes M175. A first hand account of Kansas during the tumultuous period of the early 1850's. Wagner-Camp-Becker 277. Graff 2645. Dary Kanzana 30.  (17144) $200.00


[KANSAS]. Reynolds, John A. A KANSAS HELL - OR - LIFE IN THE KANSAS PENITENTIARY. Atchison, : 1889. 255pp. Illus., port. Small 8vo gold stamped cloth.  First edition. The author''s preface warns: "This book treat of Hell -- a Kansas Hell. Persons who desire is to peruse works that tell about Heaven only, are urged to drop this book and run." The author not only talks about himself, but the incarcerations of others, officers of the prison, hard labor in coal mines, prison escapes, counterfeiting in the prison, etc. Adams Guns 1840, cites only Reynolds' book a year later (1890).  (26803) $250.00


[KANSAS]. Webb, Thomas H. TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES: THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE NEW ENGLAND EMIGRANT AID COMPANY RESPECTFULLY ASK YOUR ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING FACTS... [Washington: Buell an dBlanchard, 1856]. 8pp. Disbound in cloth box. First edition. A listing of six "prominent errors and misstatements," defending the company and its goals  (33142) $300.00


Kendall, John. AMERICAN MEMORIES: RECOLLECTIONS OF A HURRIED RUN THROUGH THE UNITED STATES DURING THE LATE SPRING OF 1896. [N.p.: 1896]. [2],292pp. Illus., ports, buildings, statues, etc. Original gold decorated 4to red cloth.. First edition. Privately printed in a small edition for family and friends. Contains chapters on N.Y., Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, New Orleans, Cleveland, Buffalo, Niagara, Boston and home.  (12382) $100.00


Kino, Eusebio F. HISTORICAL MEMOIR OF PRIMERIA ALTA: A CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNT OF THE BEGINNINGS OF CALIFORNIA, SONORA, AND ARIZONA ... 1683-1711 ... Cleveland: Clark, 1919. 2 vols.:379; 329pp. Illus., 7 maps and plates included in pagination. Original cloth. First edition. Spain in the West Series Vols. 3-4. Howes K169: "First publication of the original Jesuit manuscript; of great value on the early Southwest." Edited by Herbert E. Bolton. One of 750 sets. First Edition.  (2339) $375.00


Kirsten, A. [Dr.]. SKIZZEN AUS DEN VEREINIGTEN STAATEN VON NORDAMERIKA. Leipzig: Brockhaus, 1851. [20],[1],347pp. Original printed wrappers. Howes K191. Clark, Travels in the Old South III:339: "...He does discuss in a general treatment [p.259-274] the slavery question and its important political implications." Not in Work, Dumond, or the Oberlin Anti-slavery catalog.  (7715) $450.00



Klee, Frederick. AMERIKA ISOER I DEN NYESTE TID, EN HISTORISK - STATISTIK HAANBBOG. Copenhagen: 1837-1839. [10],482pp. Contemporary 12 mo calf over marbled boards. First edition. Howes K198. A handbook of American history with material on early explorers, Mexico, Latin American Republics, Indians, etc. There are sections on Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Hayti, Texas [ pp.231-254), etc. Not in Streeter Texas, Eberstadt ,Decker, Soliday or Graff.  (26185) $600.00


Kraitsir, Charles V. THE POLES IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, PRECEDED BY THE EARLIEST HISTORY OF THE SLAVONIANS... Phila., Kiderlen, 1837. [2],[4],196pp( some old foxing) Modern 16mo cloth with printed paper label on spine. First edition. Howes K263. Sabin 38297. A very scarce work on Poles in America with much on their European background and history. Shaw 45093, locates 5.  (17432) $150.00


La Salle, Nicholas de. RELATION OF THE DISCOVERY OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER WRITTEN FROM THE NARRATIVE OF... Chicago, Caxton Club, 1898. 69pp., handmade paper. Original boards, vellum spine. One of 26l copies printed. First edition. Howes Ll09: "Translation of account contained in Margry's Decouvertes.., of La Salle's discovery of the Mississippi. The author was not a relative of the explorer."  (441) $350.00


[LAKESIDE CLASSIC]. Ross, Alexander. FUR HUNTERS OF THE FAR WEST. EDITED WITH HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY MILO M. QUAIFE. Chicago: Lakeside Calssics, Donnelley, 1924. [39],317pp. Illus. Original gold stamped 16 mo cloth. Field 1326. Howes R449. Sabin 73327. Smith 8785. TPL 1235. Wagner-Camp-Becker 269. Graff 3578.  (19952) $100.00


Larson, Esther Elisabeth. SWEDISH COMMENTATORS ON AMERICA 1638-1865: AN ANNOTATED LIST OF SELECTED MANUSCRIPT AND PRINTED MATERIALS. N.Y.: 1963. 139pp. Illus. Original printed wrappers. First edition.  (2315) $50.00


Lee, William. LES ETATS-UNIS ET L'ANGLETERRE, OU SOUVENIRS ET REFLEXIONS D'UN CITOYEN AMERICAIN. ESSAIS TRADUITS SUR LE MANUSCRIPT DE L'AUTEUR. Bordeaux: Coubert, 1814. 346,[4]pp. New boards with leather gold stamped spine: "Les Etats Unis." Raised bands, new endpapers with original marbled endpapers present. First edition. Howes L221: "Maintains that the current war, provoked by England, would be won by the United States, whose cause was that of all continental Europe." Sabin 39803. The translation was accomplished by Antoine Jay. Lee was American Consul at Bordeaux from 1807 - 1816. He was expelled by the government because of his liberalism.  There is another copy on the net priced $3250.00!  (33329) $2,000.00


Lesley, Lewis B. UNCLE SAM'S CAMEL: THE JOURNAL OF MAY HUMPHREYS STACEY SUPPLEMENTED BY THE REPORT OF EDWARD FITZGERALD BEALE [1857-1858]. Cambridge: Harvard, 1929. [6],298pp. Illus. Original cloth, d.j. First edition. Much on Beale's wagon road to Fort Defiance Stacey's account of Beale's Expedition, camel dispersion, and a bibliography.  (13260) $125.00


[LINCOLN, ABRAHAM]. Vincent, Thomas M. ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND EDWIN M. STANTON. ADDRESS DELIVERED BEFORE BURNSIDE POST NO.8, DEPARTMENT OF THE POTOMAC, G.A.R, APRIL 25, 1889... [Wash.,D.C.]: 1890. 26pp. Original printed small 4to wrappers. First edition. Vincent was Asst. Adj. Gen. and a Brevet Brig. Gen. An account of the mobilization of any army, functioning of a government, military supplies, railroads, etc. Not in Monaghan.  (27524) $75.00


Linderman, Frank B. INDIAN WHY STORIES: SPARKS FROM WAR EAGLE'S LODGE-FIRE. N.Y.: Scribner, 1915. [16],236pp. Illus., by Charles M. Russell. Original cloth with pictorial inlay, spine bridge, inlay has some light soiling. Authors first collection. First Edition. Yost & Renner 30  (33387) $200.00


Locke, John. AN ESSAY CONCERNING HUMAN UNDERSTANDING... TO WHICH ARE ADDED AN ANALYSIS OF MR LOCKE'S DOCTRINE... A DEFENSE OFMR. LOCKE'S OPINION, A TREATISE ON THE CONDUCT, SOME THOUGHTS, ELEMENTS OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, AND A NEW METHOD OF A COMMON-PLACE BOOK...A NEW EDITION. New York: Seaman, 1824. Two vols. bound in one: 436; 378,(4)pp. Large folding chart as frontis to volume one. Bd together in contemp full calf( label on upper spine worn). Shaw 16930  (33859) $150.00


[LOUISIANA PURCHASE]. ACTS PASSED AT THE FIRST SESSION OF THE EIGHTH CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, BEGUN AND HELD AT THE CITY OF WASHINGTON... THE SEVENTEENTH OF OCTOBER, IN THE YEAR 1803. Wash.: , 1803. Dbd. Small embossed library stamp on title page. Streeter's copy with his rubber withdrawn stamp: T.H. S. First edition. This is the first Congressional printing of the treaty purchasing Louisiana, the convention arranging the terms of payment, and the convention arranging to settle past disputes between the United States and France, all printed in both English and French [pp.174-203]. Also published herein is the act authorizing the raising of the funds for the purchase, the settlement of French claims [part of the whole treaty package], the act establishing a civil government in Louisiana and dividing into two territories, and other acts relative to the vast new territories, including several Indian treaties. Jefferson reconvened Congress early to pass on the Louisiana Purchase documents on Oct. 17, 1803.  (14820) $1,500.00


[LOUISIANA]. McMurtrie, Douglas C. EARLY PRINTING IN NEW ORLEANS, 1764 - 1810, WITH A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE ISSUES OF THE LOUISIANA PRESS. New Orleans, Searcy, 1929. 151pp. Illus., facs. Original marbled boards, cloth spine. First edition. One of 410 copies printed. Chapters on Denis Braud, Antoine Boudousquie, first newspaper, politics and the press, Spanish official printing, etc. The bibliography runs pp.87-143.  (9288) $225.00


[LOUISIANA]. Vergennes, Charles Gravier de . MEMOIRE HISTORIQUE ET POLITIQUE SUR LOUISIANE…. Paris: Chez Lepetit Jenue, 1802. Half title, frontis portrait of Vergennes. Contremp. marbled boards, full calf spine gold stamped, white tips of covers) First edition. Raines p.208. Thompson 3220. Vergennes was Louis XVI's minister of foreign affairs, and had a fine understanding of the conditions during the colonial period. This is one of the best studies of the West Indies, Gulf Coast and Mississippi Valley issued at the time, and it relates in part to events in Texas. Streeter Sale 1573. Rosenbach considered this a rare work and included it in his "Rare Books of Six Centuries" item 493. Howes V74. Page 135 Is printed 133.  (31346) $850.00


Mackenzie, Alexander. VOYAGES FROM MONTREAL, ON THE RIVER ST. LAURENCE, THROUGH THE CONTINENT OF NORTH AMERICA, TO THE FROZEN AND PACIFIC OCEANS; IN THE YEARS 1789 AND 1793, WITH A PRELIMINARY ACCOUNT OF THE RISE, PROGRESS, AND PRESENT STATE OF THE FUR TRADE OF THAT COUNTRY... London,: Cadell, 1801. viii,cxxxii,412,[2]pp, plus three folding maps, frontispiece portrait.There is foxing mostly in the first half of the work Quarto boards with new calf spine with gold stamped black leather label This classic of North American exploration describes the extraordinary travels of the author in northwest America in 1789, when he discovered the Mackenzie River, and in 1793, when he crossed the continent to the Pacific. Mackenzie also provides an excellent history of the fur trade in Canada, as well as vocabularies of several Indian languages. The "Map of Mackenzie's track from Ft. Chippewa to the Pacific Ocean in 1793" was a milestone and, as Wheat says, "At once questions began to be raised about the now patent inadequacies of all prior maps of the American Far West." A cornerstone in any collection of North American travel and exploration. Howes M133. Wheat Transmississippi 251. Graff 2630. Hill, p.187. Lande 1317. Peel 25. Pillling 2384. Sabin 43414. Wagner-Camp 1:1 Streeter Sale 3653. First Edition.  (20081) $3,750.00


[MAGIC]. THE ART OF CONJURING MADE EASY; OR, INSTRUCTIONS FOR PERFORMING THE MOST ASTONISHING SLEIGHT-OF-HAND FEATS, WITH DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING FIREWORKS. Devonport, England: Samuel and John Keys, ca. 1860. 12pp. Original printed pictorial 16mo wrappers. Front wrapper shows a man holding his head in his hand while another man has a sword. The back outside wrapper is titled "Fancy Devices, etc., in Firework." Inside, front and rear wrappers are blank. A mine of information on how amazing tricks are pulled off. No copies on the internet.  (33625) $600.00


[MAINE]. Lapham, William B. MY RECOLLECTIONS OF THE WAR OF THE REBELLION. Augusta, Me: Privately printed, 1892. 240pp. Original cloth.(private library label on inside front cover) First edition. Coulter 283: "...his second enlistment was with the Seventh Maine battery, with which he fought under Grant from the Battle of the Wilderness to the fall of Petersburg..." Nevins V. 1, p.119. Nicholson p.462. Not in Howes.  (7557) $225.00






Malthus, Thomas R. PRINCIPES D'ECONOMIE POLITIQUE CONSIDERES SOUS LE RAPPORT DE LEUR APPLICATION PRATIQUE...TRADITS DE L'ANGLAIS PAR M.F.S. COSTANCIO. Paris: Aillaud, 1820. Two Vols.: (32), 501pp.; 452pp. Contemp. marbled boards with calf gold stamped spine with designs.Very nice set. This is the first French edition translated by Constancio. Printing in the mind of man #251: "...The central idea of the essay...was a simple one. The population of a community, Malthus suggested, increases geometrically while food supplies increase arithmetically...the essay was highly influential in the progress of thought in early nineteenth century Europe..." First French edition.  (33828) $850.00


Manypenny, George W. LETTER FROM THE COMMISSIONER OF INDIAN AFFAIRS TO COLONEL BENTON. Wash.,: Union Office, 1855. 15pp. dbd, old rubber stamp eradicated from title page. First Edition. This printed letter was issued by Manypenny to reply to Thomas Hart Benton's attack on Manypenny through the National Intellingencer. It was the age old problem on how monies from the Indian Department were spent and the distribution of goods to the Indians. This case involved material goods for the California Indians. Edward F. Beale was the superintendent of Indian Affairs for that region and who had acquired his position through the efforts of Benton. Manypenny had questioned some of Beale's expenses. This upset Benton who went on the offensive. Colonel John Fremont and Gwinn Heap were also involved to some extent. There were many side issues such as Manypenny's trip to Westport, Missouri which was three times cheaper than the one Beale and Benton made. A very important privately printed letter which gives insight into the frontier and its politics. Not in NUC.  (3950) $750.00


Marcou, Jules. NEUVAS INVESTIGACIONES SOBRE EL ORIGEN DEL NOMBRE AMERICA... TRADUCCION DE J.D. RODRIQUEZ. Maragua,Nicaragua: Tspugrafia Nicional, 1888. 90pp. Original printed boards, paper loss at side and bottom, no text affected. On page 3 "Wm.Elimie por su amigo deverdi, J. D. Rodriquez, 26/1/89." First Edition. By the famous geologist and world traveler. Rare imprint  (33414) $400.00


[Massachusetts Military commissions] Hunter, Isaac. A COLLECTION OF FIVE MILITARY COMMISSIONS AS FOLLOWS. Boston: 1790-1807. 1.By His Excellency John Hancock...appointment Captain, First Brigade and seventh division of the Militia. Signed by Hancock in the upper left corner near the paper seal. August 23, 1790. Framed under glass, 21 x 18 1/2, deed is 12 1/4 x15 1/2. Also signed by John Avery as Secretary. Some old staining.

2.By his Honor Samuel Adams, Lt. Governor and Commander in Chief of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, appointing Hunter a Major in the third regiment, First Brigade...Oct. 16, 1793. Signed by Adams on upper left next to paper seal. A few old stains. Framed under glass 20 1/2 x 18/1/2. The deed is 5 1/2 x 12 1/4. Signed by John Avery as Secretary.

3. By His Excellency Caleb Strong...appointment as a Lieutenant First Brigade, Seventh Division. May 5, 1807. Framed under glass 20 1/2 x 15. The deed is 15 x 8 3/4. Signed by Strong at upper left near paper seal. Also signed by Joshua Austin.

4. Appointment to the Battalion of Cavalry First Brigade Seventh Division. Framed under glass 13 1/2 x 12 1/4. Deed is 8 x 6.

5. John Hancock Deed signed by him under the paper seal. Only the left side of the Deed is present. Circa 1790.


These military commissions were handed down through the family for over 200 years. Hunter was an early resident of Spencer, Mass.  (33834) $7,500.00


[MASSACHUSETTS]. A COLLECTION OF HYMNS MORE PARTICULARLY DESIGNED FOR THE USE OF THE WEST SOCIETY IN BOSTON. Boston: Fleet, 1783. (6),162pp. Full comtemp. 16mo calf. First Edition. Evans 17848. Contains 151 hymns with an index by title. Scarce.  (33678) $300.00


[MASSACHUSETTS]. Storer, Malcolm. NUMISMATICS OF MASSACHUSETTS. [Cambridge]: Mass. Hist. Soc., 1923. [12],319pp. Illus., 38 plates. Original cloth backed boards. Ex-lib. Mass. Hist. soc. colls. voll 76 First edition. .  (6470) $125.00


Mather, Cotton. DIARY OF COTTON MATHER, 1681-1721. Boston: Plimpton, 1911-12. 2 vols. Illus, folding, port, facs. Original cloth. (27),604;860pp. Mass. Historical Society Colls. Series 7 vols. 7-8. Howes 387(aa). Matthews: American Diaries p.9: "Religious Journal...religious works and experiences; very important..."  (33661) $250.00



[MEXICAN WAR]. Small, William F. GUADALOUPE: A TALE OF LOVE AND WAR. BY ONE WHO SERVED IN THE CAMPAIGN OF 1846-7 IN THE LATE WAR WITH MEXICO. Phila.,: Smith, 1860. 156,[12 ads]. Illus. frontis. Original pebbled 12 mo cloth, a little light staining at corner of front cover. First edition. Garrett p.278. Tutorow 4243. Not in Haferkorn. A long narrative poem that rhymes for 156 pages. Not in Graff, Eberstadt or Decker catalogs.             Inscribed presentation copy "To Lieut Col. Geo.S. Wellswith the sincere regardsof the author,W.F.S...Blandensburg, Aug 26/61"  (30294) $175.00


[MEXICO]. Bandelier, Adolph F. REPORT OF AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL TOUR IN MEXICO IN 1881. [10],326pp. Illus., many fine plates, most are not reproductions of photographs but drawings by the author. Contemp. half mo. Papers of the Archaeological Institute of America. American Series II. Contains chapters on Mexico City, Cholula, Mitla, etc.  (3827) $150.00


[MEXICO]. Rosencrans, W. S. RESUMEN DE LAS CUESTIONES RELATIVAN AL FERROCARRIL INTEROCEANICA Y ESTADO ACTUAL QUE GUARDA EL NEGOCIO. Mexico: Escalante, 1873. 83pp. Original printed 4to wrappers, small piece missing from lower front wrapper and first two leaves, no text affected.  First Edition. A discussion on the impact of the interoceanic Railroad on Mexico and her people. On the front wrapper: "Counselo de grad delos estado mundo de North America. Calle 1 St. San Francisco #12."  (33615) $150.00


[MEXICO]. Seager, D. W. THE RESOURCES OF MEXICO APART FROM THE PRECIOUS METALS. Mexico: White, 1867. 20pp. Original printed wrappers. Two small punch holes at margin, no text affected. First Edition. Promotional for Mexico. The author states:..."Mexico is a fair white page to be written upon with immense advantage and benefit by the modern appliances of science and industry."  (33617) $150.00


Michaux, Francois Andre. VOYAGE A L'OUEST DES MONTS ALLEGHANY'S, DANS LES ETATS DE L'OHIO, DU KENTUCKY ET DU TENNESSEE ET RETOUR A CHARLESTON PAR LES HAUTES - CAROLINES... Paris, 1804. [6],213pp. Illus., large folding map. Contemp. plain blue wrappers.. First edition. Streeter Sale 830: "A valuable picture of the early middle west, particularly Ohio and Kentucky." Clark II.106. Graff 2781. Thompson, Louisiana 3160. Thomson 821: "...The zest with which Michaux describes some of the wonders of the West in this brief and discursive journal is as pleasant as his intelligent discussion of economical facts, and puritan domesticity in the East... he gave his countrymen a correct and impressive idea of the products and promise of the great West, but more especially of Ohio and Kentucky." Monaghan 1064. Jillson p.33. Howes M579.  (9814) $1,250.00


[MICHIGAN]. MICHIGAN STATE GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY FOR 1863-4, EMBRACING HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE SKETCHES OF ALL THE CITIES, TOWNS AND VILLAGES... Detroit: Clark, 1863. (60),611,(1),54,(8)pp. Illus. pictorial ads, 6 plates, 26 colored. New cloth with leather label on spine.  Second and best edition. Contains classified lists of all professions, trades and pursuits, names of all organized companies, state and county officers and full information regarding the mercantile and manufacturing interests of the state.  (33726) $500.00


[MICHIGAN]. Cook, Darius B. SIX MONTHS AMONG INDIANS, WOLVES AND OTHER WILD ANIMALS, IN THE FORESTS OF ALLEGAN COUNTY, MICH., IN THE WINTER OF 1839 AND 1840. Niles, Mi: printed and published by the author, 1889. [4],101. Illus., woodcut pictorial title-page, woodcut illustrations throughout. Original pictorial tan boards." Compliments of the author D. B. Cook" on inside front cover. Book plate of Frank Hardin Landon. First edition. The author, a newspaper man at Kalamazoo, was sent into the Michigan woods either to regain his health or to die. Cook regained his health and wrote the present work nearly fifty years later... to contribute to past events, especially of the savage tribes who used to roam through our forests and who are rapidly passing away..." (preface). Howes C727. Greenly 121. Streeter 7:4109. Graff 860. Siebert Sale 428.  (30993) $1,250.00


[Millerites] Spalding, Joshua. SENTIMENTS CONCERNING THE COMING AND KINGDOM OF CHRIST.... IN NINE LECTURES; WITH AN APPENDIX...TO WHICH IS ADDED A PREFACE CONTAINING A BVRIEF SKETCH OF THE RECENT RISE AND PROGRESS OF THE DOCTRINE OF THE ADVENT YEARD BY J.V. HINES AND J. LITCH. Boston: Himes, 1841. 258pp. Original 12mo cloth with some very light discoloration on rear cover. Originally published in Salem, Ma., in 1796, and long forgotten, this is the best edition of this rarity with the additional material from Himes and Litch. The Editor's preface states:"...We look upon this puiblication as the day-star of returning light to the American Churches on the subject of the near Coming and Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ." Nicholls p. 536. Shaw 41-4887 2nd and best edition.  (33815) $850.00


Minor, Thomas. THE DIARY OF THOMAS MINOR, STONNINGTON, CONNECTICUT 1653 TO 1684. New London, Ct.: 1899. Prepared for publication by Sidney J. Miner and George D. Stanton, Jr. 221pp. Illus. Original cloth, soiled, spine faded. First edition. Among his exploits, he led a group against the Narragansett Indians in the middle 1600's. Privately printed in a small edition.  (19890) $150.00


[MISSISSIPPI]. [Van Winkle, H. E.]. NINE YEARS OF DEMOCRATIC RULE IN MISSISSIPPI: BEING NOTES UPON THE POLITICAL HISTORY OF THE STATE, FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR 1838, TO THE PRESENT TIME. Jackson, Ms.: Palmer, 1847. [12],304pp. Contemporary full calf, red leather label on spine,,light wear to joints and red leather label on spine. First edition. Howes V45: "A Whig editor's bitter criticism of the McNutt regime, its financial policy, and repudiation of the state's bond obligations. Ascribed also to Dudley S. Jennings." Unknown to Owen's Bibliography of Mississippi. Probably issued in a small edition.  (5703) $750.00


[Missouri] Post, T. M. PALINGENESY. NATIONAL REGENERATION. AN ADDRESS...DELIVERED...AT THE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, NOVEMBER 4, 1864.. St. Louis: Knapp, 1864. 17pp. double columns, closely cropped at the top of pp 16-17, only page numbers affected. Dbd. A plea for the restoration and renovation of the Union. First Edition.  (33832) $125.00


Mitchel, Martin. HISTORY OF THE COUNTY OF FOND DU LAC, WIS. EMBRACING A GEOGRAPHICAL AND STATISTICAL ACCOUNT OF EACH TOWN, FROM ITS EARLIEST SETTLEMENT TO THE PRESENT TIME. Fond Du Lac: Smith, 1843. 96pp. Original printed front wrapper only. First edition. Howes M671 (aa). The preface states: "...the author has personally visited every town in the county, to learn, by actual observation their read condition, and obtain a history of the first settlement from those who broke the soil..." An early and interesting promotional pamphlet  (33276) $450.00


[MOHEGAN INDIANS]. Jones, Miss Electa F. STOCKBRIDGE, PAST AND PRESENT; OR, RECORDS OF AN OLD MISSION STATION. Springfield, Ma.: Bowles, 1854. 275pp. Original decorated small octavo cloth( spine lightly chipped at top; old library bookplate on inside front cover) First edition. Howes J210: "Practically a history of the Mohegans." Field 800: " "Stockbridge, in Massachusetts, was the residence of the Stockbridge Housatonic Muh-he-ka-ne-ok (Mohegan) Indians... In Section II entitled 'Indian History' the author reproduces a fragment of a work said to be written by the Indian 'Captain Hendrick Aupaumut." It consists of ten closely printed pages, of very valuable information regarding the habits and mode of life of the Stockbridge Indians. Section III is entitled: 'Further particulars relating to Manners, Customs, Religion, etc., and Section IV, 'Language of the Muh-he-ka-ne-ok.' Section V to XIX are entirely occupied with a history of the Missions among the tribe until 1785, when it removed to Madison County in New York, upon a tract of land donated to them by the Oneidas, as a mark of gratitude for their aid in the Revolutionary War, during which the latter were threatened with destruction by the Senecas. Chapters XX and XXI narrate their removal to New Stockbridge, and Chapters XXIII and XXIV their emigration again to Lake Winnebago. Their fourth removal in 1848 to Minnesota, to which they were driven by the greed of speculators, aided by an unscrupulous and faithless government, is narrated in Chapter XXV. Sections XXVI and XXVII are entitled "Biographical Notices of Indians, and of Individuals engaged in the Stockbridge Missions." Very scarce. Not in Larned, Eberstadt, Soliday, Decker, or Graff.  (17270) $850.00


Mollhausen, Heinrich Balduin. RESOR I NORRA AMERIKAS KLIPPBERG TILL NY-MEXIKOS HOGSLATT, FORETAGNA AF COLORADO-EXPEDITIONEN, ENLIGT UPPDRAG AF FORENTA STATERNAS REGERING.... Stockholm: 1867. Two volumes in one. [7],356[4];[4],313,[1]pp. plus 2 color plates, 4 tinted plates, folding map, Contemporary half morocco. The first Swedish edition of this famous account of the Colorado River expedition of 1857-58, in which Mollhausen took part. With the report of Lieut. Ives, this is one of the primary sources for the expedition, but it has never been translated into English, despite its importance. This Swedish edition is scarce, and unrecorded by Wagner-Camp. Wagner-Camp 362 (ref). Howes M712. The title translated: "Travels in the mountains of North America to the high plains of New Mexico..."  (12891) $750.00


Morgan, Dale L. and Carl I. Wheat. JEDEDIAH SMITH AND HIS MAPS OF THE AMERICAN WEST. San F.: California Hist. Soc, 1954. 86pp. plus seven folding facsimile maps. Original large folio cloth. First ed. with the original prospectus laid in.. A vital reference on the impact of the great fur trade leader and explorer on the cartography of the West, by the two foremost experts. Printed by Lawton Kennedy in an edition limited to 530 copies  (6853) $650.00


[MORMONS]. Marks, David. MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF DAVID MARKS, MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL... Dover, NH: Free Will Baptist Publishing, 1846. 516pp. illus.(port). Contemp. full calf. Flake 5278. Sabin 44625. Rosenbach 592. Howes M293. Contains a visit with the Whitmer family in 1830; his evaluation of the "Book of Mormon" and its witnesses. The first edition was published in Limerick Maine, in 1831, and is very hard to find.  (5183) $150.00


Myrick, Herbert. CACHE LA POUDRE; THE ROMANCE OF A TENDERFOOT IN THE DAYS OF CUSTER. N.Y.: Judd, 1905. 202pp. Illus., by Schreyvogel, Deming, and Fangel. Original Indian smoke tanned buckskin. First edition. One of 500 copies. Howes M935. Adams Herd 1596. Dustin 476. A Merrill Aristocrat. Not only interesting for the illustrations, but deals with cowboys, Indians and the entire northwest. Much on the military department of Dakota.  (253) $600.00



Mason, Otis Tufton. INDIAN BASKETRY: STUDIES IN A TEXTILE ART WITHOUT MACHINERY. N,Y,: Doubleday, 1904. 2 vols: Vol. 1: (22), 254pp; illus(118 plates. 109 text figures); vol 2: (14), 255-528pp. illus( 129 plates, 112 text figures). Original decorated 4to cloth, light green, Spines show light fading. First Edition. This important work was prepared by Mason, a full time curator at the Smithsonian, and a founder of the Anthropological Society of Washington  (33735) $400.00


[Native Americans]. DOCUMENTS RELATIVE TO THE INDIAN TRADE. SUBMITTED TO THE SENATE BY THE COMMITTEE OF INDIAN AFFAIRS. Wash: Gales and Seaton, 1822. 62pp. 10 fold tables. Dbd. Senate Doc. 60. Howes D 383. Shaw 10815. Many documents are from Thomas L. McKenney. Scarce, with much important information on how the Indian Trade functions. Many of the tables show disbursements for supplies, etc. First Edition.  (33803) $300.00


[Native Americans] Bradford, Alden. A DISCOURSE DELIVERED BEFORE THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPOGATING THE GOSPEL AMONG THE INDIANS AND OTHERS, IN NORTH AMERICA. NOVEMBER, 4, 1830. Boston: Putnam, 1830. 51,(2)pp. Original printed wrappers, some old brown staining mostly on front wrapper.A history of the Society on their 100th anniversary. Much on their missionaries in the fields. Shaw 634 First Edition.  (33823) $150.00


[NAVAJO INDIANS]. Hollister, Uriah S. NAVAHO AND HIS BLANKET. Denver, Co: 1930. 144pp. Illus., 10 colored plates and 25 illus. listed. Original pictorial gold stamped 4to cloth, a few small spots,small cut mounted on front cover. First Edition. Graff 1939. Howes H613 (aa) Munk p.107. Sanders 1034. An important study on Navaho blankets and weavings; life style before population and growth would throw them off the native lands.  (33424) $150.00


[NEW FRANCE]. Dablon, Claude R. P. RELATION DE CE QUI S'EST PASSE DE PLUS REMARQUABLE AUX MISSIONS DES PERES DE LA COMPAGNIE DE JESUS EN LA NOUVELLE FRANCE LES ANNEES 1676 A 1677... [Allbany, N.Y.: Shea, 1865). 165pp. dbd. TPL Cat 74: "Sixty copies were printed for the first time by 'Imprimeede Weed, Parsons...,, Albany, N.Y., 1854.' "For James Lenox, New York, from the latter's modern transcript of Dablon's manuscript at Laval University. After founding Sault Ste Marie, Dablon became, in 1670,Superior General of all the Canadian Missions, retaining that office until 1680. His contributions to the "Relations" are historically valuable with his descriptions of places and people and his narration of events. transcript of the copy... of the original edition in the Canadian Library of Parliament which was destroyed by fire in 1854. The few minor errors in the transcript appear in the reprint..." . Lalement served as Canadian Provincial Superior from 1659 to 1665. He helped resettle Huron refugees near Quebec, and continued to solidify the Jesuit Mission in Canada. His writings give valuable information about the social, political, and religious life of Canada during that period.  (33472) $375.00


[NEW FRANCE]. Lalement, Jerome. LETTRES ENVOIEES DE LA NOUVELLE FRANCE AU R. P. JACQUES RENAULT, PROVINCIAL DE LA COMPAGNIE DE JESUS EN LA PROVINCE DE LA FRANCE... Paris: Camoisy, 1660 {Albany, Shea, 1854?]. 49,[1]pp dbd.  TPL Cat 55: "...from his {Lenox] transcript of the copy... of the original edition in the Canadian Library of Parliament which was destroyed by fire in 1854.. The few minor errors in the transcript appear in the reprint..." One of 100 copies printed. Lalement served as Canadian Provincial Superior from 1659 to 1665. He helped resettle Huron refugees near Quebec, and continued to solidify the Jesuit Mission in Canada. His writings give valuable information about the social, political, and religious life of Canada during that period.  (33473) $175.00


[NEW HARMONY]. Maclure, William. OPINIONS ON THE VARIOUS SUBJECTS, DEDICATED TO THE INDUSTRIOUS PRODUCERS. VOLUME TWO. New Harmony: 1837. 556pp. Contemp. half morocco. First Edition. Howes M163. Byrd and Peckham 705. Not in Shaw. This series of essays on political, economic and Utopian studies was published in a variety of places and gathered here for the first time. This volume started in 1831, was finally issued in 1837. Each was a self-contained work in its own right. In his usual whole hearted manner, he purchased an extensive tract of land n the vicinity of New Harmony, Indiana and forwarded his library, instruments and other personal effects that might be useful in carrying out once more, in new territory, his plan for an agricultural school. He succeeded in persuading a number of other scientific men to accompany his to New Harmony. When he set out, he took with him down the Ohio the "boat-load knowledge" which included LeSueur, Gerard Troost and Thomas Say. Even after the failure of Owen's venture, Maclure persisted in an attempt to organize societies for adult education among the working classes. He founded the New Harmony Working Men's Institute in 1838 and by his will , directed his executors to pay $500 to any club of laborers which should establish a library of 100 volumes.  (33670) $750.00


[NEW MEXICO]. Freytas, Father Nicholas de. EXPEDITION OF DON DIEGO DIONISIO DE PENALOSA, GOVERNOR OF NEW MEXICO, FROM SANTA FE TO THE RIVER MISCHIPI AND QUIVIRA IN 1662... WITH AN ACCOUNT OF PENALOSA'S PROJECTS TO AID THE FRENCH TO CONQUER THE MINING COUNTRY IN NORTHERN MEXICO; AND HIS CONNECTION WITH CAVALIER DE LA SALLE BY JOHN GILMARY SHEA. N.Y.: Shea, 1882. 102pp. Contemp. cloth. First edition. Howes F381: "After his removal as Spanish Governor of New Mexico in 1668, Penalosa interested France in undertaking the conquest of that Province. The narrative, here translated from a 17th century ms, of a fictitious journey, ascribed to a non™existent author, was presumably written by Penalosa himself, to impress French authorities with the wealth of the region described and his experience and knowledge thereof..." Wagner: Spanish Southwest p.282. Sabin 80023. This copy belonged to the famous western mining expert James Douglas, with his bookplate on the inside front cover  (8998) $500.00


[NEW MEXICO]. Keleher, Wm. A. MAXWELL LAND GRANT, A NEW MEXICO ITEM. Santa Fe: Santa Fe , 1942. 168pp. Illus. Original pictorial cloth.  First edition. Howes K38. Adams Herd 1263. Adams Guns 1215. A most important source on Lucien B. Maxwell and the huge land grant that became known by his name. It also contains material on Clay Allison, vigilantes, Billy the Kid, etc. Inscribed presentation copy from Keleher to Ream  (4967) $250.00


[New York]. THE JOURNAL OF THE STATED PREACHER TO THE HOSPITAL AND ALMSHOUSE IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK, FOR THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1811. New York: Whiting and Watson, 1812. 300pp.(title page has a small 3/8 piece missing at bottom of the title page, no text affected). Full contemp 12mo calf.with a leather label on the spine that reads:"Ely Journa"l.Shaw 25761(locates only one copy). Much on the poor and infirmed; drunkeness, insanity, widows, etc. Many cases cited just contain initials. First Edition.  (33795) $150.00


[New York] Healey, G. A.(editor). DEDICATION OF THE CORNELL LIBRARY BUILDING, ITHACA , NEW YORK, DECEMBER 20, 1866. New York: American Photo Lithographic, 1866. 109pp.(lithoprinted) illus.( portrait of Ezra Cornell and a photolitho of the Cornell Lbrary). Original quarto decorated cloth with gold stamped front cover . Very nice copy.  (33856) $100.00


[NEW YORK]. Beers, F. W. ATLAS OF TIOGA CO., NEW YORK, FROM ACTUAL SURVEYS... N.Y.: Beers, Ellis & Soule, 1869. 4pp. Illus., double page colored map of N.Y. state, 15 colored maps, several double paged.  Original gold stamped folio cloth, rebacked, new endpapers. First edition. Contains township maps, a table of air line miles, sketches of early history, statistics, etc...  (33072) $450.00


[NEW YORK]. Chadwick, Jabez. CHRISTIAN BAPTISM IN ITS SUBJECTS AND MODE; OR, A VINDICATION OF THE SENTIMENT THAT BELIEVERS ARE THE ONLY PROPER SUBJECTS OF THIS ORDINANCE, AND IMMERSION THE ONLY SCRIPTURAL MODE... Rochester: the author, 1836. 189,[1]errata page. Modern full 12mo calf with red leather label on spine and new endpapers. First edition. Shaw 46577, locates 4. The first part is a revision of a previous work, and the second part is a correction of a previous error.  (28091) $150.00






[NEW YORK]. Corey, Allen. GAZETTEER OF THE COUNTY OF WASHINGTON, N.Y. COMPRISING A CORRECT STATISTICAL AND MISCELLANEOUS HISTORY OF THE COUNTY AND SEVERAL TOWNS, FROM THEIR ORGANIZATION TO THE PRESENT TIME. Schuylervile, N.Y. : 1849-50. 264pp. Illus., 17 maps. Contemporary half calf, rear joint mended. First edition. Howes C775. Sabin 16783. Bradford 1071. The book would appear to have been printed in parts from time to time through some two years of preserving effort. Eberstadt 135: 630. The maps are all black and white and show individual townships. Scarce and important local history.  (28214) $500.00


[NEW YORK]. Williamson, Charles. A DESCRIPTION OF THE GENESEE COUNTRY, IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK; IN WHICH...SOIL, MINERALS, PRODUCE, LAKES AND RIVERS, CURIOSITIES, CLIMATE, NAVIGATION , TRADE...POPULATION...RELATIVE TO THAT COUNTRY...TO WHICH IS ADDED AN APPENDIX CONTAINING A DESCRIPTION OF THE MILITARY LANDS. BY ROBERT MONRO. N. Y.: the author, 1804. 16pp. Illustrated, small map. Title page mended. Small quarto gold stamped half morocco. Written in the form of seven letters, it describes the history of the area and its potential for development. A guide book for prospective settlers. Vail 1182.Howes W493; Shaw 7770(locates only one copy). Sabin 513552.  (33522) $750.00


[Nicaragua] Pim, Bedford. THE GATE OF THE PACIFIC. London: Lovel Reeve, 1863. (13), (1), 432pp. illus.( 7 maps, one lg fold., 8 colored plates, one not colored; light foxing). Comtemp. half morocco, gold stamped on spine, new endpapers. First Edition. Sabin 62872. Palau 225979. Hill 539: " He originsted and surveyed the Nicaragua Canal route across the Isthmus, through the Mosquito Coast and Nicaragua. "  (33768) $375.00


[NORTH CAROLINA]. [Jeffreys, George W.].

. A SERIES OF ESSAYS ON AGRICULTURE AND RURAL AFFAIRS; IN FORTY SEVEN NUMBERS. BY "AGRICOLA," A NORTH CAROLINA FARMER. Raleigh: Gales, 1819. 223,[2]pp. Full contemporary 16mo calf, gold stamped leather label spine.( two old library labels on inside front cover) Shaw 48370. Thornton 6872. Not in Howes or Kress. One of the great North Carolina rarities. Much early work on agriculture, manures, deep ploughing, grasses, tillage, wheat, orchards, Indian corn, oxen, livestock, hogs, draining, etc.  (1644) $1,500.00


[NORTH CAROLINA]. Avery, A. C. MEMORIAL ADDRESS ON LIFE AND CHARACTER OF LIEUTENANT GENERAL D. H. HILL, MAY 10TH, 1893. Raleigh, N. C.: Edwards and Broughton, 1893. 41pp. Original printed wrappers, spine mended, pieces missing.         . First edition. Dornbusch 2:2790. Thornton 484. DAB says: " a soldier, Hill was a man of clear judgment... As an educator he emphasized in his administration the soldierly qualities of thoroughness and discipline..."  (29381) $150.00


[NORTH CAROLINA]. Weeks, Stephen B. THE PRESS OF NORTH CAROLINA IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. WITH BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF PRINTERS, AN ACCOUNT OF THE MANUFACTURE OF PAPER, AND A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE ISSUES. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Historical Printing Club, 1891. 80pp. Title page mended at hinge. 173 of 250 copies. Contemporary gold stamped quarter cloth. First Edition.  (33577) $175.00


[NORTHWEST COAST]. ON THE AMBITIOUS PROJECTS OF RUSSIA IN REGARD TO NORTH WEST AMERICA, WITH PARTICULAR REFERENCE TO NEW ALBION AND NEW CALIFORNIA. BY AN ENGLISHMAN. [San F.], Book Club of California, 1955. 79pp. Illus. Original cloth boards. One of 350 copies printed, originally published in 1830 to rouse the English nation to a realization of the importance of the northwest coast which was in danger of Russian conquest and settlement. Introduction by G. P. Hammond.  (11922) $175.00


[NORTHWEST COAST]. Howay, Frederic W. VOYAGES OF THE "COLUMBIA" TO THE NORTHWEST COAST, 1787-1790 AND 1790-1793. [Boston]: Ma. Hist. Soc., 1941. [33],518pp. Illus. Original cloth. First edition. Ma. Hist. Soc. Colls. Vol. 79. Not in Howes or Graff. The journals of John Hoskins, John Boit and Robert Haswell are included herein. It is a fascinating collection of material with a fine scholarly introduction and notes. Hill's Pacific Voyages p.148. Tourville 2203.  (3928) $250.00


[OHIO]. Cist, Lewis J. TRIFLES IN VERSE: A COLLECTION OF FUGITIVE POEMS. Cincinnati, Robinson, 1845. 184pp. Illus., engraved frontis. port. Original gold decorated small 8vo cloth., some foxing and light discolorations on covers.; lax rear flyleaf. First edition of his only published work. He contributed poetry to the Western Monthly Review and the Hesperian before he went into the banking business in 1850. Harris Collection p.56. The port is a Hawkins daguerre on stone by Rowse. Thomson 226.  (15895) $175.00


[OIL]. Henry, J. T. THE EARLY AND LATER HISTORY OF PETROLEUM... ITS DEVELOPMENT IN WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA... Phila.: 1873. 607pp. Illus., 5 plates, 28 original photo portraits. Cloth with gold stamping on spine. First edition. Howes H421: "First comprehensive history of the infancy of this industry." Larson 2846. Swanson p.154: "Valuable, well-written early history based upon the on-the-spot investigation while all early participants were still living and could be interviewed. In addition to authoritative account of Drake well, Henry gives detailed histories of many early producing properties, companies, and individual oil men. Statistics, tables, and photographic illustrations. Author was a Titusville newspaper man."  (6242) $850.00


[OIL]. Wright, Wm. THE OIL REGIONS OF PENNSYLVANIA. SHOWING WHERE PETROLEUM IS FOUND; HOW IT IS OBTAINED, AND AT WHAT COST. WITH HINTS FOR WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. N.Y.: 1865. 275pp. Original cloth, edgewear, lightly chipped at top and bottom of spine; spine fading. First edition. Swanson: A Century of Oil and Gas in Books p.35: "The author made an extensive tour of the oil regions in 1865 as correspondence for the New York Times. The book was widely read and highly regarded." Neff A342: ".. the hardbound first edition is scarce." Giddens p.95. Hardwicke p.43.  (19236) $350.00


[ONEIDA COMMUNITY]. Noyes, John Humphrey. SALVATION FROM SIN; THE END OF CHRISTIAN FAITH. Oneida, N.Y.: Oneida Community, 1876. 48pp. Original printed wrappers. First edition. A scarce work by this Oneida Community stalwart.  (31365) $150.00


[ONEIDA COMMUNITY]. Noyes, John Humphrey. HOME-TALKS... EDITED BY ALFRED BARRON AND GEORGE NOYES MILLER. Oneida, Community, 1875. Vol. 1, all published. 358pp. Illus., port. of Noyes. Original decorated cloth. First edition. Syracuse Oneida Collection Catalogue p. 12: "Only volumes published Informal discourses 'associated with irregular social groups, bright evening lamps, and a ruddy hearth'; begun in Putney and continued at Oneida and Wallingford. The talks originally appeared serially in the Oneida Circular."  (14341) $450.00


[OREGON]. Sturgis, William. THE OREGON QUESTION. Boston: Jourdan, Swift & Wiley, 1845. 32pp. Folding map, untitled but of Oregon Country and New Caledonia. 19 x 22.4 cm. Modern half morocco . First edition. Howes S113: "Authoritative review of British and American claims written by one who as a youth had made several trading voyages to the Northwest coast." Smith 1001. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West II, p. 191: "Another map of little value save as a curiosity was that of William Sturgis, published in his rare pamphlet. The Oregon Question, which saw the light in Boston during 1845." Decker Catalogue Fifty, 195: "His [Sturgis] familiarity with the region and its history was of highest importance during the boundary dispute. The above pamphlet 'the Oregon Question' presented a valuable discussion of the question and is said to have had no small influence in bringing the controversy to a satisfactory conclusion."  (15104) $850.00


[PACIFIC RAILROAD]. [Whitney, Asa]. WHITNEY'S RAILROAD TO THE PACIFIC... THE COMMITTEE ON ROAD AND CANALS, MADE THE FOLLOWING REPORT... Wash., HR 140, 1850. 117pp. Illus., 2 folding maps. dbd. Congess considered, during the 1840's, Whitney's proposals for building a transcontinental railroad, to be assisted by government land grants and finances, and in the 1850's financed three major railroad surveys. The present report is enthusiastic about Whitney's plan, and considers its commercial and political benefits to the U.S. One large map shows the world, the other, of North America, with three possible lines of railroads across the continent, is evidently the map referred to by Wheat in connection with an 1849 Whitney publication. Wheat Transmississippi 659.  (7611) $300.00


[PALLISER EXPEDITION]. Palliser, John. THE PAPERS OF THE PALLISER EXPEDITION, 1857-1860. EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY IRENE M. SPRY. Toronto, Champlain Soc., 1968. [138],694,[19]pp. Illus., large folding map in rear pocket, frontis. Original small 4to cloth. Champlain Soc. Pub. Vol. 44. One of 825 numbered copies. See: Graff 3167. Howes P42. Sabin 58332. TPL 3928. Wagner-Camp-Becker 358. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 1011A and 1082. One of the most important western explorations of the pre-Civil War.  (18699) $250.00


[PANAMA]. Nelson, Wolfred. FIVE YEARS AT PANAMA: THE TRANS-ISTHMIAN CANAL. London: [1889]. [14],287pp. Illus., folding frontis. map, plates. Original decorated cloth. First edition. Contains a chapter on whale fishing in the gulf of Panama as well as other first hand comments on the area. There is also a chapter on forty-niner days in Panama. Not in Cowan  (6948) $150.00


Patten, Edmund. GLIMPSE AT THE UNITED STATES AND THE NORTHERN STATES OF AMERICA, WITH THE CANADAS, COMPRISING THEIR RIVERS, LAKES, AND FALLS DURING THE AUTUMN OF 1852; INCLUDING SOME ACCOUNT OF AN EMIGRANT SHIP. WITH ILLUSTRATIONS SKETCHES AND ZINOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR. London: 1853. 109pp. Original 8vo blue decorated cloth, light wear to lower rear joint, lightly rubbed at top and bottom of spine .. Illus., 8 plates. First edition. Patten travelled in Canada, New York, and Vermont. The "Zincographed" plates include New York, Niagara Falls [2], Montreal [2], the River Hudson, Quebec City, and the American Steamer Arctic. Sabin 59116. TPL 3302. Lande 700. Dow I:262. Not in Howes.  (20827) $450.00


[PENNSYLVANIA]. Clark, James A. WYOMING VALLEY: UPPER WATERS OF THE SUSQUEHANNA, AND THE LACKAWANNA COAL REGION, INCLUDING VIEWS OF THE NATURAL SCENERY OF NORTHERN PENNSYLVANIA... Scranton, Clark: 1875. [8],236pp. Illus., 26 original mounted photos by William H. Schurch, etc. 4to modern cloth. First edition. Howes C436. Hayden: Bibliography of Wyoming Valley, p.10: "This volume is largely a compilation from the histories of Chapman, Miner, Pearce Hollister, etc. with a few original biographical sketches. It was first published by subscription, to be issued in 15 parts. But only about 10 parts were issued, when the work ceased, and about 100 copies were bound...." There is also material on the Pennamite Wars, Delaware and Hudson Canal, coal mines, railroads, Indians, biographical sketches, etc.  (17807) $750.00


Phillipps-Wolley, Clive. A SPORTSMAN'S EDEN. London: Bentley, 1888. [15],261,[2]pp. Original pictorial cloth(a few small bumps on covers) First edition. Phillips American Sporting Books p. 392: "Letters describing a hunting trip to British Columbia." Lowther 796. Also contains material on the Adirondacks, life in Victoria, on the Canadian Pacific, moose huntington, buffalo, Indians, etc.  (11170) $350.00


Pope, Thomas. A TREATISE ON BRIDGE ARCHITECTURE; IN WHICH THE SUPERIOR ADVANTAGES OF THE FLYING PENDENT LEVER BRIDGE ARE FULLY PROVED. WITH AN HISTORICAL ACCOUNT AND DESCRIPTION OF DIFFERENT BRIDGES ERECTED IN VARIOUS PARTS OF THE WORLD, FROM AN EARLY PERIOD, DOWN TO THE PRESENT TIME. New York.: 1811. 288pp. Illus., 18 plates, most show some foxing. Modern marbled boards with cloth spine, printed paper label on upper spine. First edition Divided into four parts: Part I: Historical account of the sundry bridges erected in different parts of the world. Part II: Mathematical description of the flying pendent lever bridge as invented by the author. Part III: General remarks on the nature and strength of timber. Part VI: A description of the author's patentt chain bar arc for buildings. Shaw 232721. Sabin 64123. Rink. 2658. Condit: Amerian Building Art pp.86-87. Hitchcock 946. A rare American work on bridge building, which describes Pope's plan for a great "flying pendent lever bridge" over the Hudson River. This is only the second American book on the subject of bridge building, the first being AN ESSAY ON BUILDING WOODEN BRIDGES (1797), by Charles W. Peale. Pope surveys the world's great bridges and includes handsome engravings of the Hampton Court Bridge, Wearmouth-Bridge, the Bridge of the Louvre over the Seine, as well as his proposed bridge over the Hudson. In addition to his architectural pursuits, Pope was an accomplished gardener and shipbuilder. Pope's patented design, although apparently not appreciated in his day, became the basis for the cantilever bridge.  (23260) $600.00


Purviance, Levi. THE BIOGRAPHY OF ELDER DAVID PURVIANCE... WITH AN APPENDIX GIVING BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES... TOGETHER WITH A HISTORICAL SKETCH OF THE GREAT KENTUCKY REVIVAL. Dayton: Wells, 1848. 304pp. Illus., port. New cloth with gold stamping on spine. First edition. Howes P654: "Travels in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee from 1790." Clark II: 163: "...preaching tours took him into Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and Ohio. Purviance was one of the few frontier ministers who held public office. .. There is enough social history to make it significant for the study of Kentucky and Ohio." Coleman 572. Richmond 2604. Much on the Shakers and their activities in Kentucky.  (16996) $375.00


[RAILROADS]. Slade, James and N. Byron Courier (Commissioners). REPORT OF FUEL USED IN LOCOMOTIVES ON THE BOSTON AND MAIN RAILROAD FOR CHARLES MINOT, SUPERINTENDENT OF THE BOSTON AND MAIN RAILROAD AND ROSS WINANS, LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE BUILDER, BALTIMORE, MD. Boston: Stacy, 1850. 31pp. Original printed wrappers, chipped at top and bottom of spine. First Edition. Slade and Currier were appointed to make experiments on the Boston and Maine Railroad with a new locomotive, coal burning engine built by the Ross Winans of Baltimore and with the locomotive "New Hampshire", a wood burning engine, built by Messieurs Hinckley and Drury of Boston. The experiments were for the purpose of testing the relative values of anthracite coal and different kinds of wood for fuel and for the testing the actual value of the coal burning locomotive.  (33701) $450.00


Reavis, L[ogan] U[riah]. THE LIFE AND MILITARY SERVICES OF GEN. WILLIAM SELBY HARNEY. St. Louis: Bryan, Brand & Co.,, 1878. 477pp. Illus., port of Harney as frontis., 28 other plates, many of Native Americans: and some woodcuts in text. Original gold stamped cloth( some discoloration on rear cover; some wear at top and bottom of spine and corners) First edition. William Selby Harney was commissioned a second lieutenant in the 1st Infantry [Louisiana] and became first lieutenant in 1819. He participated in the Black Hawk War in Illinois and Wisconsin in 1832 participated in the decisive Battle of Bad Axe. He was made a lieutenant colonel of the 2nd Dragoons in 1836 and continued to make a name for himself in the various Plains Indian struggles and was reported to have performed brilliantly in the Mexican War. He was given command of the Dept. of the West in St. Louis in 1861 but was deprived of his command in May of 1861 due to suspicions - as it turns out, unwarranted - of Southern sympathies. Howes R102. Garrett p. 244. Nicholson p.696. Rader 2770. Graff 3436.  (27404) $500.00


Reavis,L. U. A CHANGE OF NATIONAL EMPIRE; OR, ARGUMENTS IN FAVOR OF THE REMOVAL OF THE NATIONAL CAPITAL FROM WASHINGTON CITY TO THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY. St,. Louis: Torrey, 1869. 170pp. illus( two large fold maps). Original printed wrappers( small rubber stamp on title page; small piece missing from top of spine; front wrapper ruffled at top. First edition. Reavis vehemently supports the removal of our National Capital to St. Louis, and makes the following arguments: geographical, population, commercial, political, and conclusive.The two maps are often lacking and copies in original wrappers are very scarce

. First Edition.  (33787) $750.00


Revere, Joseph W. KEEL AND SADDLE: A RETROSPECT OF FORTY YEARS OF MILITARY AND NAVAL SERVICE. Boston: 1872. [13],360pp. Original cloth.( gold stamped on front cover) First edition. Cowan p. 530. Graff 3473. Dornbusch N.J. 31. This work is a sequel to his "Tour of Duty in California," describing the California conquest; his part therein; his appointment as U.S. agent in California; the gold discovery; San Francisco; the diggings; etc.  (12137) $150.00


[SHAKERS]. (Youngs, Benjamin Seth, etc.). THE TESTIMONY OF CHRIST'S SECOND APPEARING, CONTAINING A GENERAL STATEMENT OF ALL THINGS PERTAINING TO THE FAITH AND PRACTICE OF THE CHURCH OF GOD IN THIS LATTER DAY. Albany: E. E. Hosford, 1810. (38),620,(2)pp. Contemp. brown calf. Leather label, marbled edges. Rubbed, marble edges faded.  Second Edition, corrected and improved. Richmond, Shaker Literature: A bibliography 1470. Sabin 79729. Shaw and Shoemaker 22127. The primary publication of the faith and principles of the people known as "Shakers." "The authoritative statement of Shaker theology." , Shaker Literature.  (33692) $200.00


Shea, John G. DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION OF THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY WITH THE ORIGINAL NARRATIVES OF MARQUETTE, ALLOUEZ, MEMBRE, HENNEPIN, AND ANASTASE DOUAY. Albany: 1903. [80],268pp. Illus., a facs. of the newly discovered map of Marquette, of Marquette's letter and a steel portrait of La Salle. Original boards. Second and best edition. One of 500 copies. Howes S357.  (1017) $175.00


Shirreff, Patrick. A TOUR THROUGH NORTH AMERICA: TOGETHER WITH A COMPREHENSIVE VIEW OF THE CANADAS AND THE UNITED STATES. AS ADAPTED FOR AGRICULTURAL EMIGRATION. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1835. [10],473pp. Contemp. half morocco.. Howes S425. Buck 263: "Shirreff seems to be a careful observer and his book is of considerable value." TPL 1809. Graff 3763. First Edition.  (5206) $225.00


Sibley, Henry Hastings. UNFINISHED AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF HENRY HASTINGS SIBLEY, TOGETHER WITH A SELECTION OF HITHERTO UNPUBLISHED LETTERS FROM THE THIRTIES. EDITED BY THEODORE C. BLEGEN. Minneapolis, Voyageur, 1932. 75,[1]pp. Illus., port as frontis. Original cloth backed small 4to boards(boxed). First edition. One of 200 numbered copies. Howes# S 445. One of Minnesota's most prominent citizens.  (20013) $175.00


[SOUTH AMERICA]. Colton, G. W. COLTON'S MAP OF SOUTH AMERICA. N.Y.: Colton, 1886. Large folding map, 17 3/4 x 15" folded into a 24mo gold stamped cloth covers. A few islands delineated at margins. Some light repair, two small tears at folds.  (33547) $300.00




[SOUTH AMERICAN]. Pazos, Vicente [Don]. LETTERS ON THE UNITED PROVINCES OF SOUTH AMERICA ADDRESSED TO THE HON. HENRY CLAY, SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE U. STATES... TRANSLATED FROM THE SPANISH BY PLATT H. CROSBY. N.Y.and London: Seymout in New York,and Miller in London, 1819. 259,[1]pp. Illus., folding map from the country of the Amazons South to the Gulph of Guaxtecas, showing the La Plata area. Full contemporary calf (small lib paper stamp on lower spine; old library bookplate on inside front cover) First English edition. Sabin 59341. Palau 215926. Shaw 49031. A copy lacking the map fetched $575 in 2004. Pazos was a citizen of Upper Peru. The letters are written to Henry Clay because of his stand on South American independence. The map was delineated by E.W. Bridges, city surveyor, and engraved by Messrs Maverick and Durand. It was the best and most complete map of its time showing the United Provinces of South America.  (31156) $650.00


[SOUTH CAROLINA]. REPORT OF JUDICIAL DECISIONS IN THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA... DURING THE YEARS 1812 - 1816. TO WHICH IS ADDED, TWO CASES, DETERMINED IN THE COURT OF EQUITY IN THE YEAR EIGHTEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO. Charleston: Treadway, 1823 (actually printed Albany, N.Y., John C. Johnson, 1823). Two volumes: (11),488 ;[1],489-972pp.  Contemporary full calf, wear to covers, x-library. First edition. Contains all the constitutional decisions, many of which deal with the South Carolina Insurance Company, slave cases, election disputes, etc. Sabin 37464.  (33093) $750.00


Spalding, Phineas and Carolina A. SPALDING MEMORIAL AND PERSONAL REMINISCENCES... AND LIFE AND SELECTED POEMS OF CAROLINA A. SPALDING. [Haverhill, N.H.]: privately printed, 1887. 323,[1]pp. Illus., port. Original decorated cloth.  First edition. Phineas Spalding was born in Sharon, Vt., 1/14/1799; taught in Montpelier, Lyndon Academy, Free-Masonry activities, N.H. railroads, temperance, religious life, Haverhill, etc. Not in Harris Coll.  (18958) $125.00


Spear, Dorothea N. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF AMERICAN DIRECTORIES THROUGH 1860. Worcester, Ma: American Antiquarian Society, 1961. 389pp.. Sheehy Ch 258: "A geographical listing, with locations of 1647 business directories, city and county directories, etc. many annotations..." Original cloth. First edition.  (21459) $150.00


Stanley, Henry B. MY EARLY TRAVELS AND ADVENTURES IN AMERICA AND ASIA. N.Y.,: Scribner, 1895. Two volumes: Vol. 1: (19),301pp. Illus., frontis; Vol. 2:. 970,425,940pp. Illus., frontis. Original green gold stamped cloth with the bookplate of Nathaniel Cushing Nash. First Edition. Volume one contains his travels in the American West, with material on forts, Indians, trip up the Missouri; Union Pacific Railroad, Kansas City, Leavenworth, Plum Creek Massacre, Denver and the mines, Indian Councils, Osage Chiefs. Volume 2 contains his travels in Asia and Suez.  (33511) $300.00


[STEFANSON, VILHJALMUR]. Mattila, Robert W. A CHRONOLOGICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE PUBLISHED WORKS OF VILHMALMUR STEFANSSON [1879-1962]. COMPRISING BOOKS, ARTICLES, REVIEWS, AND INTRODUCTIONS TO OTHER WORKS WITH AN ALPHABETICAL INDEX. Hanover, N.H.: Dartmouth, [1978]. [12],66pp. Illus. Original cloth backed small 4to boards. First edition. This special issue of 50 numbered and signed copies was printed for the author at the Stinehour Press, Lunenberg Vt in 1978. The edition was bound in Los Angeles in 1997.  (18115) $75.00


Stimson, A. L. HISTORY OF THE EXPRESS BUSINESS; INCLUDING THE ORIGIN OF THE RAILWAY SYSTEM IN AMERICA, AND THE RELATION OF BOTH TO THE INCREASE OF NEW SETTLEMENTS AND THE PROSPERITY OF CITIES IN THE UNITED STATES. New York: Baker, 1881. 388pp.  Illus., 11 ports and plates. Original gold stamped small quarto cloth . Best edition, with additions. Howes S1008. Larson 955A: "... deals chiefly with 1860 - 1880... the history of the formation, services, management, expansion and consolidation of the chief lines... the facts in the book were apparently obtained largely through contract with men in the business. The author... has been called 'father of express history.' Valuable." Inscribed pres. copy on front flyleaf: " Presented with affectioate regards, to Rev. H. K. Stimson, by his kinsman, the author and publisher of this book.John K. Stimson pub., A. L. Stimson, author. 59 Broadway, New York, may 18, 1881." Old private library bookplate on inside front cover. A unique copy of a very scarce work. 2nd and best edition.  (15902) $750.00




[]. Studer. Jacob H. STUDER'S POPULAR ORINTHOLOGY: THE BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA DRAWN AND COLORED FROM LIFE BY THEODORE JASPER... Columbus, Oh: Studer, 1878. 152, (16)pp. illus. 190 colored plates (most with tissue guards). Contemp. half mo. with gold stamped spine and new endpapers. First Edition. "The colored plates represent upwards of seven hundred different species and varities of North American birds, including a popular account of their habits and characteristics"-The title page. Studer was a painter, lithographer, and popular orinthologist in Columbus. He was sometimes referred to as " The poor man's Audubon". The plates are really very nice.  (33773) $1,750.00


Taylor, John. TYRANNY UNMASKED. Wash. City,: Davis, 1822. 349pp. Modern marbled boards with gold stamped leather spine. First Edition. Taylor is considered one of the premier early systematic theorists of states' rights. This is the third of four full-scale books written by him and published between 1814 and 1823, in which he develops his theory of the U.S. Constitution and discusses its effect on social policies, particularly taxation, banking, and tariffs. In this work he treats mainly protectionism, with a good deal of discussion on the currency as well. HOWES T65. SABIN 94495. COHEN 6334.  (14775) $1,000.00


[Texas] Adams, John Quincy. ADDRESS OF...TO HIS CONSTITUENTS OF THE TWELFTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. DELIVERED AT BRAINTREE... ( Braintree): 1842. Streeter Texas 1404A: "In this lengthy review of his congressional career, which sparkles with denunciations of Jackson, Van Buren, Tyler and the South, Adams has much to say on Texas and again charges that the South is plotting the dismemberment of Mexico and the acquisition of an immense portion of her Territories..." Shaw 42-23 First Edition.  (33800) $150.00


[TEXAS]. [Allen, George.]. AN APPEAL TO THE PEOPLE OF MASSACHUSETTS, ON THE TEXAS QUESTION. Boston, Little, 1844. 20pp. Sewn (perforated lib stamp at lower title page, no text affected ). Rader 102. Sabin 95070. Streeter Texas 1469A.: " Allen points out that in the Free states, except in Massachusetts and Vermont, the Whigs were deterred from arguing the Texas question 'upon its broad merits' for fear of losing votes in the South...He goes on to call for a Convention..."  (13677) $250.00


[TEXAS]. Tyler, John. TEXAS: MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES TRANSMITTING THE REJECTED TREATY FOR THE ANNEXATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS TO THE UNITED STATES... (D.C.): Blair and Rives, 1844. 110pp. Dbd. First Edition. 28th Congress, 1st session, HD271. Streeter 1548, When the Senate rejected the Texas annexation treaty on June 1844, President John Tyler sent the above message to the House asking approval by act of Congress.  (33596) $250.00


Todd, Albert. CAMPAIGNS OF THE REBELLION. Manhattan, Ks.: State Agricultural College, 1884. 130pp,. Illus., 2 folding maps at rear, frontis. Original cloth, pasted on slip: The Campaign of the Rebellion.  First edition. Howes T282. Dornbusch V.3:1421. The author was a First Lieutenant in the First U.S. Artillery. Nicholsen Cat p.849  (33372) $300.00


Trowbridge, M. E. D. PIONEER DAYS: THE LIFE STORY OF GERSHAM AND ELIZABETH DAY... Phila., : American Baptist, [1895]. 160pp. Illus., port. Original decorated 12 mo cloth,faded . First edition. Howes T359: "Includes sketchy account of an 1849 overland trip to California made by Gersham Day who was killed by Indians there in 1852.' Graff 4200. Cowan p. 644.  (25568) $175.00


Tyler, Royall. THE ALGERINE CAPTIVE; OR, THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF DR. UPDIKE UNDERHILL, SIX YEARS A PRISONER AMONG THE ALGERINES. Hartford: Gleason and Co., 1816. Two volumes bound in one: 252pp. Contemp. 24mo calf rebacked with the original leather label on spine. Wright Fiction: vol. 1: 2629. BAL 20738. Shaw 39136. First published in Walpole, NH in 1797 and rare. Second Edition.  (33866) $250.00


Velthusen, Johann Kasper. LEHRBUCHER FUR DIE JUGEND IN NORTHCAROLINA, ENTWORFEN VON EINER GESELLSCHAFT HEIMSTADTISCHER PROFESSOREN... Leipzig: Crusious, 1789. 24,(8),256pp. Vellum spine and corners over old cloth. A religious work for the use of Germans in North and South Carolina. At the bottom of p20 the following names appear in type: J. C. Belthusen, H. P. C. Hente, L. Crell, G. S. Klugel and P. J. Bruns. The Library of Congress locates two copies botth in Germany.A very early and scarce work dealing with Carolinas. First Edition.  (33840) $1,250.00


[VIRGINIA]. BY-LAWS AND LIST OF MEMBERS OF RICHMOND RANDOLPH LODGE NO. XIX, ANCIENT YORK MASONS. FAITH, HOPE CHARITY... Richmond: Goode, 1864. 15pp. Original printed 24mo wrappers. First edition. Parrish and Willingham 8662, locates 19 copies.  (33039) $150.00


[Virginia]Taylor, John. ARATOR, BEING A SERIES OF AGRICULTURAL ESSAYS, PRACTICAL AND POLITICAL IN SIXTY FOUR NUMBERS. Petersburg, Va.: Whitworth and Yancey, 1818. 239,(1)pp. Full contemp. 12 mo. calf, rebacked with gold stamping on new spine. Shaw 45844; Rink 1202; Sabin 94484; Swem 18128. Taylor was the greatest of the states' rights theorists. Some of the text deals with political and constitutional philosophy. Sixth edition, revised and enlarged.  (33865) $400.00


Wharton, Charles Henry. BOUND VOLUME CONTAINING THE FOLLOWING: N. Y.: Clayton and Kingsland, 1817. contains 6 seperate items as follows: 1. A concise view of the principal points of controversy between the Protestant and Roman Churches. 8pp. 2. A letter to Roman Catholics of the city of Worcester...40pp. 3. A reply to an address of Roman Catholics of the United States of America.... 96pp. 4, A short answer to " a true exposition of the doctrine of the Catholic Church touching the sacrament of penance..".130pp 5. Some remarks on Dr. O'Gallagher's Brief reply... 76pp. 6. An address to the Roman Catholics of the United States of America by a Catholic Clergyman. 120pp. Bound together in one volume. Modern calf binding with gold stamped leather label on spine. First Edition. Shaw numbers as follows: 1. 42881; 2. 42882; 3. 42883; 4. 42884; 5. 42885; 6. 39941. Wharton grew up a Catholic and became a Catholic Priest, converted to Protestanism and became one of the leading Episcopal Clergyman of the early United States, as well as President of Columbia University in 1801.  (33700) $600.00


Williams, John G. ADVENTURES OF A SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD LAD AND THE FORTUNES HE MIGHT HAVE WON. Boston: 1894. 308pp. Illus. Original cloth with some old staining on lower front cover; Spine gilt is faded. First edition. Howes W465. Cowan p.687. Graff 4679. Williams came to California in 1849, detailed are his experiences in California, mining the Fraser River district, experience at Carson Creek Mines, whaling adventures, etc.  (5426) $175.00


Wislezenus, Frederick Adolphus. DENKSCHRIFT UBER EINE RESIE NACH NORD-MEXIKO VERBUNDEN MIT DER ESPEDITION DES OBERSTEN DONIPHAN IN DE JAHREN 1846 UND 1847. Braunschweig: Freiderich Vieug, 1850. (8), 211pp. illus( 3 fold maps each with a small rubber stamp on verso). Orig. ptd front wrap only, Disbound. First edition in German. Wagner-Camp-Becker 159:2: " Travelling as a private citizen, Dr.. Wislezenus left Independence on May 14, 1846 for Chihuahua, where he arrived on August 24th. After a stay of six months as Cosihuiriachi, ninety miles west of Chihuahua, he joined the Doniphan Expedition for his return..." Howes W 557; Rader 3715; Graff 4723  (33734) $600.00


Work, John. JOURNAL OF ... CHIEF TRADER OF THE HUDSON'S BAY CO. DURING HIS EXPEDITION FROM VANCOUVER TO THE FLATHEADS AND BLACKFEET OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST . Cleveland: Clark, 1923. 209pp., illus. Original cloth, spine a trifle faded, bookplate removed. One of 1000 copies printed. Howes W 675 First Edition.  (3235) $150.00


[WYOMING]. Spring, Agnes Wright. SEVENTY YEARS: A PANORAMIC HISTORY OF THE WYOMING STOCK GROWERS ASSOCIATION INTERWOVEN WITH DATA RELATIVE TO THE CATTLE INDUSTRY IN WYOMING. Cheyenne: 1942. 273pp. Illus. Original pictorial wrappers. First edition. Adams Herd 2141.  Reese Six Score 101: "Excellent history of the cattle industry in Wyoming..." Howes S850.  (1626) $200.00


Yorke, H. A. (Lt. Col.). REPORT ON A VISIT TO AMERICA, SEPTEMBER 19TH TO OCTOBER 31ST, 1902. London: His Majesty Stationery Office, 1903. 48pp. Original printed folio blue wrappers, rear wrapper has small piece missing at joint, front wrapper worn at lower joint, lower inside corner of text worn, but no text affected. Yorke was the Chief Inspecting Officer of Railways. He reports on steam railroads, surface lines, subways and elevated railways; electric interurban railways, etc. pp.19-44 have Yorke's diary of his visit to America. pp.45/46 deal with Boston South Station. He came to America to consult with George Westinghouse. Bureau of Railway Economics p.148.  (33430) $150.00